Sympathy for the Indies

I’ve been reading up on the Upper Levels of Operating Thetan recently, and came across a posting by Tory “Magoo” Christman caled A Day in the Life of a Scientologist on OT 7. Tory talks about one of the factors that turned her away from Scientology: The idea that she used to be a truthful person, but had started lying to Scientologists every day when they asked what it was like to be on OT 7 (she told them it was great, when in reality she was having a terrible time).

Reading this gave me some insight into the Independent Scientology mindset. Here are all these people studying the upper levels of Scientology, and they’re having problems. They’re not getting the gains they were promised. They’re not having the “wins” they used to have when they first started on LRH’s Bridge to Nowhere Total Freedom.

And then here comes Marty, loudest of the Freezoners, saying “I’ve found the problem! David Miscavige is screwing up your case!”

Now, if I was a dissatisfied Scientologist, I imagine this would be a huge relief. I’ve been conditioned to believe that the tech ALWAYS works, and that the problem has been me. And yet try as I might, I just can’t figure it out. And here’s the Independent movement with a ready answer: “DM is the why!” It’s just the piece of driftwood I need to cling onto.

Of course, the truth is that upper levels are science fiction bullshit. If they seem to work at all, its because Scientologists want them to work – and Scientology helps that along by conditioning folks to believe that all their gains are due to Scientology, and all of their failings are due to their own mistakes.

The human mind is an amazing thing, and it can subconsciously create all sort of illusions that our conscious mind wants to believe. But at the end of the day, most of the gains that Hubbard promised simply aren’t possible. Clears do not have perfect recall and immunity from sickness. OTs cannot create universes at will. Cancer cannot be willed away, and psychotic breaks cannot be cured by locking people in a room and not talking to them.

The euphoria of “discovering” that David Miscavige is the cause of all their problems can only last so long. Sooner or later, Independents will run into the same problems they had in the Church: The tech isn’t working.

They’ll become like Tory and countless other Scientologists, telling fellow believers that the upper levels are great and the gains massive, all the while wondering to themselves why things aren’t going right.

What happens to the Independents then? How will Marty Rathbun explain that away?

Actually, I think I know the answer. Marty recently wrote this blog entry about David Miscavige delaying the release of the next Operating Thetan levels. “The gains will come on on OT9 and OT10, but DM is blocking them from being released!” And if 9 and 10 ever are released, when people begin to have problems, those will be addressed in OT 11. Then OT12. Supposedly LRH wrote levels all the way up to OT15.

What’s really going on here? L. Ron Hubbard talked about it in a policy called COME ON DISSEMINATION:

“Reach gets blunted or terminated once a person gets his question answered, the solution to his problem, etc… Imbue your prospects and the public at large with a thirst to find out. Mystery, not little scraps of data, will be found to be the biggest puller.” — L. Ron and Suzette Hubbard, HCO PL 25 June 1978, COME-ON DISSEMINATION

This policy specifically talks about how to rope in new victims, with the premise that once they start paying the big bucks taking “major services,” they will get the answers. But from what Tory and other independent and former Scientologists tell us, it’s clear that “come-on dissemination” extends right up to the upper levels of Scientology.


26 responses to “Sympathy for the Indies

  1. This is the place where you could even say that Scientology IS a religion. or at least has religious aspects.

    Christians (of which I am one) tend to give all the glory to God if something great happens, but we aren’t allowed to blame God, if something bad happens.. Its usually couched as a “test of faith”, or “God allows free will, and Satan to be in the world”….

    Its frankly one of the things (although I still consider myself a Christian and believe in God) that has always given me trouble with the religion. I believe in God, but I don’t think he is Santa Claus (which is frankly a view of him that a lot of Christians have), he doesn’t hand out presents for being a good girl, or a lump of coal if I am bad.. I see it more that he set up the game, set up the parameters, gave some rules that would help keep you out of trouble, and then sits back to see what you choose…(ok, maybe I played a little too much Dand D in college)….

    Really, the mindset of “all bad is my fault” is a childs mindset, which is what it seems most cults try to incorporate, because if the child grows up, he usually leaves the nest..

    In the case of martyworld, it seems DM has been set up as Satan, which Marty being the prophet(say Moses) that will herd the kids up and bring them back to God and the promised land… Practically Biblical, I wonder how Marty is going to part the sea…

  2. oh, and sorry for wandering (I may be a little ADD), but I also see in a lot of Christians who are “born again” or “saved” this idea that suddenly their life is going to be fabulous(getting those gains).. The difference I suppose is that if they read and studied the Bible, it was often the “chosen” who were tortured the most.. At least the Bible, if you truly study it, isn’t promising you fabulous gains in this life, just a great afterlife..

  3. @Lurker:

    I generally don’t talk much about other religions – I don’t believe in them, but I don’t want to give the Church the opportunity to paint me with their “religious bigot” brush.

    The fact is that I don’t find Scientology’s basic beliefs a whole lot more fanciful than Scientology’s. And I have made the same observations you have, with people crediting God when things go well and something else when things go badly.

    So why do I single out Scientology? Because they are the ones trying to sucker people in, get their cash and/or labor before laying on the heavy stuff. To a skeptic, the Xenu story isn’t any harder to believe than loaves into fishes, and the Old Testament’s view of homosexuality is just as bad, worse actually, than Scientology’s. The difference is that you can walk into any church, synagogue, etc., pick up a Bible and read for yourself.

    Can you even imagine some high-up archdiocese of the Catholic Church going on national television and saying there is no such thing as excommunication?

    Lord have mercy!


  4. Whoops, bags of typos in the above, and I’m having trouble logging into WordPress at the moment (OSA! OSA IS OUT TO GET ME!). Anyway, I meant to say that I don’t find Scientology’s beliefs a whole lot more fanciful than other religions, and it’s Scientology that I don’t want to be able to taint me with the bigot brush.

    Sorry, it’s still early here in the Land of Caliwog.

    Caliwog (yawn)

  5. Hey, I knew what you meant – typos and all.

    A slight off topic – but I wanted to take the time to thank you for your awesome blog.

    As a former scientologist (and sea org member) who was well conditioned to divide the “credit” for life into the category of good=LRH, bad=me AND well trained in the mindfuck that is scientology – it is hard to totally step outside all of that and really look at it for what it is.

    Your blog soooo helps me do that! For instance, the policy quote about blunting reach was learned by me as a registrar. It was an effective bit of knowledge for the registration area. And, as it was being applied “for the greatest good” – I wouldn’t have stopped to look at the use/effect of even this one little bit of policy from a different, possibly abusive view.


  6. Excellent post.

    It’s really wild to watch Marty try to do the same things to Scientologists that LRH did. What he doesn’t understand is that those things work only inside a cult, where information can be controlled and socially coercive measures can be taken to keep everyone huffing and puffing on their own Hamster Wheel to Total Freedom.

    Out here in the wild, too few of those coercive control measures exist. Once Indies allow themselves onto the Internet, Scientology is gone. It collapses like a house of cards in a hurricane.

    Keep writing, Caliwog.

    Be There and Communicate, you entheta potata!!!!!

  7. Even as a Christian (maybe this makes me a bad one) I wonder how much of the Bible are parables told in order to teach a lesson, and how much are historical fact, or if they have been tweaked for maximum effect.

    I have even gotten in trouble for daring to suggest, that since the Bible was inspired by God, but written by, and in the hands of a select few men(before printing presses, Bibles were not something someone outside of the church itself were likely to have access to) that maybe a persons own biases (the homosexual thing, since its not mention in the New Testament) might have shaped the document.
    There is even some conspiracy theories that Mary wasnt a prostitute, but Jesuses wife, but the Church didnt want their priests to marry and leave worldy goods to their children so they changed it (lol, now that I think of it, kind of like making SO folks not have kids)… Or that there was a chapter or two on reincarnation but some Pope didn’t like the idea that he might come back as a laborer, so those were stricken (not sure anything is true, but it sure is interesting to speculate on)…

    I am right with you in the main difference, you don’t have to give all your money, health, and time, then give your kids, divorce your wife (we are more likely to guilt you into staying in a miserable marriage, lol) in order to call yourself a Christian… and if you want to go worship at another church, you aren’t going to be fair gamed, either…
    Christianity at one time was considered a cult (and at times, some churches in the faith turn into mini cults)…. Its the degree to which you are controled in order to be an X

  8. Let us clarify one thing:

    No other religion has a series of councelling levels – that is what makes Scientology a medical practice pretending to be a religion. No one in a regular church does auditing to discover he was the guy who slipped Jesus a mickey pill at the last supper.

    As for these Independants “lying” about the gains on upper levels, let us get one thigh straight, these “gains” that were reported on the earlier levels years of not decades before they hit the upper levels were all bullshit.

    Grades I-IV all sound like super abilities – and that is LONG before Clear of NED which promises the sky.

    The bottom line is Dianetics promised the world – it gave nothing, so LRH created the grades which he heralded as the greatest thing since underwear. That did not work so he created NED, then there was Clear, then there was OT III, then there was OT V, than there was Solo Nots, then there was OT VIII, then there was Power processing at SH, then there were the L’s, then there was Superpower…

    My point is that they were lying their teeth off long before any Upper Levels – which by the way they are completely in control of as they audit themselves. They were not lying at the time consciously because in their heads they factually felt like they had obtained those abilities. Perception and self delusion is as real as reality 100%. The brain can not tell it is being fooled and a person can not consciously control whether or not their brain will send them false signals.

    See the latest post by Marty on Brainwashing where he quotes LRH talking out his ass – it is total, utter and complete nonsense that an 8 year old would come up with on the subject of brainwashing, yet his indies herald it as a statement that transcends sex…

    They can not think LOGIC. That ability is stripped away very early at the start and if you can think, are educated and have intelligence, then you would not make it past the first few sessions or courses in Scientology to know it was 100% false.

    Why did you walk out of the auditing session feeling great? Find out why, understand what is really going on in there – but instead they seek the answers form the first person to tell them WHY – the registrar.

    There is no reactive mind, engrams do not exist and this is elementary stuff in Scientology and they took it hook, line and sinker. Why?

    Because they would prefer to believe than to actually logically think. If they logically go through LRHs lectures and books which contains plenty of Space Opera LONG before you hit OT, then they already have the BS right in front of them. They didn’t see it because they refused to evaluate it and believed in it rather than get proof.

    In the Tech and Admin Dictionary there are entries for the Marcabian, the !st invaders, the 2nd invaders and the 3rd invaders and the list goes on and on.

    Mate, these people have to be first willing to want to swallow bullshit to take any step in Scientology AND be pre-disposed to accept lunacy.

    Scientology is NOT the cause of their problems. The cause of their problems was present BEFORE they got hooked and they could have walked into any number of cults and got sucked in.

    And the problem that got them sucked in and gets them sucked in with Marty’s crowd is STILL there.

    When they address what their problems were BEFORE Scientology got involved, perhaps they will make some progress. This is why ESMB is for the birds – they think they all have it figured out and yet not a single one can explain why he or she thought Scientology worked. remember, it doesn’t take months or years or decades to figure it out, it takes minutes through logical processing.

    Fixing or changing or going back to old Scientology will do absolutely nothing for them.

    Here is an example: The E-Meter registers thoughts. But it puts electrcity through your body. But the Reactive mind is not in your body, it is part of your Thetan (attached to it). The thetan has no location in the Physical Universe. The thetan has unlimited power but no mass. It follows logically that the e-meter CAN NOT read a though IF the thought is from you as a thetan but something in YOUR BODY. Follow this up with physics as you see it is impossible for the thetan to be everywhere and nowhere, and utterly impossible for a thetan to have power without energy in some form of mass. Then LRH says the Thetanis sort of in and out of the body – well in that case if a Thetan can send impulses to a body and not be totally in it then it is logical they can do it to an object nearby the body, so why not have the e-meter cans NEAR the body and not actually attached? Boy, talk about suckers…

    Now, all of this can be figured out by a smart person with fundamental understandings of physics and the ability to THINK. We could go on, but the indies will come up with a reason why the laws of physics can be violated and why this all is somehow possible…

    Number of Oscars won by the best Actors in the world (Scios): ZERO
    Number of Scientologists awarded the Nobel Prize (ZERO)
    Number of Scientologists to contribute an important discovery or piece of technology to Mankind (ZERO)
    Number of Scientologists who can display any abilities of OT or clear (ZERO)

    All this was the same before DM allllll the way back to the 50’s.

    When these victims realize they were victims of Scientology but were Victims also beforehand and figure out why they entered Scientology, we will see some improvement, until then, expect the same BS from Marty and ESMB. I mean, ESMB even allows a Scn win thread – it is the most hillarious thing you have ever read, full of supermen, and ESMB allows this and destroys Scn Critics left right and center and is full of infighting.

    I guess the Scios on ESMB have not actually figured out anything – blame Scientology for the dickhead and victim you were before Scientology had anything to do with it. Unbelievable.

  9. >Number of Scientologists to contribute an important discovery or piece of technology to Mankind (ZERO)

    Well, now, let’s not forget LRH, and all the fantastic technology he gave to mankind. Among other things, he discovered how to empty a person’s wallet, screw up his family life, and have him thank you for it!


  10. @Catfish, makes me feel good to hear that.


  11. Hi caliwog,

    As former staff and SO I agree with Catfish and Alanzo.

    What I like to read your post is that you go ringh on the point – no BS to turn around and miss it.
    AS you do not have a brain washed it help ;D
    Your lack of scientology shrinkind word of black or white – good or evil is bringing a new sight on scn issues that we are so tired to see commented by people that di dnot recovered good and common sense to be write valuable critics.

    Can you imagine that some indies are loosing their freedom to buy a bridge to get rid of Entities stucked to them and to clean in their mind some ”pseudo” space opere of KRH sci-fi book. They know he was diagnise and behave as insane mentally cruel, but want desperately to fuck their mind with his BS.
    They have the chance to get a lot of info on internet to KNW what it is about. But they want to be OT

    My sympathy to them. A word of illusion is a word of dellusion.

  12. @caliwog – it’s from the heart!

    @Aaron – thank you, too. Oh, I know some are offput by your cut to the chase outspokeness, but I see that as passion expressed in words. Aaron, what readings or whatever helped you “snap out of it”?

  13. @outofscn: I’m lucky to have been in a position to learn the tech from the admin side, and to have had enough business and life experience to see that, no, LRH tech *doesn’t* always work the best, even if you apply it verbatim, although it works well enough to get the job done. Furthermore, I was hired for the job because I was good at what I did, but I was not a good Scientology prospect – something which later helped me understand the “vetting” process when I learned more about the religious side of things.

    Aaron’s right – you have to be in a certain mindset to be drawn in. Not crazy or stupid, just at a certain point in your thinking which is part of the human condition. Or you need to be born into it, because what we’re taught from birth forms our core beliefs.

    My only mindset was that I really needed a job so I was willing to put up with the Scn bullshit. In retrospect, I’ve never regretted it.


  14. There were a number of steps.

    The first one was to read and comprehend basic physics and apply them. after that came a study of Human History, Study of the stars, what makes them tick, a study more in-depth of human history as it relates to Cults & Religions, then a study into Cospiracy Theories, followed by Biology and Alien Life, followed by Religion as a study, followed by Evolution of man, followed by a study of brainwashing, followed by a study of the Human Brain & other cults and how they operate.

    There may be a few I missed out there. I would estimate the reading for each section of study was around 10,000 pages. It has taken a number of years.

    What set it off was sitting down after some drugs and asking some very obvious questions about Scientology and LRH (who at the time I still considered a God) and challenging the Dogma I was aware of, which I wrote down in a list of “If true” pile and then used basic logic to extrapolate what that would mean. A friend got me onto this as she challenged my beliefs and I was too attached to want to walk away.


    A. It is true there are Clears & OTs who can recall everything going back millions of lifetimes.


    i. Humans have existed a brief period of time, meaning that we must have occupied other bodies, but not on this planet: TRUE, according to LRH this is so.

    ii. If this is so we must have people who have recalled hundreds of thousands of other languages and much technology from other planets, TRUE: LRH says this was the case.


    iii. Where are the documented cases of recalled technology or locations in the stars or advanced knowledge form these people: It does not exist or has been hidden.

    iv. If it is known governments have applied Scientology, then are they in possession of Clears and OTs that can recall this technology: NO, they are not, yet they have clears and OTs. Study showed that they did try to get Clears and OTs and that they were incapable of the powers as stated by LRH.

    So I investigated Scientologists with Clear and OT status. None could actually recall anything. I then after a completion of a study of life on this planet came to the obvious conclusion that the past life recalls were not only in error, but impossible. Human Beings as they exist can not exist anywhere else unless those planets have literally the same identical lifeforms as this one, the same plants, the same gravity, the same star, the same moon and the same oceans and the same chemical make up of this planet and even the same timezones.

    This ruptured my beliefs and from there I asked more and more questions and used logic (which became better as time went by).

    It should be noted to only go to well known and accepted authors who have studied their fields and not hocus pocus web sites.

  15. Strange how Marty has the time to type up lengthy pgms against Tory McGoo which are “the real deal” and yet he simply decides to scan in and post copies of the Law Suit…

  16. Aaron – thanks for the answer to your studies. I know it wasn’t any easy, fast road – and apologize for any implication of that from me. And, bless your friend for challenging you to think.

    As an OT – I can tell you that I have no special powers or recall that was gained from scientology. “That is just me, my bad, and everyone other OT has these awesome abilities” – is just like everyone saying the emperor is wearing clothes. Discovering the naked emperor is a reason behind “don’t discuss case” and if an OT was/is challanged to demonstrate abilities – one doesn’t – not because they can’t, but because it “sets up a hidden standard”.

    In many, many ways I am a smart, capable, loving, compassionate person – and I walked into scientology with this – as a bright-eyed teen with issues surely, but also with hope and a huge heart. I had been abused of Church, let down by the me-ness of the peace and love hippie days, anti-gov enough to rule out going into the Peace Corp, and knew from what studying I’d done that other ologies didn’t have the full answer either. Scientology seemed a way to bring out my best and to help mankind.

    Did scientology help some – of course it did. However other paths could have accomplished the same. And, while lifting the veil, it lowered a huge mindfuck and that is a tyrannically inhumane thing to do – under the guise of helping mankind.

  17. Yeah, real strange about the scan. Geesh!

  18. Gee… the suit is in the public record so ok to scan, but the fair game on tori was done on super identifiable papers and fonts which would make the rat who leaked it instantly identifiable….

    You guys are so skeptical….sheesh….

  19. Lurker, you are really a twit, you know that?

    The Church needs to know the font to know who produced a program that has an author and was authorized via CSW from a particular person as all programs there are?

    You are a moron. Do not pass go and collect $200, go to Tosh.O and state your claim as the world’s dumbest person.

    I admire you as the first ever offical Moron laurette to grace these forums and you are a beacon of light to all people to clearly avoid Scientology.

  20. LOL, Aaron, tell me what you really think…

    So are you saying that the COS DOES use different fonts and or hash marks to make any scan instantly identifiable? Or did the fact I was making a joke pass over? Its ok, I suck at making jokes anyway..

  21. I think she was being sarcastic. (Explaning why Marty apparently felt he had to re-type the alleged Tory program, but was able to provide scans of Daniel’s lawsuit).

    Oh, wait, she answered. Man, am I slow.

    Everyone play nice!


  22. Look Lurker,

    Your sarcastic approach is wasted on me – I was in the Sea Org – remember? I don’t have a sense of humor.

    And stop trying to take the cowards way out by stating simple verifiable facts.

    I am sorry, the award has been striped from you and given to Marty – who was too busy curing cancer with 12 volt batteries to accept the award.

  23. And Marty had to re-type it because D.M. altered it from the original – like he does with everything. Just ask Marty.

  24. Aaron, I am postulating that you will get sarcasm. Start!


  25. NO!!!!

    I want my Moron Laurette back!!!
    Marty always gets the good stuff… Actually I really did laugh when I saw Aarons post, the day I can’t laugh at a really good putdown is the day I throw the computer out the window..

    Don’t worry, I didn’t take offense, I figured you either didnt realize I was being sarcastic, or as my foster daughter liked to say, “your headband was a little too tight today.” (which she usually said to me).

  26. Well at least I still have the label slapped on me during the last presidential election…
    When daring to say that I didn’t feel that Sarah Palin had the necessary intelligence and temperament to be a heartbeat away from the presidency, I was called by someone on a political board I used to post on…. a Socialist commie, tree hugging, fag loving, liberal, who probably has AIDS..
    It enraged him, and amused me when I used it as my sig line for the rest of the presidential race… Just think what I could do with a Moron Laureate to add to the mix..

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