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“Imagine” explained, sort of

Lurker posted a comment asking for a translation of Marty Rathbun’s latest blog post, Imagine. I figured I’d take a quick whack at it, and that my quick whack deserved its own blog entry. I may not have everything right, so I’d appreciate it if those of you with more experience in these matters would please, please, please help me out in the comments.

Quick translation: Imagine if Scientology worked the way it says it does.

Long version…

First, the “ownership” stuff – I’ll be honest, I have no idea what LRH is talking about. A Scientologist might order me to “clear my words” (look them up in a dictionary, and if that doesn’t work, look in a Scientology dictionary to see how LRH re-defined them), but knowing the definitions of “own” and “ownership,” it still makes little sense.

Now, to a Scientologist, that makes anything I say from this point forward invalid, because if I have a misunderstood word, I can’t understand the rest of what’s being said. If I WERE a Scientologist, I’d find a justification in lieu of true understanding, otherwise I wouldn’t be allowed to go on. Hubbard loved to create conundrums like this; it made for nice long (and expensive and profitable) lectures that keep people pondering and directed inwards, not outwards.


The concept of being “in session” basically means being totally, 100% focused on and devoted to the auditing session. It’s funny – Hubbard said “Absolutes are unobtainable” (Scientology 8-8008, 2007 ed, pages 14, 84, and 163), and yet he dealt in a lot of absolutes. Marty said “There is no such thing as ‘kinda in session’,” and he’s correct. You can be sitting in front of your auditor, e-meter cans in hand, hanging on every word of every question, and then a thought pops into your head and bam, you are “out of session.” Not just momentarily distracted; completely out of session.

Now, compare that to, say, Itzhak Perlman. I’m sure there’s been a time when he’s gone into a show preoccupied, or perhaps he’s been in the middle of a performance and some random thought creeps in – “My foot itches,” or “Gosh, that string is a wee bit out of tune,” or “I wish the timpani player would stop staring at my wife’s hooters.” But he doesn’t stop the concert. He doesn’t consider himself “out of performance.” He lets the thought pass and goes on, but the music keeps going.

It’s an interesting academic point, by the way – if we are distracted, are we still doing what we are doing? The problem is that in Scientology, it is just one of a thousand reasons to stay focused inward and ignore what’s happening outside the bubble of Scientology – a bubble that you at first only allow to envelop you during session, but you soon enough allow to envelop your entire life.

Tone 40 means being totally in command. “Do this now!” It’s an order. It’s how Scientologists are supposed to talk when they want something done. It’s about focusing and ignoring everything else (again, as Marty said, “Intention without reservation.”) Your wife is at home dying of cancer? Doesn’t matter. “Stuff those envelopes NOW!”

And the end of the post is all about how good Scientology would be if everyone had this sort of blind devotion.

The bottom line is that it’s all about devotion to the cause. Devotion to the cause is the MOST important thing.

How else will Scientology save mankind – or pay for David Miscavige’s private jet, or LRH’s desert compound, or Marty’s mortgage?