Another attempt to whitewash Hubbard

Marty’s latest blog post talks about something I’ve already discussed here – the Pro-Church Marty H8r site‘s take on the New Yorker article. Marty pull-quotes the following passage from this post:

As a sure indication that there are skeletons he’d rather hide, Haggis tried to head off possible revelations of what he’s really been doing, saying that he expected a ‘scandal’ about him to be the result of his attack on the Church. Methinks he knows he deserves to be exposed…hmmmmm….

Hell, he admitted to early criminal acts he withheld, and you can be sure that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Clarification: That’s a Church member talking, not Marty.

Marty goes on to say:

This latest passage I can intrepret [sic] no other way than as a threat. It is a threat to unlawfully use confessional data among other things. For Miscavige to direct such thuggery… publicly is testament to his complete loss of sanity, in my opinion.

Whoa, whoa, wait a minute there, Mr. Rathbun. Don’t go saying that Miscavige is doing this because he’s insane. The fact is that the Church is doing exactly what Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard ordered. There is ample written evidence that all involved are following Scientology policy.

The concept that anyone who attacks the Church has criminal acts that must be exposed was originated by Hubbard; he repeated it again and again in the “scriptures” that Scientologists hold up as truth. A few examples:

“Now, get this as a technical fact, not a hopeful idea. Every time we have investigated the background of a critic of Scientology, we have found crimes for which that person or group could be imprisoned under existing law. We do not find critics of Scientology who do not have criminal pasts.” [Emphasis in original] — LRH, HCOB 5 November 1967, CRITICS OF SCIENTOLOGY

“A person, to be a critic, must first have assumed that he could not create anything.” — LRH, MARITAL SCIENTOLOGY, Journal of Scientology issue 13-G

“As far as public attacks upon individual auditors, the HASI* or LRH are concerned, it has been discovered that all those who have attacked… are criminally liable for other things… Behind every one of these attacks… has rested a criminal record of one kind or another.” — LRH, THE SCIENTOLOGIST, Ability Magazine issue 1

* HASI: Hubbard Association of Scientologists International, predecessor of the present-day IAS. More on HASI/IAS similarities here.

“Supressive Acts include public disavowal of Scientology [and] public statements against Scientology… The real motives of Suppressive Persons have been traced to quite sordid hidden desires.” — LRH, HCO PL 23 December 1965, ETHICS SUPRESSIVE ACTS – SUPRESSION OF SCIENTOLOGY AND SCIENTOLOGISTS – THE FAIR GAME LAW

“People attack Scientology; I never forget it, always even the score.” — LRH, MANUAL OF JUSTICE

These are just a few examples. As any Scientologist, past or present, active or ex, will tell you, the Tech is rife with the concept that anyone who criticizes Scientology must have hidden crimes. Remember, in Scientology, you cannot cherry-pick the Tech; per Keeping Scientology Working, all LRH “tech” is valid and true unless LRH says otherwise.

Let me be perfectly clear, lest Marty and crew attempt to dismiss me as an OSA agent: Digging up dirt in order to silence critics is WRONG. It was WRONG when Hubbard came up with the concept, it was WRONG when it was done by Scientology’s Guardian’s Office under Hubbard’s wife Mary Sue, and it is WRONG now when it is being continued by David Miscavige and current Church management.

But to present this as evidence that David Miscavige has somehow derailed Scientology, without even acknowledging that the concept comes from L. Ron Hubbard – that too is WRONG, Marty, and you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes.

Just because something is true for you, Marty, that doesn’t make it true. Not even if you really, really, want it to be true. Here’s one true datum you won’t find in Hubbard’s tech: Sooner or later, the real truth always comes out.


14 responses to “Another attempt to whitewash Hubbard

  1. There seems also to be the assumption that the anti-Marty sites are run by OSA. More likely, they are set up by Marty to act as counterpoint and lend credibility to the illusion that he is actually doing any harm to the cult.

  2. Blip, if you read that particular site’s blog entries, and especially the comments, I think it’s pretty clear that the site is run by dedicated Church-going Scientologists. Whether they are OSA or not is open to debate, but I really doubt Marty is behind them. Between what he observes and what he fabricates about what the Church and Anonymous are doing, he doesn’t need to create his own enemies.


  3. Personally, I don’t think Marty is working for the church, nor has he set up the anti-Marty website(s). And, I don’t think he is doing that great of a job of whitewashing Hubbard, although he is making a gallant effort.

    I also think that although his place may appear to be a wonderful resting spot for outy-ies and the blossoming of an Indie, the mere fact that once one is out and can freely roam the web, one can now find out damn near the truth about hubbard and the whole lying scam. Knowing the truth makes it very hard to continue to walk the scientology path. Or, at least it makes it easier to let it go and ease into real life – wins and all (lol).

    There has been an interesting post on FB and ESMB by former ED Int, Bill Franks, about Hubbard “retracting” overts and withholds as the reason for leaving, but swearing it to silence. Setting the “tech” aside, it’s another example of carrying on the con, knowingly – by Hubbard.

  4. I can completely see why the mindset of a lot of exes (or indies) that still find value in LRH or his so called tech drives people like Aaron batty.

    Its like some tie themselves in knots, trying to find something of value.. I wondered, since I havent taken much time to find posters to martys blog, cross reference and find out how long they were in SCIO, if some people are just hooked early, or if he tends to attract those that spent so much time in the cult their brains are completely rewired to swallow the BS…

    I do see some exes, that were in the cult for a long time, say they no longer consider themself a scio, or use the tech, so maybe time doesnt have anything to do with it…

    I believe deep down, Marty knows its all horsepucky, but frankly doesn’t know what else to do with his life…
    Since reading Aarons posts, I have been doing more study about what the auditing is really doing when you pick up those cans… Honestly, if people realized they were opening themselves up for being hypnotised and being at the mercy of whatever the “auditor” wants to brainwash them towards, why would anyone pick up those cans?
    Of course I remember watching a hypnotist at a comedy club once, and refusing to go up on stage. To allow yourself to be hypnotised asks for a certain level of trust, and there is no way I was trusting myself to that guy. Its worse that people going in off the street have no idea what they are signing up for..

  5. Embarrassing as it may be to admit… in the near 30 years since I left, I have had times when I have flim-flammed over the value of the tech. Thankfully, there is now the internet with truths more and more exposed and/or some pompous-ass, stupid behavior by a scientologist (including those out of the church) that helps to clear my mind.

    I envy someone like Aaron that has been able to set his mind straight and firmly, seemingly so quickly.

    Ah, scientology was really, really a mindfuck. I left not only having to sort out the gobbly-gook, move on and create a new life, but also seriously doubting myself and my decision making processes – because, after all I was the one that got myself into scn in the first place. It’s a real catch-22 mindgame.

  6. Can one of the psoter on Marty’s blog ask him what he is gont to do with the ”know” big overt about LRH concerning the wrong tech applied for blowing.


    Would the still continue to handle blowing with OW’s extraction and security checks to dammage people or to cancell it????

    I would really like to see this question asked till we get a committment on an answer to see if he isrunning the same pattern than hide and continue is better to not dammage any perception…even thgoug it dammage people..

    Thank you if anyone ask
    (Alanzo would have aked)

    (I know he wont’t answer me as I am a nobody moskito)

  7. You know Catfish, its easy for me to shake my head at the “suckers” of scientology, but I must admit, that when I see some “easy breezy new fangled ” way to lose weight, or organize , or make money! I am tempted every time, I don’t generally buy into it, but it sure is tempting..

    You just want so much for that easy path, its our human nature..

  8. I am less than a mosquito in marty world(since this is one of maybe 3 blogs I have ever posted on)… I really doubt he is going to answer that, no matter who asks him.

    Marty seems very capable of ignoring what isnt convenient for him to acknowledge……

  9. btw caliwog, there is a new and very interesting article on Leaving Scientology… Its about the isolation used by the church to control the flow of information and thus control its members.

    I pointed out and Jeff allowed it, that even when you leave the cult that some on the outside attempt to control the message too… by calling others “natterboards”, haters, losers …..

    Marty whitewashing LRH is a perfect example of him trying to control his message, of course this only works if the people on his board ONLY hang out on his board..

  10. There is some people he would not ignore – being important member of the royal court – but these people would never ask him that type of question to not embarassed Marty.
    All the issues about LRH as weel as the tech are having ”unmentionnable” sticker on the file, the same as within the CO$

  11. @Catfish:

    Since I’m not an ex, I can’t truly see things from your perspective. But I can tell you, as someone who learned the tech from the admin side, that Hubbard was a MASTER at manipulation. EVERY single Scientologist I have met has been someone with good intentions at heard. Hubbard purposefully targeted people who were willing to help. Not gullible people, not those who were easily manipulated, but smart people who want to do good. The fact that you got led in, Catfish, is testament to your good intentions. You were snared by a master manipulator, one with no regard for what the rest of the world considers right and wrong.

    There is no shame in that.


  12. @Lurker

    It is a sad fact that people see what they want to see and believe what they want to believe. You can parade all the evidence in front of a Scientologist, but if they aren’t ready to absorb it, they won’t.

    It’s funny that Marty censors comments, because he really doesn’t need to. The sheep who sing his praises will continue to agree with him and label anything they don’t like as “entheta” or “OSA” or whatever. Marty doesn’t realize just how brainwashed his Independent troops still are. You can throw all the entheta you want at them, and it won’t change their minds.

    It’s funny because everything I point out about Miscavige following Hubbard’s lead is right there in Scientology policy. They have the books, they read the words, but they refuse to see.

    As much as Marty makes me angry, I also feel sympathy for him, as I do for all Scientologists. He’s brainwashed too.

    It’s like the old joke: How many psychiatrists does it take to change a lightbulb? Just one, but the lightbulb has to want to change.


    PS, I commented on Jeff’s site too, we’ll see if my comment goes live. I think it will. Jeff seems to censor comments that are out-and-out Hubbard bashing and which will alienate indies. Not my choice of policy but I do understand and respect what he does. As long as the criticism of Hubbard does not cross a certain line, he seems to let it stand. A far cry from Marty who will simply not post anything that is critical of Hubbard or – more importantly – disproves his attempts to blame Hubbard’s policies on Miscavige.

  13. your post did go live, and your right, it doesn’t matter what I, or anyone else says, if a believer wants to believe, he will…
    I have even seen freezoners or Indies, post GREAT POST! on Jeffs blog, completely missing the point of the post.

    Of course I don’t know what Jeff doesnt allow (since I never see it)… but he seems to post most points of view, as long as its polite and not targeting another poster or blogger (no, Marty is a creep post)…

  14. Caliwog, you speak the truth and only the truth as far as this real world ex-“Scientologist” is concerned.
    Hubbard is the root “source” of the con that is being perpetrated while cloaking itself as a “religion”.
    Marty is profiting by selling and delivering those Crowley occult based rituals called auditing.
    For those interested in these “auditing “procedures please read the real pre 1900 sources, Joseph Breuer with his story of Anna O and Otto Rank’s “The Trauma of Birth”.
    Hubbard took their works and made a fictional religion out of what were very promising discoveries in my view.
    Oh! did I fail to mention these 2 real sources were bonafide psychologists!

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