What’s all this about the “Mayo Myth?”

Marty’s latest concerns what he calls the Mayo Myth (catchy title, by the way). It’s a Scientology sore point – the idea that David Mayo, a Scientologist who was close to founder L. Ron Hubbard, actually wrote some of Scientology’s upper-level (read: expensive) materials – specifically New Era Dianetics for Operating Thetans, a.k.a. “NED for OTs” or “NOTs”, which encompasses OT levels 5 through 7.

Why is this important? Obviously, every Scientologist is concerned with the origin of the doctrine. After all, this is supposed to be LRH’s “tech,” and the idea of Mayo writing the NOTs materials is similar in magnitude to a revelation that God had help creating the earth. (I’ve always suspected Him of subcontracting out the birds and reptiles.) Doubters claim that LRH came up with the materials and Mayo merely transcribed them.

For Marty, the issue isn’t just about authorship – it’s whether Mayo’s materials are legitimate. Those materials are in the public domain, but merely reading them isn’t enough; you need an auditor to deliver them. If the Mayo materials are legit, Marty can deliver them to paying customers – specifically mid-level OTs, the folks with motivation and money.

Now, some might say it’s unfair to accuse Marty of having a financial motivation; after all, he doesn’t charge sky-high prices like the Church. He claims to ask people to donate what they feel the services are worth. But what do you think someone who is prepared to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Co$ for the OT levels would be willing to pay to Marty? Twenty bucks? No way, Jose. I’m sure Marty, just like David Miscavige, has realize that OTs are where the dough is. Why hit up his dozens of blog commenters for a few hundred bucks of lower-level auditing, when all he needs is two or three OTs on the hook to pay off his house? For the record, I think Marty really does believe in this shit, but which would you prefer – salvage the universe, or salvage the universe and get your bills paid?

Anyway, back to Marty, Mayo and the NOTs. The Church’s big claim against Marty Rathbun is that he’s a squirrel and doesn’t have proper materials to deliver. That’s the reason many Scientologists cling to the Church – as one Scn friend put it to me, if you go to the Free Zone, “How do you know you’re getting the right stuff?” Remember, Scientologists believe that LRH’s “tech” must be applied exactly as written or it won’t work. Having accurate materials is key.

So if Marty can convince people that Mayo’s NOTs material are correct, he’s got a good business opportunity. (And if he can convince people that the Church’s materials have been altered (or “squirreled”), that’s even better, because he can make money and live out his revenge fantasies against David Miscavige.)

Now, if Scientology really worked, this would be a simple issue to solve: Simply see which folks have the abilities promised by the OT levels. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy – by the time he got to the OT levels, Hubbard shied away from solid claims like he made for Dianetics. Furthermore, asking an OT to demonstrate his “abilities” is not allowed – nor is discussion of what happens on the OT levels. That leaves Scientologists crediting all of their good fortune, explicable or not, to Scientology and their “OT abilities,” while skeptics stand at the sidelines and call “Bullshit.”

Did Mayo really write the NOTs? I don’t know and I don’t care. I suspect his role was much like Marty said; after all, LRH wasn’t one to share the spotlight. That said, it’s in Marty’s best financial interests if people think that the Mayo materials really were written by LRH.

Not that it matters much. For both Marty and the Church, it’s important to keep people focused on things like this – anything to distract them from thinking critically about the “tech” for which they are paying so much money.


21 responses to “What’s all this about the “Mayo Myth?”

  1. I’ve yet to read anything from Marty that can’t be explained in terms of his economic self-interest, even where it’s sometimes dressed up in charitable garb. It’s this consistency, together with his continued omissions, that render his words inherently unreliable. And those omissions are pretty important, especially with regard to a story like this which Marty was ostensibly present for.

    Consequently, you have Marty now slandering an “alcoholic” ex-judge (James Kolts) then working as a special master who was leaning toward Mayo’s side on the issue of copyright, and who not only threw Scientology’s case out (Scientology would not cooperate with regard to discovery), but who awarded Mayo attorneys fees against Scientology for its tactics in the case. Here’s what Special Master Kolts had to say about the CoS:

    “Plaintiffs have abused the federal court system by using it, inter alia, to destroy their opponents, rather than to resolve an actual dispute over trademark law or any other legal matter. This constitutes ‘extraordinary, malicious, wanton and oppressive conduct.’ As such, this case qualifies as an ‘exceptional case’ and fees should be awarded pursuant to the Lanham Act”… “It is abundantly clear that plaintiffs sought to harass the individual defendants and destroy the church defendants through massive over-litigation and other highly questionable litigation tactics. The Special Master has never seen a more glaring example of bad faith legislation than this. Therefore, it is appropriate to award attorneys’ fees pursuant to the copyright statute”… “As already stated, the Special Master finds that plaintiffs engaged in egregious bad faith litigation conduct…”

    Sounds like something Marty might say about Miscavige today, except that Kolts was referring to Hubbard’s Church of Scientology, which means that the above is all just a dishonest mischaracterization by an “off-the-wagon alcoholic.” RHill (I guess Ray Hill) asked Marty how he knew Kolts was an alcoholic, and got this response:

    Because I saw him. He was being paid more than 200 dollars an hour (with church parishioner donations) making an ass of himself under the guise of Federal judgeship. That is why it matters. If you think that is ok, then have a gas when the empire falls.

    Note how much more this is pompous bombast than an actual answer. How could Marty merely “seeing” Kolts inform him that Kolts was an off-the-wagon alcoholic? Obviously Marty doesn’t want to open the barn doors here to the part of the story involving the investigation and harassment of not only Mayo and the judges, but of the judges’ clerks. (Judge James M. Ideman earlier had recused himself for no longer being able to remain impartial toward Scientology after his clerk had been harassed.) Also note Marty’s dishonest characterization of Kolts as somehow being improperly financially motivated with “church parishioner donations.” These same donations (likely IAS) were what paid for the aforementioned judge and clerk harassment, which cost certainly far outweighed this particular legal cost Marty decided to fix on in service to his argument. And there was nothing improper about this–Scientology brought the civil suit, they were the monied party, it’s not upon the state to kick out for the services of ex-judges.

    One could go on because holding a magnifying glass to every other sentence by Marty only reveals further dishonesty and self-interest, but there are only so many hours in a day. Nevertheless, I think Marty’s revisionist history re the Mayo matter is interesting because it further shows him contorting to not discuss a particularly ruthless period in Hubbard’s CoS except in the most blindly benign and dishonest terms, when in fact the new boss is the same as the old boss (and 428 commenters to his post suggest that there are no shortage of people entirely too willing to be fooled again).

  2. lurker(not the mostly)

    I doubt its important in the grand scheme of things, but I do find it fascinating. I do think Marty made a bit of an error, by attacking Mayo for selling out for money. That “woke up” a few of the people who tend to think of him as a ‘nicer’ version of the church…

    Marty wants to be the one ring that rules them all in the Indy club, leading them all back to the church when the usurper DM is deposed.. He made an error in attacking a “patron saint” amongst the indies, and someone critics saw as an early “warrior” against the church… Especially when he accused Mayo of “selling out” and saying that he wouldnt and Mike Rinder didnt… As though the two of them has gone through even a fraction of the amount of fairgaming and legal shenanigans that the church heaped on Mayo….

    I know crap about the technical stuff, but I do know people, and that boy Marty came off as a whiny, jealous child, who wants to steal all the candy from the other kids, and then say that it was his in the first place… He turned off a lot, and considering his next rant about “attacking marty for attacking mayo” and considering how many negative posts made it to his first post, my guess is that he was INUNDATED with negative comments that he didnt let go through….

  3. lurker(not the mostly)

    and 428 commenters to his post suggest that there are no shortage of people entirely too willing to be fooled again

    OY! Cali, don’t get me started on commenter counting again! I took a quick perusal, and its still the same 60 or so koolaid drinkers posting again and again with a few “negative nellies” allowed to post to give them some fresh meat…

    The thing for me is, they got screwed over once by the COS and now they line up to get fleeced again, at what point do you hold them responsible for being stupid? Its like a cousin of mine who was contemplating a 4th trip down the aisle and asked me my opinion…. How many times do you need to get hit in the head with a brick before you quit?

    • >> OY! Cali, don’t get me started on commenter counting again! I took a quick perusal, and its still the same 60 or so koolaid drinkers posting again and again with a few “negative nellies” allowed to post to give them some fresh meat…

      Yeah, that was poorly worded on my part, it should’ve read comments. Still, 60 is a lot given that the figure is a huge jump from the scattered handful of self-identifying online Freezoners/Independents over the years. Marty has pried a lot of people from the closet.

      I agree with your point that Marty may have overstepped his bounds here somewhat in eagerly stepping on Mayo to sell his own wares. Many of the same people that would be naturally drawn to Marty still hold Mayo in esteem. Marty may have miscalculated the politics here.

      • lurker(not the mostly)

        I was reading on Clambake that someone went back to the beginning of Martys blog (around the time of the Haggis leaving) of the posters that were posting then (unless they keep changing their webnames) there are less than 10 that still post on his blog…..

        The poster was saying that people tend to get out of the cult, yack on martys for awhile, and then quietly slip away…

      • >Marty may have miscalculated the politics here.

        Did he ever! I think that will be the subject of my next blog post.


  4. I commented that his statements about the court case — he cites the judge’s opinion the one where CoS won — were supported by the court docs and then asked about the docs on the second case. The reply was something along the lines of “if you look for truth in court you will be disappointed.”

    No reply to my attempt to point out the incongruity here.

    Interestingly, Kolts (now deceased) was highly respected and continued to be pulled in to do things — like oversee probes into police departments — for years after he retired. Doesn’t mean he wasn’t an alcoholic, but he’s still more credible than Marty.

  5. It would seem that OT’s and their abilities are in need of the most service. Does anyone else see the obvious contradiction? The more you get, the more you need. In the wog world, we call that addiction, not freedom.

  6. lurker(not the mostly)

    Here was the remark on Clambake that from what I looked at, is fairly accurate.
    elwood said…..
    I did a very quick and dirty analysis to see who is posting on Marty’s blog now compared to 6 months ago. My memory is imperfect, but i believe that of the 80+ names from one day back in October, only 6 or 7 are still posting. I looked at the names on the blog from this week and only recognize 3 or 4.

    His figure may be a little small, but I notice most of the heavy posters are either the newly out (and pissed off at DM) or “auditors” trolling for clients… And of those 60 posters, how many are going to take the trip to Texas to get some auditing? Not to say Marty can’t make a living at it (and what other job is he qualified for?) but emassing the true believers and taking over the COS is a pipe dream…

    Not to say I don’t think calling him on his BS is a good thing… At least its entertaining…

  7. Anonymous, y'all

    IMO it’s not just a distraction but also a rather transparent attempt to begin setting himself up as the sole arbiter of what is “standard” in order to rope in more of the stream of folks exiting Big Cult. I think he didn’t realize how hard it would backfire among his current clutch of followers, though. That makes his reaction to the pushback even more interesting – he made another post and tried to ram it down the dissenters’ throats! How dictatorial is that?

    (I agree that it’s also an attempt to distract from the real issues on the table – as long as he’s on this, he doesn’t have to address which of Hubbard’s more grievous crimes Little Cult will continue, e.g. disconnection, SP doctrine, fair game, RPF etc.)

  8. lurker(not the mostly)

    well let see…. He already calls people No case gain (Sps) and bans folks from his blog for disagreeing (even when done politely) (disconnection)… He even is running a bit of a Dead Agent on Mayo…. Can Fair Game and the RPF be far behind?

  9. What I find ironic is that in claiming L Ron Hubbard wrote the NOTs material, he is assisting the cult for it too says the material is LRH’s alone.

    • lurker(not the mostly)

      Marty doesnt want to destroy the church, he wants to TAKE over the church… Leading back the pilgrims to the promised land… His brain must be a fun place to be in… He is EPIC, in his own mind…. I wonder if he pictures himself as Noah (Charlton Heston) in the Ten Commandments movie… Parting the Red Sea, telling the Pharoah( Dm) to “Let MY people go!”
      If he starts walking around in robes and a hair piece, we need to start watching out for pestilence and floods…

      • lurker(not the mostly)

        Crap… I meant Moses, not Noah…. (Bad biblical scholar)…. Although Marty rounding up everyone and building a big old boat kind of works too..

  10. William Johnson

    I still see this all as an attempt by Marty at enhancing his credibility. “I know all about it because I was there” is wearing kind of thin. There are plenty of people around who Marty has ‘done stuff’ to, and even the Kool-aid drinkers have deep in their minds not to trust him. As the saying goes about Marty’s blog “A nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there”. I also think there is a kind of morbid curiosity (like watching a car wreck) wherein some of his Texas visitors simply want to see and be around who was once a very powerful and dangerous person in the cult. This too will wear off with time.

  11. lurker(not the mostly)

    What I want to know….. Does Marty have ANY original thoughts? He quotes LRH, movies, songs, books (usually something LRH quoted)….

    Frankly, I don’t know that he is very smart… Or at least not a creative thinker at all… He needs someone else to tell him what he thinks or feels… Which is why attacking Mayo (who seems from people who knew him and talk about him) to have been a problem solve and a creative thinker…

    I think that must eat Marty up…

  12. lurker(not the mostly)

    oh… and is it bad of me to want someone, anyone to say to Marty ” I KNEW David Mayo, and YOU SIR, are NO David Mayo!”… My posting life in scientology land would then be complete..

  13. My last two posts on his blog have been deleted.

    I haven’t posted in a while, but when the OT Phenom blog war broke out between he and Jeff, I started again.

    He is certainly not as open as he once was, and his tone is becoming even more elitist and cultish.

    And that is sad. I had higher hopes for him than that. I hoped he would be more liberal. But no . . .

    A fundamentalist he is.

    • “He is certainly not as open as he once was, and his tone is becoming even more elitist and cultish.”

      There is a name for this: “Standard Tech”

    • Hey Bunkai, don’t forget that I have a section for censored Marty comments right here – click the Censored by Marty link above.


  14. William Johnson

    I must say that I was becoming bored with the whole $cientology thing, since they have no presence where I live. This Marty dog-and-pony show has renewed my interest, and is a laugh a minute! Caliwog, your incisive comments always get me thinking too. Long live Marty and his $cientology 2.0!!! HAHA

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