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A note to an Anon – and why I do this

About two weeks ago, an Anonymous user posted a comment in response to The “Dead Agent Caper” in action (sort of). The comment was as follows:

Caliwog, I have no idea whether you’re OSA or a never-been or an ex or David Miscavige or Aaron what’s his name. But what puzzles me why in the world you’re so obsessed with Rathbun. Either way, it’s a man-crush of sizeable proportions. Yes, I know you don’t agree with him. But the effort you devote to posting here must take at least an hour a day. At $25/hour, that’s about five grand a year. At $100/hour, that’s twenty grand worth of effort. I dunno what your time is worth, but whatever it is that’s a serious effort. Just sayin’.

The comment somehow wound up in my spam filter (I have no idea why). There was a follow-up:

Just commented here, but comment didn’t appear. Are you now moderating comments?

That, too, wound up in the spam filter, which I also cannot explain, and which I rarely check because it usually contains, you know, spam.

So to take the second part first: No, I am not moderating comments, and I apologize for missing yours.

Okay, part one: Why I focus on Marty.

The reason I devote so much time to Marty is because he lies, and that just really irks me.

This blog got its start when Marty started censoring my comments. Okay, every blog owner has a right to moderate comments. But I quickly saw a pattern to the censorship: Anything that tied David Miscavige’s actions to L. Ron Hubbard’s policies got censored. Here I thought Marty was trying to spread truth – Marty said he was spreading truth – but he wasn’t. He was lying about what the Church was doing, and censoring anyone who tried to set the record straight.

And that, for reasons I cannot explain, bugged the ever-loving shit out of me. So I started this blog.

As time went on, it wasn’t just Marty’s attempt to cover up the truth that bothered me. My concern became (and still is) that Marty was – is – trying to hijack the protest movement. He’s trying to build on a foundation laid by legitimate Scientology protesters like Mark Bunker, Tory Christman, Bob Minton, David Touretzky, etc., and subtly take their work in a different direction – one that holds L. Ron Hubbard up as some kind of hero.

And I’m sure any one of those people – at least the ones who are still alive – will tell you that Hubbard was a lying tub of shit.

We in the protest movement know that, but people who aren’t familiar with Scientology may not. And, anal retentive as I am, I’m worried they might be fooled.

I don’t always focus on Marty. I’m not an ex (or current, or OSA), but I have worked for and with Scientologists, and I know a lot about the tech, particularly the Admin Tech, where the day-to-day workings of the scam are revealed. I was good – I used to earn all kinds of commendations for my “standard application.” I sent long-time Scientologists to cramming for mis-applying the tech. I knew my way around this bullshit.

So I try to use the blog to share my understanding of the tech and try to educate people about what Hubbard and Scientology are really all about. Those are the posts that seem to resonate most with readers.

But then Marty posts something that irks me, and like a teenage boy in a room full of bare breasts, I just can’t help myself – I have to dive right in.

How much time does this take me? A few hours a week. I have a job, I set my own schedule, and yes, running this blog probably does cost me money.

But that’s fine with me.

I have friends who are Scientologists, none of whom know that I do this. They are great people, and it upsets me to know that they have been taken in by Hubbard and Scientology. I see their money, their relationships, their lives, all being dictated by (and generating profit for) the fat redhead and the evil little twerp he left as his successor.

I can’t tell them how I feel, because a) they won’t listen and b) they will disconnect from me. They would have to – I am an SP, that makes them PTS, and that can get them in all sorts of trouble (and cost them all sorts of money).

So I settle for doing this, in the hopes that I can keep a few people away from the cult, or give a few anons information they can use to protest, or put doubt in the mind of one or two of Marty’s minions, or help a couple of ex’s cope better with coming out.

But mostly, I do it because it makes me feel better. I feel good knowing that when Marty or the Church or whoever lies, at least one person is standing up and trying to make the truth be heard.

I can’t right every wrong in the world, but at least I can do a little something to right this one.


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