The rift is open

Whoops! Looks like Marty’s Mayo Myth post has opened a rift in the independent Scientology movement. Marty has posted two follow-ups to try to calm things down, but his efforts may have backfired. Could this be the beginning of a Scientology civil war? Grab some popcorn and let’s take a closer look at what’s going on.

Marty’s first response was Before You Knight Mayo…. In it, he says, “I didn’t anticipate as much worship for David Mayo as appeared in the thread on the last post… Of course, quite a bit of it was from the very squirrels I was trying to warn people about.”

I’m still wading through the comments on the Mayo Myth post (over 500 as I write this and still growing, and who knows how many were censored?) but I’m seeing very little “worship” – simply a few people presenting very reasonable discussion points about a period of Scientology history to which there were precious few eyewitnesses. Of course, that doesn’t stop Marty and his goon squad from jumping all over those who defend Mayo – even regular contributors! Check out this comment exchange, or this one or this one. (The entire comment section is well worth reading just for sheer entertainment value.)

But wait – here’s where it gets interesting.

Karen De La Carriere, Heber Jentschz’s ex-wife, posted this comment defending David Mayo as having done a lot for LRH and Scientology technology. Scroll down to see Marty’s reply. Oh wait – you can’t, because there isn’t one. Neither Marty nor Mike has replied to her – or any of the people who swept in to express their agreement with her post.

Why doesn’t Karen get the smackdown? Could it be that she has shitloads of money and a willingness to donate it to Scientology? Could it be that Marty doesn’t want to piss off his benefactor? (He may be too late – Karen so far has not commented on Marty’s follow-up posts. Uh-oh.)

Anyway, back to Before You Knight David Mayo…. Marty starts off by trying to back off the rhetoric:

“I did not set out to discredit David Mayo. I steered clear of that route pretty carefully… I never intended to bury Mayo.”

…which is funny, because in the original post, Marty says:

“With no admission fee, no pre-requisites, no qualifications, no screening – you also get your share of hucksters, clowns and pick-pockets… when the crime rate starts to escalate it doesn’t hurt to warn people about certain dark alleys.”

Marty doesn’t come right out and name David Mayo, but it would appear that he’s talking about the entire Free Zone – you know, the Scientologists who were independent before Marty started using the phrase Independent. In Before You Knight David Mayo…, he takes an even more obvious swipe at other Freezoners:

“I have noticed over the past year several old AACers [Advanced Ability Center, Mayo’s own Independent organization] coming out of retirement and hanging up their shingles. While nattering about Independents being ‘johnny come lately’ out of one side of their mouths, they are back in business only because of the exodus we have unleashed. Well, over the past couple months I have had some bedraggled souls wind up on my doorstep who have been mauled by old-timer squirrels. I repaired them, and will continue to do so as needed. But, it is apparent to me that a line needs to be drawn. Squirrels leave the church seeking freedom to do whatever hair-brained scheme their banks feed them. Independents leave the church seeking freedom to practice standard tech.”

L. Ron Hubbard was fond of talking about Hitler in his policies – specifically that Hitler’s evil intentions led him to “pull in” the eventual defeat of the Third Reich. One of Hitler’s biggest mistakes was fighting a two-front war – picking a fight with Russia to the East while fighting Britain and the allies to the West. It would appear that Marty has pulled in his own two-front war.

The irony is that the what Marty is saying about other Independent/Free Zone auditors is almost exactly what the organized Church says about Marty! I guess the apple never falls far from the tree.

Anyway, a detailed perusal of the comments section shows that this didn’t make things any better, although some of Marty’s nearest-and-dearest did make an admirable attempt to blame the whole issue on David Miscavige.

Marty’s third (and, if he’s got any sense, final) post on the subject, L Ron Hubbard In Perspective, seems to be an attempt to make peace and remind everyone that they’re all followers of LRH. He quotes at length from a book by William Bolitho, which should give the Church bloggers plenty of ammunition to accuse Marty of forsaking LRH and using any ol’ “tech” he pleases. Whoops again!

To be fair, I’m on Marty’s side in all this. After all, the poor guy was just trying to post an advertisement for his auditing services. Let’s be honest — trashing David Mayo and his ilk as “old-time squirrels” who “maul” their clients is no worse than Pepsi saying they beat Coca-Cola in a recent taste test. Furthermore, according to Jesse Prince, the vendetta against David Mayo was L. Ron Hubbard’s idea — and Marty is, after all, just trying to uphold Hubbard’s legacy.

And yet he wound up starting this huge shit-storm and alienating countless potential clients.

Too soon, Marty. Too soon.


25 responses to “The rift is open

  1. William Johnson

    Another consideration is that Marty still has some kool-aid in his bloodstream, and still resents the fact that Mayo got a big check from $cientology (and Marty hasn’t). Marty even said HE gave Mayo the check!

    Marty still resents the fact that he was deeply involved in the litigation process against Mayo, and Mayo bested Marty, and ElRon!!! All that harassment and litigation for nothing! KSW indeed!

  2. Anonymous, y'all

    He can backtrack all he wants, but his real feelings about Mayo slip out again today when he lumps him into the same bucket with Devil Dave:

    “Caught up in the Miscavige or Robertson or Mayo or some other iconoclast mythology…”

  3. Anonymous, y'all

    Oh, and he’s never going to reply to Karen because to do so he’d have to either trash her and piss off more sheeple or back off his “dead agent” attack on Mayo and further damage his authority over the flock.

  4. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    Scientology is one big Kobayashi Maru scenario. (And NO, you can’t reprogram the simulator!)

  5. lurker(not the mostly)

    Karen is even more beloved than Mayo amongst Martys flock and well thought of even in the exes scene… She is still a believer, but is one of the few that is willing to talk about her time there, and not make excuses for LRH….

    Marty would be commiting suicide to attack her… although he isnt doing the best job on his own at the moment..

  6. I still find the squirrel post from the “Ask the Scientologist” blog to be pretty appropriate.

    “And so it goes. Each new breakaway accuses both the Church of Scientology and all previous breakaway groups of squirreling!”

    It’s kind of like Life of Brian.

  7. William Johnson

    Pinky: “What are we going to do tonight Brain?”
    Brain: “What we do every night Pinky, TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!”

  8. >> The irony is that the what Marty is saying about other Independent/Free Zone auditors is almost exactly what the organized Church says about Marty! I guess the apple never falls far from the tree.

    I think that’s an important point, because I think Marty is morphing into a cult leader before our eyes. And where his earlier posts were divided between happy fuzzy horseshit and full-throated attacks on an agreed upon enemy (DM), he’s now turned his bile to the competition. He’s dug himself in as a pope, essentially, the nearest thing on earth to Source. He’s no longer merely selling auditing services, he’s selling exclusivity, just like the Church of Scientology.

    The most immediate problem for Marty’s big adventure, I guess, is that he lacks the vast array of control mechanisms available to DM and so can’t really dictate price. Which I suppose is why price is open-ended for now. Once enough rubes are in the tent Marty can move from donations to ‘negotiable.’ Marty is in this for the long haul, there’s no need to rush things. But there’s no mistaking Marty’s stab at exclusivity for for what it is–the next logical step the gifted salesman could take. In Marty’s favor, the cognitive dissonance he’s displaying (slowly becoming what he’s simultaneously condemning) is less apparent to recent exes who probably find appealing Marty’s certainty and black & white world view in which he owns all the answers.

  9. You know I posted on one of them not knowing what is what and I came to the conclusion I am well aware of now. It does not matter really.

    I see what is and often it is about money. I see what LRH did to and yet he did do good too. I can stand for auditing out of the group. Not FZ, Not indie just being me. I see the blackmail being done to people who were audited by a class 12 and now the wife of the 12 is blackmailing by using folder data or threats of it. Took me years to see the truth of it all.

    I would help and get kicked for it at times with all the big kudos going to the big names. I figured out like the church.

    I suppose I have more to figure out. Like they blame OSA for causing trouble when it is their reaction is the problem. Blame others for how they react. No one told her to blackmail anyone.

    It was always one blow up after another one. I could not even talk of the Venus Project which for many would hate as it is not a money system. you know the deal about exchange and it has to be money.

    That was the start of my awakening from the FZ and Indies.

    • lurker(not the mostly)

      Fancy, I don’t know how long you have been out of the cult, and then how quickly you attached yourself to the Indies, but it seems to me that you were jumping from the frying pan into the fire… If you want to audit, or do scientology, thats really your business, but I would sit back and decompress and think about what you really believe for at least a year, and then if you want to find a new scientology guru to give your money to, you would be able to make a more informed choice…

      I don’t know how much you have studied about what is going on in auditing, but if you watch it, and read about it, you would realize that there is a level of hypnosis to it. Letting someone who wants your money, put you into a suggestive state, seems to me to be a recipe for disaster…. Good luck..

      • I been out for some time but yes I guess I did do that but I have taken a look at it the last year. I am still for auditing and yes I know the rest can be a bunch of crap.

        I been invalidated and evaluated as wanting by many in the FZ but not by all of them. I figured out the brainwash was still bad and yes I know I got more to figure out.

        I been out about 10 years this year and yes for me it has been taking longer than many have.

        I get it you know.

      • lurker(not the mostly)

        I truly wish you luck, Fancy… I don’t make any judgements if you want to do auditing, I just hope you find someone you can really trust… I am not a scientologist, I have never been one… I doubt I would trust anyone access to mess with my head, but then I have always had trust issues..

      • Thank you and you are correct. I will be very careful who I choose. I learned my lesson the hard way.

  10. From Marty’s apparent position as a “critic” outside the Church, he is continuing the Church’s program to destroy David Mayo and all non-sanctioned, un-commissioned delivery of Scientology – except his own.

    I guess he has to fund his mission somehow, so he is exempting himself from being a “squirrel”.

    I think Mark Rathbun is now stepping out and making himself known.

  11. William Johnson

    It was said on another forum that once someone leaves the cult, it could take months or sometimes years before they realize the depth of their brainwashing and finally understand. This is Marty’s funding base. He certainly will get no ‘public’, and those who have left the cult after some time know better. So for him to stay in business, he must strike hard and fast at those freshly out of the cult. He has no choice but to DEFAME and DENIGRATE anybody who could cost him ‘customers’. Quite the business plan! Niche marketing at it’s best, and it only costs you your humanity!

  12. Something that’s always concerned me about Marty is his lack of sympathy for those who were viciously attacked, in part by him, whilst he was in the CoS.

    Gerry Armstrong for example. That man has been attacked to an extent that would make most people want to sit in a corner and dribble. Has Marty ever made a serious attempt to make good on his actions there? Nope.

    Same with Mayo. Here was (by all other accounts) a decent man, who like many Scns thought he was helping to save the planet. He is then turned on and attacked, pursued and harassed like few before or since. I’m quite frankly unsurprised that he decided to take some money in settlement from CoS, I sure would have after all he went through.

    It seems that if you have been attacked by Miscavige, and come out and say so, then Marty will big you up.

    If you were attacked by LRH or Marty, and came out and said so, you’re fair game.

    • lurker(not the mostly)

      You make a really good point Sid… It does tend to make me think that Marty is a “true believer” ( I used to fall into the camp of believing he knew it was all BS but its the only way for him to make money)…

      Its one of the things that says to me that a church under marty, would really be no different than the church that spawned the fair gaming of Paulette Cooper… I doubt he could pull that off, but if people think they are getting a “kinder, gentler form of Scientology” with Marty, they are fooling themselves.

  13. Hmm, after allowing this comment:

    My attempts to respond to those who replied were deleted.

    • Just wait for Jim Logan to come along and call you an OSA asshole.

      I wonder if he ever read my post about his brother?

      ML, CW

      • Honestly, I’m both surprised he allowed my original comment and that it hasn’t attracted anything more than moderate impoliteness.

        I guess linking to the WWP exit survey may have been a bit much. 🙂

  14. Like a 70s rock band failing to impress the crowd with its new material, Marty smartly announces a return to the classics today:

    With all the talk of squirrels this past week, let us focus for a moment on the undisputed King of Squirrels, David Miscavige.

    “Yeah, fuck that guy!” *Lights lighter, closes eyes, and gently sways* “Freebird!”

  15. So I posted a little “dig” to Marty’s latest Blog entry entitled
    “King of the Squirrels”
    and I am sure it will be censured by Marty or whom ever he has
    at the *delete button* ..My comment has nothing to do with the post content as much as it has to do with the timing of his post..

    johnny d | April 17, 2011 at 6:01 am | Reply
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    oooops Marty, wha.. happened???? find yourself in a little jam?? so what do you do???? well you do what you do best , go after the little rabid dwarf of course…..when you need a diversion because you have upset a few of your LOYALS with your rants on Mayo, you bring out the dwarf!!! WOOT, WOOT “Here he comes to save the day” when you need a nice deflection you can always count on the “little fucker” to bail you out..ya’kno wha m’ say’in Marty, ….sure you do.

    but will you post this ??? I doubt it…
    Be a man Marty…and post the comments that make your brain itch.

    I just LOVE fucking with Marty….really i do
    ML & TTFN

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