Where’s Caliwog?

No new blog entry today – for the last few days, I’ve devoted most of my “protest time” to joining the conversation over on Jeff Hawkins’ Leaving Scientology blog, specifically a post titled OT Abilities. Jeff’s post raises questions about what Scientologists (be they Independents or Church-goers) can reasonably expect from Hubbard’s promises. I’ve been very active in the comments section, having some interesting conversations with a handful of Scientologists. If you need your regular dose of Caliwogism, for today, Jeff’s blog is the place to get it.

In slightly-related news, Marty Rathbun’s epic poem has been the subject of posts on both Why We Protest (here) and ESMB (here). “An Ode to LRH” (which some might consider more of an odor than an ode) got the drubbing you’d expect on WWP, but surprisingly the often-tolerant folks on ESMB are letting him have it, too.

Both of these things have something in common: A bit of a shift in the tone of protest. It’s more anti-Hubbard and less tolerant of Rathbun’s lies. Maybe I’m reading into this what I want to read into this, but that’s how it seems to me. Helping matters is some new content from long-time protester Jesse Prince, who now has his own blog). I’ll talk more about him in the next couple of days, but what he is saying is causing some interesting ripples – he talks about Marty being an active part of many of the crimes for which he (Marty) condemns David Miscavige.

Interesting times, my friends. Happy reading!


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  1. I have been following, or trying to, so much of the discussion is over my head.
    I have been reading the various boards for well over a year now, and still the language and logic used when reading “believers in the tech” has me scratching my head and wishing for a translation book. Even when I understand the language, its the quick right turns away from anything they can’t easily explain or deal with it.

  2. These are interesting times.

    I too see the shift of discussion back on to the source of Scientology and its problems: the policies and technology of L Ron Hubbard.

    I was worried that Rathbun and Rinder were going to be able to shield the source of Scientology’s problems from the general public. They were actually quite successful for about a year. They had almost complete lock-step, unified messaging from all the Int Base Escapees. Even those who were no longer Scientologists (because they were willing and able to see the Source of the problems in Scn) didn’t want to be “rude” and to directly address a Scientologist’s religious beliefs, etc.

    Well, nothing can be as rude as the thousands of families which have been destroyed from enforced disconnection. Nothing is as rude as the false imprisonment, fraud, and abuse that has come as a result of applying 100% standard Scientology ethics, tech and policy – straight from the pen and pie-hole of L Ron Hubbard.

    So the truth continues to get out.

    Without a full-on cult environment applying 100% information control 24/7, there is no way that little, old, Marty Rathbun can control the outcome of even his own actions in a society where the free exchange of ideas is valued and protected.

    The tide is turning.

    And even Marty can’t stop the tide.

  3. It requires you to leave your food senses at the door, beleivw on ghosts again and anything you can see on tv sci-fi. Remember most scios and Indis are very immature and you would get a better arguement on facts from 5rh graders . They like to think they are light years ahead of thier time. If they bothered to read these strange devices called books, they would find out their thinking was around up til 1850, which after human knowledge surpased the absurd.

  4. Caliwog,

    Just a curious WOG here who has read ALOT about CO$ in the past few years just trying to understand what it is. Can anyone tell me where LRH got “the tech”. I know he is “source”, but does that mean he really just sat down and started making this really wierd shit up? I’ve tried to understand what I’ve read, like NOT’s, and the OT levels, and the TR’s, but it defies reason. I cant make myself understand and all I want to know is, where did LRH find these life secrets? Were they dreams? Did he go somewhere? What do SCN’s say when asked where LRH got the tech!!!!!!!! I must know!


  5. William Johnson

    A very thoughtful blog and series of arguments. It finally devolved into a ‘science vs religion’ argument. Scientology is neither.
    These OT abilities (control over MEST) in order to be proven (believed) must be demonstrable AND reproduceable . Anything else is fraud.

  6. @Lurker:
    If you have questions, feel free to post them or email them (caliwog at hotmail-dot-com). If I can’t answer them, someone else will.

    Well, according to Hubbard, he found the “tech” doing “research,” which seems to be a combination of auditing himself, making out-of-body explorations, and of course all the stuff he remembers from a trillion years of past lives. Other stuff came from simply being like George Carlin, i.e. observing stuff and talking about it in his own words.

    If you read more, you’ll find other answers. Much of “Dianetics” comes from existing therapies (Hubbard actually talked about this, this was before the American Medial and Psychiatric Associations became his sworn enemies). Some say he came up with a lot of this stuff during drug trips, and one of his sons alleged that his father used to give him drugs, and his babblings were the inspiration for the tech. (If you bring this up to a Scientologist, they may get very insulted; Scientologists abhor drugs, and this is akin to saying that Jesus used to get blowjobs from Peter.) Hubbard was a somewhat successful science fiction writer during the genre’s classic era, and it’s clear that much of Scientology was developed just as one would develop a good sci-fi story.

    Personally, I think that is where much of the upper levels came from – Hubbard’s fertile imagination. He wasn’t as good as Asimov or Heinlein, but he found a better way to create a captive audience.


  7. I have a relative who is a psychiatrist and was a Scientologist for a while in the 60s. In my experience, psychiatrists are quite interest in other therapeutic approaches and theories of consciousness so I don’t find this surprising at that stage.

    His take on it was that Hubbard initially had some interesting ideas but that when he reached the limit of his own understanding he was basically bs-ing.

    Hubbard wanted to sell a progression but had no idea how to do anything beyond the first couple of steps.

  8. Its not so much a question when i read the posts (of Rj and to a lesser extent tony dephillips), its the fact that I get mired down in the BS. If you ask for proof of OT powers (the ones LRH actually promised), you get either an explanation of their (or a guy they know) powers, like “knowing when your wife concieved” or “slowing down of time in order to avoid an accident.”

    Yet when someone points out that everyone has stories like that (I knew the day I concieved also, and have felt during an accident the feeling that times slows down , or the old”life passing before your eyes effect), they then switch to some crap about ” Freedom from Overwhelm” …. 300k plus for that? A bit of therapy, reading a couple of good books, maturity, and learning “not to sweat the small stuff” and I have that too… and I wasn’t bled dry financially.

    Then when that is pointed out (by people like you that are far better capable than I, since I would just say, “your full of crap”), they slide into the religious or faithy aspects of it. The Knowingness, the Beingness… again, you can get the spiritual side for a LOT less money, and a lot less danger to your physical and pyschological health)…

    I think the part that gets me the most, and this is some of what I see Aaron get upset about, is how casual they are about auditing, and how awful it would be if someone took it away, yet they have absolutley no idea of what auditing is doing to them…. I watched several videos of auditing demonstrations (low level) and its obvious that it has a hypnotising component to it.. Along with simple talk therapy… No way would I be so cavelier about allowing someone (who wants money from me) to put me in a suggestive state..

    Seriously, some of these guys seem a bit like a junky, jonesing for their next fix, and they speak in the same spacey, non linear way, my old stoner college roomates did.
    I was never in, and I really don’t even begin to understand what it was like, but reading Martys blog and some of the arguments on Jeffs, I wonder if there isn’t a good bit of brain damage done. (and I don’t say this to be cruel, I have worked with people in the foster care system that have drug induced pyschosises and outright brain damage done in long term use)…

    I read a lot of stuff, and its not all like this, but the woo woo seems to really come out when they are asked to explain, prove or defend LRH, the tech, and what it means to them.. but then I am just a wog, so obviously I know nuttin…

  9. >but then I am just a wog, so obviously I know nuttin…

    Isn’t that amazing? And yet it’s people like you who actually get the whole thing.

    Now you know why I think Hubbard was such an evil genius. He knew the best prisons are the ones the inmates lock themselves into.


  10. An interesting question – where did LRH get it from.

    Dianetics while balderdash, is factually written with many concepts that were taken from current therapies at the time – but it is more than that. Some of the theories proposed by doctors at the time which required decades of research were quickly high-jacked by LRH – you can even see this in his book – “all about Radiation” where he jumps on the current knowledge and claims to have “researched it” which he never did, and then years later, it is proven completely false.

    Science back them knew about memories and roughly how they were formed – they even had ideas about how the brain could change – but they were theories that required many years of professional research. LRH didn’t bother with that, he simply took the ideas, and elaborated on them – we know know factually that dianetics is 100% verifiable false and ill-written. Back then though, the common man could not have known. Now it is a different matter.

    I invite you to read Scientologie: by Dr. A Nordenholz. It was written in 1934 and contains the very precepts that are used in many LRH books in the 50’s. It would not be the first time LRH took info from a German and used it to create a cult…

    In addition to this one has to go back into that era in the 1950’s and late 1940’s and you will find many religious and cult like therapies that were developed that never made it off the ground – lost in the modern era because they never were a hot like Dianetics.

    In the mid and late 50’s you will also find where LRH met his wife (number three, MSH) – in a dangerous cult with other persons who would be brief business partners in their lives.

    Factually, once the lies that form the basis of Scientology are set in place – which is essentially the reactive mind; and past lives as described and as accessible as LRH described, almost nothing can not be annexed onto Scientology.

    Here we see LRH make references to Jesus Christ, Buddah, Mohummed as if LRH personally knew them – obviously nothing could be further form the truth.

    The bottom line is that there is nothing in Scientology that can not be written and justified in some way. Just pick up a Modern Tech Dictionary in a Scientology bookstore – or better yet one from the 70’s and word by word go through it and you will find the most idiotic ideas conveyed to the reader.

    There is no tech in Scientology, just a lot of mind fucking on a grand scale. I haven’t met a Scientologist I couldn’t sit down with and show them their absurdities – the ability to get them to sit down however is something that is very hard.

    My mother still believes in it and will not let it go. Go figure. the damage that can be done from years of being surrounded by it and even witnessing it’s clearly unworkable nature is still not enough for some. People who have issues can never get better unless they recognize what is right in front of their face. Some seem to forget that the obvious is usually just that – the obvious.

    How any Scientologist can stand up for a man who lied about his war history is a disgrace in this country. I just went to a funeral for a man who earned two purple hearts, two bronze stars and the Silver Medal Award. That man was a hero. LRH was a liar and a coward who chased submarines off the coast of the USA that didn’t even exist.

    He is scum, 100%. And I used to root for the guy. People like Marty and the other indis that stand up for him are packs of dog shit and there is no point in trying to reason with them – you see, to them the only thing that needs to be reasoned is anyone that doesn’t think sucking LRHs dick wouldn’t be the greatest honor bestowed upon another human being, showering them with his droplets of love.

    It is hard to understand and hard to accept that LRH knew this while it was happening and actually took pride for years in running around the ocean with a bunch of people that thought he was God. He was a very sick man who clearly had inadequacies in his life earlier on that resulted in a monster being born.

    The very reason why we need to stop Scn is because it creates more monsters – they are victims factually, and not every victim can be helped.

    Marty will never ever leave Scientology or stop hanging our for LRH – he will spend the rest of his life surrounded by aliens, engrams, enemies and followers that need young, stupid ladies as wives.

  11. I like questions about $cientology from a non-scientologist!

    It always goes right to the point.

    Where did he get ”the Tech”

    It has always been said that he would have made a lot of researches to come to discoveries and breakthrough

    Well, what we know now, is that it is a bunch of mind control stuff coming from black magic, intellegencia, communism, fbi, capitalism, authoritarism,psychiatry, behaviorism, hypnisis.etc etc

    There ”might” be some possible workable stuff, like study tech – (yet to be proven effective from conducting studies) that are , over the last years, reported as having been stolen to some others people.

    What $scientologist call ”the tech” is nothing ,,there is no ”tech” it’s an illusion as they beleive LRH invented a bridge to total freedom that one can reach through auditing. It never happened yet .

    ”the tech” is an illusion
    ”source” is an illusion
    ”Operating thetan” is an illusion
    ”bridge to freedom” is an illusion

    These are a bridge of illusion to dellusion
    and a bridge to making money
    for the CO$ – LRH – auditors etc etc

    A spiritual being cannot be unoperational – an the mental (auditing) cannot make a spiritual being coming operational – it’s a non-sense
    LRH and the CO$ and auditors wants people to beleive this stupid thing as it makes them starving to get free
    They loose their freedom in attempting buy it from $cientology.

  12. So your saying he didn’t spend millions of dollars of his own money on the research? 🙂

    Marty still seems to believe that Hubbard made millions from writing for a penny a word and therefore didn’t need money from Scientology.

  13. SF, that was Hubbard’s standard line. Hard to tell what Marty believes and what he’s just saying. I don’t think even Marty knows. But the truth is that Hubbard died a rich man, hiding from the law, refusing to see his wife, and with psychiatric drugs in his system. If I was him, I wouldn’t want my followers to know that, either.


  14. I was slightly encouraged by some of the posters on Jeff’s blog being willing to admit that the “scientific” stuff was probably made up.

    Hubbard’s lies are so interconnected that if you disbelieve one it can lead to disbelieving the rest. And it almost doesn’t matter which you start with.

    If he’s lying about the science and the research you have to take him at his word that there is a sound basis for the tech when you’ve just decided that he lies, at least about some things.

    If he’s lying about the millions spent on research it pulls out a big plank from the claim that he didn’t make any money from Scientology.

  15. Oh yeah, the famous writer that made SO MUCH money on sci fi that he had to write and beg to Veterans Affairs asking for money because he was near destitute.

    He made almost nothing. He was near bankrupt when he released Dianetics. He made nothing from Sci Fi writing that was left when he got his hooks into people with Dianetics.

    Remember, Dianetics was bankrolled by persons he did business with and ensured he had majority share and then outed them once he knew he was onto a winner.

  16. If one wants to get a testimony about LRH ”pseudo researches” it’s possible to find some video interview of Ron De wolfe, his older son, that talf about what kind of researches LRH did , how, when, where and drugs using.

    COnsidering LRH admitted himself having been involved with black magic and well known people of this community at the time, we can deduct that

    LRH had tested stuff like black maginc vs mind
    Auto-hypnosis vs mind (see his admissions)
    And drugs to travel his ”pseudo time track”

    My last point is:

    I , personally had 4 complete exteriorization phenomenon (out of the body)
    It only happened – without any willingness for it..it happenned with some specific circumstances
    If LRH would have even truly get into only the shadow of a genuine ”out of body” experience..He would have talk avout it , for sure, to make him interesting and to ”show” his pseudo OT powers. He nerver talk (from all the tapes I have listen) about a genuine exteriorazion experience.

    People who have gone through some of these experiences knows what I am talking about – it is very special and we keep record of all the ”moment” it occured for our entire life.
    To me, definetely LRH did not knew about the phenomena that anyone could go through in his lifetime , but I beleive that he did experience a lot of ”travel” under influence of drugs (like Casteneda did)

    These are not the same..one is ”psychedelic world”
    the other is of a spiritual sudden expansion without known limitations.

    Bye bye

  17. I too had out of body experiences. Seriously.

    But they were not real. I hope you can understand outofscn that the brain is capable of making up completely false experiences that seem 100% real.

    Remember, sound, sight, touch, smell are all just experiences that you think are real because your brain tells you what to feel. The reason why you see red and another animal will see green is because it is how your brain is wired. The reason why a cuttlefish has OT Vision is because it’s brain map for sight is superior and so are it’s eyes. The reason why a dolphin can detect objects, or a shark can sense blood 1/2 a mile away is not just because it’s body is wired to do so, but it’s brain is capable of registering senses and then translating them.

    I know how to factually feel like I am having an out-of-body experience any day I decide to do so. But it is not real.

    Just because you see a bear in the room does not mean it is there.

    Now you know why people who have “gone exterior” actually can not go anywhere and prove it ( like g into the next room and see how many fingers you are holding up behind your back), because it is not actually real.

    But I doubt you understand why – that will take some study.

    Now on a different note, drugs for instance not only provide you with false experiences and feelings, they can provide you with senses a human being in incapable of normally – take E for example, it shuts down parts of the brain and allows the Audio part to not simply hear music more, but hear it in a different way – FACTUALLY a new way to hear music that IS REAL.

    Learn what the brain is – you will find that the brain is not the tool of the mind, but the mind is just a tool of the brain. You will understand after studying it that Scientology depends on the brain being fooled, completely.

    You never went exterior – time to find out why you thought you did. good luck.

  18. Let me give one more example:

    The sound of a bell sounds like the sound of a bell because your brain tells you to take that wavelength, and produce a sensation in your brain that “hears a bell”.

    Different brains of different species hear a noise – but not always a bell and never the same way you hear it. You are assuming you can hear – you can not. Your ears pick up wavelengths of vibration and your brain can be re-wired to make you hear whatever it desires you “should hear”.

    Can you see UV light? Why not? Can you see Infrared? Why not? They are not invisible – no wavelength of light is, so why is it that you can not see it? Is it because of your eyes? Or your Thetan? Think about it oufofscn, time to ask what really makes you human – you may be very surprised.

    You never learned what your brain is capable of – you are not supposed to be in control of your brain – you are in control of a very, very tiny part of it – the rest you have no control over.

    It is notyour thetan tellign your heart to beat – it is your brain. Your brain is telling you to do many things – like how to feel and how to interpret experiences – you can not control that as much as you would like to think you can.

    I can draw a diagram with two objects of exactly the same size and you will think one is bigger – you will be certain, 100% certain, and even after I give youa ruler and you measure it, you will still think the other one is bigger – and I am not talking about “two lines”.

    It is not an optical illusion – it is because I know how the brain programs itself to interpret curves and depth perception – your brain tells you how far away something is – not your vision. And no human being in the world can ever look a this drawing I can do and see it any other way.

    The reason is because your brain is wired a certain way – and LRH had no idea how it was wired and simply noted experiences and then made up something to explain it – that is what humans have done for thousands of years, it is understandable, we have prefrontal lobes which allow us to even have this thought.

    I would love you to read and learn and see the DECADES of research that is truely science to explain it.

    This is why science can cure many conditions, like putting electrodes in certain places to stop shaking, wipe a persons memory at will etc. Scientists can be recognized for their work to assist humanity, rather than to enslave it. Do not confuse what LRH taught you with fact – he was making sure you never wuld go see how brilliant these guys were – he dreamed he could be so brilliant and had a hard time understanding how a sicentists could understand that to understand something may take three generations of Scientists working on the same thing for their entire lives and be selfless enough to pass on what they learned to the next generation to help them – LRH was never that big of a guy. He literally in three years wrote the answers to everything in the Universe.

    Now, GO READ, and not on the internet – go buy and pay for the real stuff in books and studies that cost money to buy – they are worth it because they are genuine and you can reproduce the experiments which proves it is real science.

    I will gladly give you an example here if you ask.

  19. lurker(not the mostly)

    Your ears pick up wavelengths of vibration and your brain can be re-wired to make you hear whatever it desires you “should hear”.

    I had a foster once who had been given a cochlear implant just the year before. She was older (a teenager) and having a hard time recognizing what a sound was that she “heard”. If someone told her it was a duck quacking instead of a bell, she would not know the difference. She had a lot of problems with language, because as she said to me, what you said (she could also lip read) was not what how she pictured in her head the way something sounded.
    Its one reason they don’t generally do cochlears on older people, unless its someone who had hearing before. The brain has become hardwired a certain way and its hard to reprogram it.

  20. The brain is plastic and with the correct methods almost anything can be pgmed into it.

    There is one example where a person can be made to feel when someone taps on a table that the other person feels it. This can be done to anyone – you see, your senses do not go directly to your mind, they get translated first, when you feel a prick on your leg, you are not feeling a prick on your leg, what is happening is that a sensation is being sent to the brain where it is transposed onto a brain map that is for that area, and THAT brain map is telling you where the feeling is coming from.

    So it is easy to have a part of the map for another area accept the signals from another area – this is why phantom limb sensation is common among amputee victims – and thus can be easily cured.

    Because of this, it is possible to have the brain map an area that is not part of your body at all, so that when your vision “sees” that object being hit, you actually DO feel it – now, your brain has received no signal for pain, however, the brain map is smart and anticipates potential sensations to have the human body ready to react – this is why nerve signals travel at a certain speed ad other signals travel faster.

    You can make a person feel like they are about to get hit and feel the sensation just by slapping them and nearly impacting but not quite – just ask Marty and Mike.

    Fascinating stuff.

    I wonder if the Marty crowd has ever bothered to wonder why DM did what he did. DM is a true beleiver in Scientology if there ever was one. How do you think he felt when LRH swore by the results, and no one was getting them? Of course he would change it!

    As did Otto Roos, Bill Robertson, David Mayo, and now lo and behold…MARTY!

    All prophets of Scientology promise to deliver – and none ever do.

    Even LRH changed his own system to “try”to get results after claiming it was illegal to do so.

    P.S. Marty, are you feeding EPs of OT VIII to people…tisk tisk, you know that is a high crime – per LRH buddy. 🙂

  21. We wil Knowlwdge report him to the general inspector of RTC

    The are the preserver of the tech integrity
    As we know
    Isn’t it Marty?


  22. Man! and I was hoping one day to be able to recall – I have barred my Bridge, oh such shame on me!

    Where did I leave my brain? Oh, there it is…

  23. mistake
    it’s about your soul

    You have barred your soul from freedom
    So, search for your soul you left in a lie detector.

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