So Hubbard lied – so what?

We’re seeing a shift in the arguments from Independent Scientologists, those folks who are stuck somewhere between the organized Church and true out-of-Scn freedom. Since it’s been pretty well established that Scientology cannot be proven to deliver the “OT Abilities” as promised by LRH, they are now attributing other miscellaneous phenomenon to their OT levels.

I’ve heard a similar argument about Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. It’s been well established that Hubbard lied about much of his past, including his Navy records, his war injuries, even how many times he was married and how many children he had. So Hubbard apologists supporters have taken a new tactic:

“So what if LRH lied about his past? If his ‘tech’ works, does it really matter?”

I happen to think honesty and integrity are the most important traits a person can have – but let’s face it, lying isn’t always the end of the world.

Let’s say you have a great plumber, and as he’s quoting you a job, he tells you all about his wonderful childhood in Bali, swimming across the bay to school each day and fishing for his dinner. Later, you find out he grew up in a trailer park in New Jersey. All those stories he enthralled you with? All fake. So what? As long as his prices are reasonable and he does a good job, where he grew up really doesn’t matter much.

Now, let’s say you hire an investment counselor, and he tells you that his average growth rate for his clients is 230%, and provides letters from past clients talking about how his stock recommendations made them huge amounts of money. You later find out that he’s done nothing of the sort. He spent the last five years doing taxes at H&R Block, and before that he worked in a car wash. The letters were fake, although he did give some stock tips to his parents – tips that he read about online and claimed as his own.

Do his lies matter? You bet your ass they do, because you’re basing your decision to do business with him on his past experiences.

Based on that reasoning, yes, the fact that LRH lied about his past does matter.

Key to LRH’s story is his assertion that he had severe injuries in World War II, including blindness, and he was able to cure himself. That is the basis for his claims that Dianetics can heal the human body (a claim he later had to back down on when the FDA came after Scientology). Dianetics is key, because it’s the first step most people take into Scientology. (And logically so – if you told even the most susceptible person about Xenu or body thetans right off the bat, they’d run away and never look back. That’s why Hubbard used the concept of the gradient, which he redefined as “a gradual approach to something, taken step by step, level by level, each step or level being, of itself, easily surmountable.” He billed this as a key concept in learning, but it’s also a key element in luring people into Scientology.)

As we now know, Hubbard’s claims about his injuries were false. He was never blinded in the Navy, and the closest he came to real action was when he mined a submarine that didn’t exist – unless you count the time he fired on an island belonging to Mexico and nearly caused an international incident.

In fact, the self-styled Commodore of Scientology’s navy once was evaluated as “lacking in the essential qualities of judgment, leadership and cooperation” by the U.S. Navy.

LRH wrote a book on the effect of radiation, referring to himself a nuclear physicist, when in fact he took one class in atomic and molecular phyisics from George Washington University (which he failed – check out Hubbard’s GWU transcript). He has written books on how to have a good marriage, despite being a bigamist and lying about the number of times he was married. He wrote books about raising children, even though he refused to acknowledge two (and later three) of his own children, one of whom was estranged from him and another who took his own life.

Hubbard’s supporters and apologists say that LRH’s lies don’t matter because “his tech still works.” But if you can’t take Hubbard’s word on his past, how can you take his word that his tech is actually his tech?

The truth is that much of early Dianetics – the bits that many people agree does produce noticeable “gains” – is taken directly from proven psychotherapeutic techniques. Hubbard has said his methods have their basis in Freud and Eastern philosophy, implying that he somehow improved on them. That’s an understatement (rare for Hubbard). In truth, he stole them outright, changed and re-defined the terms, and then set about doing what he did best: Going into long, rambling detail about the most trivial subjects. And his followers make a mistake that is all too common: Mistaking verbosity for intelligence.

So yes, Hubbard’s lies matter.

Even if you’re one of those people who doesn’t claim to be a Scientologist but simply someone who believes that Hubbard’s “technology” helped you, ask the question: Is the “tech” really Hubbard’s? If you’re talking about Dianetics, especially the bits that involve bringing past incidents out into the light for closer examination, bear in mind that this “tech” actually comes from the field of psychiatry and psychotherapy – you know, the folks that Hubbard tried to paint as the root of all evil. (They aren’t evil. But to L. Ron Hubbard, they were competition for Scientology.)

Let’s go back to our mythical stockbroker, who got his stock tips from a web site. Are they good tips? Yes. Will they make you money? Yes. But if you’re looking for the best possible advice, who would you rather to go – the actual source of the advice, or a known liar who simply read someone else’s work and claimed it as his own?


More about Hubbard’s military record

16 responses to “So Hubbard lied – so what?

  1. I think an important point is that he constantly lied in order to sell Scientology. His military history and injuries indicate he is willing to lie about the benefits of Scientology. His claims about his alleged scientific research and pretending to have discovered it all speaks to his willingness to lie about the basis for Scientology.

    So, he’s lied about where it comes from, what work was done to validate the claims and what the benefits are. Oh yes, and he lied about not making money from it.

    But that’s okay because the tech “works”?

    Finally, I would argue that honesty and self-criticism are fundamentally necessary to any real self-discovery. Hubbard is so obviously lacking in those qualities that I find it impossible to rate him as credible in that area.

  2. I have read the research documents by LRH – thousands of pages of case studies – all there for you to read.

    Shame on you for doubting LRH – any Scientologist has access to these docs, they just have to complete OT Level XXVII first…

    As for the Submarine – it did exist, the mere fact that it was 7,000 miles away is a fact YOU omit Caliwog, and because of this, I can no longer trust anything you write.

    You claim Caliwog, that the Navy didn’t want LRH, well, obviously, he was too brilliant which is why he rose to the rank of Admiral Three Stars, yes, this is true, it is just that his assignments were secret and the government is now trying to cover up his true heroic history – but it is all there in black and white.

    You see Caliwog, you use the stupid hypothetical style of writing that uses facts to support your claims. Any argument can be won with such simple things as facts, it is far more braver and heroic of you if you would please start to write not using such things and instead use opinion, belief and the unprovable to win your arguments.

    I am consistently disappointed in you Caliwog, you lack the charisma of Marty, DM or LRH and you simply must take opinion as fact on “faith alone”.

    You have failed to win the argument that LRH was a liar and I can see that the Church and Marty and all the independents are right. The fact that all three of these entities think that the other parties are wrong is even more proof that they are all right.

    LRH was a nuclear scientist, a computer guru, a historian, a writer, a songwriter, a great singer, a humanitarian, an educator, a great coffee maker, a wonderful researcher, a gifted sci-fi writer who has won thousands of awards – albeit in some other lifetime as clearly in the last one he sucked at all the above.

    LRH is now on another planet, spreading Scientology, researching the upper OT levels and he knows what you are thinking Caliwog, remember that – he has the power to do anything and damn you if you doubt it.

    Fuck this, I am going back to join the Sea Org, I miss the Beans & Rice, the harassing of other human beings and the lulz, such lulz…

    • Sorry, Aaron. But I think you read the wrong version of my blog. The REAL version was hacked and taken down by a communist CIA psychiatric front group, and replaced by LIES LIES LIES.


  3. lurker(not the mostly)

    Sniff….. I am so proud…. Our little Aaron has discovered SARCASM… and he said he wasn’t able to… (I feel the need to say ” The tech works!” but I hate to make CW cringe)…

  4. William Johnson

    You da WOG! An important part of your description (to me) is the fact that those people who profess to use the ‘tech’ and know the ‘tech’ (people like DM, the MR’s, various freezone and indy groups ALL claim to be doing it RIGHT, and yet ALL profess that the others are doing it WRONG! Lulzy as hell. They pick and choose what they think works, and yet ElRon (source) said himself NOT TO DO THAT!
    It’s like taking part of the Golden rule (Do unto others) and just picking that as your philosophy while ignoring the rest (As you would have others do unto you).
    The amusing part is that they are so indoctrinated that they can’t see that miniscule leap of logic. OT powers indeed.

  5. And of course, per the Feb ’11 New Yorker piece, Tommy Davis wholeheartedly agrees with you:

    At the meeting, Davis and I also discussed Hubbard’s war record. His voice filling with emotion, he said that, if it was true that Hubbard had not been injured, then “the injuries that he handled by the use of Dianetics procedures were never handled, because they were injuries that never existed; therefore, Dianetics is based on a lie; therefore, Scientology is based on a lie.”

  6. Ah, Caliwog. You and I have such similar thoughts- saves me the trouble of making a blog, although I might still. The other thing to remember is that Hubbard had a habit of making rather grandiose (and verbose) claims. The nice thing about actual science and scientific testing is it doesn’t give a crap about what anyone says, good or bad, loud or soft. It is important to note that oftentimes, claims lacking scientific proof have a proportional amount of bombastic language applied to them. Its like Hubbard said “This is the best Ham sandwich EVER!”, but all it has is mayonnaise and no meat.
    Put all together, Hubbard was known to embellish everything, especially his past. Some believers acknowledge this, but don’t /wont see that the same embellishment is being applied to his nonverifiable claims for Dianetics or Scn. The reason I think a lot of people claim “But it DOES work!” is because they’ve had it hammered into them that it does “work”, somehow, and if it’s not quite like he said, that’s ok, it still “works”!

    More later after I eat. Keep up the good work, because it’s totally working like we thought it would!

  7. Excellent post, CW.

    Great points.

    I hope people think about them.

  8. I have read posts on the boards that indicate while an ex might still have some interest in the tech, there is approximately a two-year withdrawal period before he or she finally gives it up. Attempting (and ultimately failing) to rationalize Hubbard the man with Hubbard as Source is part of the healing process. I believe that the number of people who leave the CoS because of fundamental differences over how the CoS is managed but are otherwise dedicated Scientologists is pretty small. I think most long-timers who blow are more in the Jeff Hawkins category. So, Rathbun knows that 80% (I made that up) of those who currently call themselves “independent scientologists” will eventually walk away and he has no way to replace them. The purpose of his blog is marketing to keep his current base interested. Furthermore, he knows that since his only source of new adherents is the CoS, demonizing DM while preaching the benefits of the tech is the only lever he has to bring them over to his side. I posted over two years ago on OCMB that Anonymous was not going to be very effective at getting people out of the cult but it would be effective in cutting off the supply of new members and making exes more comfortable about “coming out” in open criticism. I think that has worked magnificently in the U.S., Europe and Australia. It also affects the independents because it limits their source of new members to the CoS. I don’t believe they can milk that cow much longer.

  9. By the way,Marty is now refusing to reveal his training level.

    Is he a Class XII? no…
    Class XI?… no
    Class X?… no
    Class IX … no
    Class VIII even????…no

    Guess what folks, the average indi has more tech training than Marty.

    So I guess Marty reading the EPs and telling people he is capable of being a tech leader is a high crime in Scientology per LRH – Marty is not allowed to review any technical actions beyond what he is trained for.

    And all he is trained to do, is sec check.

    Yay, The indis forgot the most important question of Marty “How qualified are you to be a lunatic?”

    • Aaron

      You are gonna love Jesse Prince’s latest post on M&M.

      Turns out the answer to your last question is “very”.

  10. lurker(not the mostly)

    I was thinking, what “proof” would satisfy an indie who wants to believe that the tech isn’t a load of BS? and… I think you answered the question…. Pretty much nothing will change a mind that is determined to believe..

    It reminds me a bit of a friend years ago, who wouldn’t leave her abusive husband.. “He can be so sweet!” she used to say to me…. yeah, when he wasn’t breaking her arm (a spiral fracture) or giving her a black eye…

  11. People should listen up when Jesse speaks, he is one of the very few out there that was in the old regime and has come around – very rare indeed. I know old-timers and few if ever, change their tune and tell it like it is.

    He’s one of them. I have never met in person with him, but I talk to him telepathically (Marty taught me how after he showed it worked with dolphins & neighborhood cats). We share dirty thoughts of Messenger chicks wearing skirts just above their knees…

    Of course, your not a real good critic of Scientology until the Scn-Pro wackos worldwide (Marty, C of S, Indis & BS critics who attack it but really think Scn is great!) label you an asshole, a prick, not-to-be-trusted and a few other things.

    We critics that have real value know it, and wear our medals proudly, as they represent the ocean of ignorance and stupidity from whence such labels come. We are also known to be very modest with quiet temperaments.

    Nothing sucks worse than a genuine critic who then sucks ass like some I know (not mentioning names in Australia).

    Go for it Jesse, stick it to that prick Marty, he needs a reality enema and so do his followers.

  12. @Caliwog

    Wanted to take this out of Jeff’s blog where I said ~”Let it be” (Karen#1)

    I’m a lifelong wog that stumbled on a video of co$ insanity and have been hooked. If my company is keeping tabs of my time on anti-co$ sites I almost fear for my job. Note to self: work is work, except for lunch and boring meetings.

    Anyway, Karen#1 posts are always so informative and she has been confronted many times about the lrh era. The post below is why I stated as I did…

    I used to post on Marty’s blog under a different name, but no longer feel the desire. I have nothing relevant to add to the current cult||ure, but I have a good feeling about what his blog is doing… to get people out. Just brings more potential whistle blowers to the party and, of course, the inside stories and other insights to the mentality (or lack of) of the product of co$.

    I’m on your side and getting fat on popcorn.

  13. Caliwog – You are hitting bulls-eyes man.
    Anon – Sarcasm? I’m shocked, smiling, but shocked!
    Aaron – COB’s head is about to explode over your revelations!
    DM – They’re all onto your scam dude.

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