My OT powers at work

Just a quick post to validate my Operating Thetan powers! In my last post, I predicted that Marty would leave the Mayo thing behind and get back to his “greatest hits”: Talking about how David Miscavige is screwing up the Church. Sure enough, that’s exactly what his latest post, Doomsday Dave – KoS pt 2 is – complete with unverifiable hand-typed “dox”.

Stand in awe of my ability to predict the future! Or, better yet, stand in awe of L. Ron Hubbard’s “condition formulas,” which dictate exactly what a Scientologist must do in any situation. In this case, Marty’s readership is slowly starting to trend back up, showing an apparent recovery from the Mayo fiasco. If Marty is watching stats daily, he’s in the condition of Normal, and he’s following Hubbard’s instructions:

“Don’t change anything… If a statistic betters, look it over carefully and find out what bettered it and then do that without abandoning what you were doing before.”

Marty went back to trashing David Miscavige and his stats went up, so he’ll do more of that. And he can turn to his friends and say once again how LRH’s technology, when properly applied, always works.

One wonders how “wog” businesses manage to survive without Hubbard’s tech. I mean, the concept that if a new product or service fails, you should get rid of it and go back to what sells, and if something improves your bottom line, you do more of it – this is earth-shattering Teeegeeak-shattering stuff! It’s amazing the wheels of commerce didn’t grind to a halt before Ron came along.


I’ll get back to talking tech and policy tomorrow, I promise. Unless Marty does something irresistibly bone-headed, that is!

Incidentally, Gerry Armstrong wrote an interesting essay on this whole Mayo fiasco. I disagree with his religious views, but I always respect the opinion of Hubbard and Scientology from those who were neck-deep and got completely out.


12 responses to “My OT powers at work

  1. I want flying tea-pots, damn-it!!!

    • Anonymous, y'all

      Swear to god, if I were prone to tinfoil haberdashery I’d think he summoned up the Gopro Keystone Cops with his ohtee powerzzz just to climb back up on the victim train again. If that’s really Mayo on ESMB, though, that can of worms he opened isn’t going away anytime soon.

      And yeah, what elwood said – he knows damn good and well how they find out out who’s coming to visit him. If he really wants this to stop, why the fuck doesn’t he cowboy up, out them and shut down whoever’s breaking the law by violating their employer’s travel agent or credit card system access agreement?

  2. William Johnson

    It’s a good thing $cientology is so ‘timeless’! By that I mean you can’t beat Marty’s blog for the lulz, but he has been out so long he could no longer be effective, and he wasn’t in at the right time to meet ‘source’! Helluva place to be in when you are trying to run a business scamming $cientology’s rejects!

  3. lurker(not the mostly)

    ok, the stupidity keeps on coming… now marty has a video of some sci dudes in Squirrel shirts coming onto his property and harassing him?

    Big bad former OSA being harassed by Rocky and Bullwinkle? This is just embarrassing… I cant decide who is more pathetic, because if someone came to my door and was threatening ME, it would be within my rights, in Texas to shoot them… and you would think that Mr Marty Texan slick, would have a gun…
    Frankly the more I watch this Keystone cop business the more I think that Marty is really still in the cult and this is some huge ploy between him and Miscavige to save the church.Because this is not the OSA of Operation Snow White, or Freakout, or any of the other dirty tricks campaigns on Minton, Armstrong, etal…. Although I can’t really see how… Its just stupid..

  4. lurker(not the mostly)

    ok, watched the tape (sorta it hurt my head with all the stupidity)… From reading his blog and seeing the people all falling right into line with Marty in sympathy for being HARASSED and STALKED, and wanting to send him money, After last weeks Mayo bomb out, this incident is manna from heaven for him…almost like it was planned..

  5. John Williamson

    Exactly! He did the same thing to people in the name of his church FOR YEARS and now he wants to prosecute them for it!
    I THINK HE IS RUNNING SOME KIND OF OP and is still in.

  6. Okay Cali!!! when are we going to get into Marty’s latest blog entry?? its a GOOOOD ONE!!

    Cant wait for your commentary!!!
    ML, TTFN

    • As soon as I stop laughing.


      • lurker(not the mostly)

        Stop that right now! This is serious business… There was Harassment, stalking, threats were made (by men in squirrel shirts)…. This could have been a VERY dangerous situation!… What would have happened if there had been nuts involved?… Oh to hell with it… There really is no saving this situation.. snicker…

  7. Rathbun really pisses me off! One of his posters was speculating as to how OSA could track an airline reservation and he didn’t say shit. For God’s sake; he used to do it! Why can’t he tell people the truth?

    I hate this “knowledge is power”, “I know something you don’t” shit!

    Later in the comments one of the posters drops the address where the Allender’s live plus the name of the wife’s employer. What are we supposed to do with that information? These people are sick!

    • lurker(not the mostly)

      thats the part that gets me too elwood… When people ask Marty what he did, he says nada… Except to say that he tried to stop fair gaming against various people, or to minimize his involvement in things (all the while being mysteriously “in the know” about other situations)…. I don’t spend a lot of time, fearing this guy will be the next coming of Miscavige, but frankly, he is no fearless critic, either… I love when people call him on his crap on his board, I don’t bother, because I frankly can’t talk his scio speak enough, or understand his thought processes to truly talk to him…

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