Daily Archives: March 15, 2011

Where’s Caliwog?

No new blog entry today – for the last few days, I’ve devoted most of my “protest time” to joining the conversation over on Jeff Hawkins’ Leaving Scientology blog, specifically a post titled OT Abilities. Jeff’s post raises questions about what Scientologists (be they Independents or Church-goers) can reasonably expect from Hubbard’s promises. I’ve been very active in the comments section, having some interesting conversations with a handful of Scientologists. If you need your regular dose of Caliwogism, for today, Jeff’s blog is the place to get it.

In slightly-related news, Marty Rathbun’s epic poem has been the subject of posts on both Why We Protest (here) and ESMB (here). “An Ode to LRH” (which some might consider more of an odor than an ode) got the drubbing you’d expect on WWP, but surprisingly the often-tolerant folks on ESMB are letting him have it, too.

Both of these things have something in common: A bit of a shift in the tone of protest. It’s more anti-Hubbard and less tolerant of Rathbun’s lies. Maybe I’m reading into this what I want to read into this, but that’s how it seems to me. Helping matters is some new content from long-time protester Jesse Prince, who now has his own blog). I’ll talk more about him in the next couple of days, but what he is saying is causing some interesting ripples – he talks about Marty being an active part of many of the crimes for which he (Marty) condemns David Miscavige.

Interesting times, my friends. Happy reading!