Oops! A little lie exposed

Over on Marty’s site, Mike Rinder has been giving us a blow-by-blow analysis of DM’s latest video extravaganza. In Sunday’s installment, Mike mentioned this tidbit about the Toronto Federation:

“…the ONLY thing mentioned and shown is a drawing of how the outside of their ‘Ideal Org’ will look. NOT mentioned – they have had that org since the late 70’s!!! It is one of the buildings that LRH directed be bought by the Building Investment Committee.”

What’s interesting is that when LRH put to sea in the mid-60s, he said that he had given up day-to-day management of the Church of Scientology.

Of course, most protesters know the truth: LRH ran Scientology almost up until his death. He was supplied with daily statistics and income information (and cash) from the Church, and he wrote so-called “advices” that were taken as law. Still, it’s interesting to hear from a former Scientology senior staffer – someone who would know – that a building was purchased at LRH’s direction.

Remember, during Mike Rinder’s time, and indeed up until today, the Church maintained that L. Ron Hubbard had retired from Church management. Had Mike Rinder been working for the Church, such a slip would have resulted in “ethics action.”

I’m sure Mike doesn’t care much about maintaining the Church’s lies, although one would think he’d want to stand by LRH’s lies. And as a “clear,” he should have a faultless memory. Still, it just goes to show that if you tell too many lies, it becomes difficult to keep them straight. Even clears and OTs aren’t immune.


7 responses to “Oops! A little lie exposed

  1. Two things I saw on esmb that I have to have a laugh about.

    The first was a post by haventgottabrain -Sheila huber asking for help about why her kid doesn’t want to have anything to do with her. I have to laugh because while it is sad, it is sadder still that she doesn’t get it. She left scn and still believed the shit, and then she joined the revolution against scn but still supported it’s ideas and at one time was recruiting people to go join Martys camp. In other words she is a complete flake and any intelligent person just knows what she wants – her little darlings applying scn so they do well. I guess
    She didn’t figure on her kid being intelligent. Sheila, the help you need is a psychologist and your kid will recommend the same thing.

    The other was dulloldfart sort of but not really supporting a mention of the how to use a dictionary course, like the basic study manual or student hat, or learning how to learn this course provides a complete misguided way of learning for those that have not actually received an education. I estimate a college degree would cost less than the bottom three percent of the bridge. Perhaps dulloldfart should see the obvious.

    • That reminds me of a post I saw when some woman named Janelle (I think) left the Scn. She explained how she left her tween daughter in Scn childcare all week every week, and never saw her. Her daughter started hanging out on the streets of LA, so Scn kicked her out of childcare and sent her to live with her non-scio dad in anther state. Janelle didn’t even see her to say goodbye or talk to her for 2 years. Then the girls dad died and she had no one and her mom didn’t talk to her until she finally quit Scn. When she does quit, she writes this post about being out and the whole thing is blaming Miscavage for her bad parenting and her daughters life, and then says her daughter isn’t into Scn at the moment, but she is hopeful that she will decide to do some auditing soon. Any wonder that this woman ended up in a cult. I guess her daughters just lucky it was Scientology instead of the Branch Davidians.

  2. William Johnson

    I am afraid that the only way the truth will ever come out of those two (M&M) is by accident. Good on you Caliwog for finding the latest!
    I also noticed that on Marty’s blog, when he was asked for a source for his recent ‘letter from DM’, he ignored the post, as usual.
    It’s the internet, and the internet says ‘Docs or STFU.’

  3. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    Good luck to them on renovating the Toronto org. It’s quite a “fixer-upper”!

    • They also booted out a nice, family-run restaurant so they could fill the space with books no one wants to buy.

    • Great Photo of the Wonderful AC unit Tech…
      Here are some details explaining the A/C technology per LRH

      HCO/PL Feb. 31 1977 AC.T 4u.per fl. Toronto Org.
      Window A/C unit Tech.
      (1.) It shall be noted, that there will exist NO more than four (4) not five, Air Conditioner Units of the “inside/outside” variety .. those consistent with typical trailer park home style,limited to NO MORE than 75 btu. per 1k sq ft.PER FLOOR Facing the street.
      Each unit shall be placed in the tiny little windows below the big windows, at the most gracious TORONTO IDEAL ORG therefore insuring that plenty of space will be made available for the use of “plastic sheet tech” (per HTC/PL above the arctic circle tech. Jan.22. 1961, 1.22.1961 LRH & SC)
      (2.) It will be noted as well that EACH ONE of these inside/outside type Air Conditioner Units will be from DIFFERENT Manufacturer to ensure OUTWARDLY OFFDOSENESS to the public folks in the area, which will guarantee a curious tone 2dot7 into the org of question to gaze upon such A/C diversity.Please address any questions to the A/C div.dosxx in your idle org for instant reg.

      Anyway, there you have it, I hope the PL explains the wonderful photo from Helmuth(really the pick is above this comment….really)!!!!

  4. You have to have a laugh about Sheila Huber, Aaron? WTF? Sheila Huber alongside you protesting the CoS and you’re laughing at her distress?
    Why would you do that?

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