Hubbard’s lies: A Scientological perspective

The following was originally posted as a comment on Jeff Hawkins’ Leaving Scientology blog, from a user named Idle Org:

“It is admittedly hard for me to separate LRH the individual from his tech, but I’m trying.

“If he indeed made up (lied about) many of his adventures, then the man was sitting on withholds permanently. Per his own tech, wouldn’t that bar him from making much case gain? Wouldn’t it prevent him from as-ising things? Wouldn’t it keep his IQ lower? Stupidity is the unknownness of consideration. His time, place, form and event would have to be pretty screwed up if he not only verbally lied to his ‘friends’ but then allowed it to be included in his legacy, his lectures, the LRH life exhibit, various future publications on him, etc.

“In other words, his lies carry through to all VIP’s, actors, artists, political figures, religious figures, children who study his legacy at delphi [a Scientology school], etc, forever.

“That is a continuous overt on a world-wide scale. How can that not affect his ability to research and locate truth? We already know about an earlier book called ‘Scientologie’, by another author.

“We just learned from Marty Rathbun that LRH had considered dropping the OT3 level all together. I speculate this is because even LRH finally cognited he had really outdone himself on that particular piece of space opera. But then, I’m not OT so no offense to anyone with a different view. I can only work with what I have to hand which unfortunately leads to much speculation.

“And ‘speculation’ seems to be rampant these days, even amongst OT’s arguing with one another in various blog comment sections as to what’s true or not.

“Paul Haggis now claims he has experienced relief from seeking a non-Scn therapist. So there may well be cogs one can experience from many forms of two-way comm. The real question is, did LRH create amazing tech or did he just get people into a modern (at the time) therapy technique, gleaned from other’s prior work?

“Hard to say what’s true…

“Hard not to judge the efficacy of the work of a potential pathological liar.

“Hard to confront the world-wide joke that LRH and Scn most definitely are in the eyes of humanity. Sounds like a generality but just Google both subjects for a few good hours and be prepared to weep. I believe the integrity of a man can be judged by how his legacy is viewed by the world at large. In LRH’s case, it’s very negative.” — Idle Org

Thanks, Idle Org, for giving me permission to re-post your comment here.


6 responses to “Hubbard’s lies: A Scientological perspective

  1. Idle Org hits it on the head. ElRons childhood history, military history, hell his LEGACY has been proven to be nothing but the product of a fertile mind. To add insult to injury (As Angry Gay Pope likes to say) that his imagined injuries in the military that he cured with Dianetics was also simply the product of a fertile mind. In essence it INVALIDATES the whole of $cientology! Non-existent cures of non-existent injuries does not a religion make!

  2. Even Tommy Davis agrees, apparently. From the New Yorker interview

    “In September, Tommy Davis and four Scientology lawyers arrive in New York with 47 volumes of supporting material, these binders that stretched seven linear feet. And we met in a conference room in 10 in the morning with me and two of the checkers and the head of our checking department and our lawyer and my editor and David Remnick, the editor of the New Yorker, who had just come in to welcome everyone, but took a seat and didn’t get up until six that evening.”

    “In one very interesting moment, Davis said, ‘Of course, if it’s true that Mr. Hubbard was never injured during the war, then he never did heal himself using Dianetics principles, then Dianetics is based on a lie, and then Scientology is based on a lie. The truth is that Mr. Hubbard was a war hero.’ And the way he phrased that, that everything depended on whether Hubbard had sustained these injuries and healed himself was like a wager on the table.”

    My guess is that Tommy has been and will continue to reside in the hole – pulled occassionally for PR purposes because he is the only resource that DM has to pull. Tommy is really very confused and it must be very, very difficult to not only keep up with the lies, but ‘xplain” them away, as well.

    DM would do no better than T.Davis – it’s still a matter of trying to cover up a bunch of horseshit with hogwash.

  3. “Covering up horseshit with hogwash” – I’m going add that to the list of phrases I use in everyday speech!


  4. Caliwog,
    It is good of you to give attention to Jeff Hawkin’s Blog, as a true alternative or example of someone really “doing it right”. (as opposed to the other unmentioned old coot.) Good Observations.

  5. I would add a rather important note on this:

    LRH wrote in advices I have witnessed long before his service history exposure that prompted his Messengers to “tell the lesser tale” and not go into his life history – as it was “too fantastic to be believed by mortals”.

    At the time I took it to mean he was so super-human, that to make him beleivable to the populace it was important to not tell all the tings he had done.

    The truth was he was a fucking stone-cold liar and he knew as Scn grew people would eventually find out he was full of total horseshit (not to give horseshit a bad name, after all – it has uses).

    How can anybody remain in Scientology after it was revealed he TOTALLY lied 100% about his service history – which was revealed many years ago. I mean, how??

  6. How, you ask…why…haven’t you heard??!? – his actual (as stated by him) service record was deep 6’d by the government because he was such a valuable undercover agent for the gov. Of course, Hubbard doing valuable work for and considering the goverment valuable runs very, very contrary to other Hubbard statements about “the government” – but maybe all those anti-gov statements and actions were to “keep his cover”.

    My only real answer to how – is that they have nothing else and don’t see the depths to which they have been deceived and buried. It is hard to leave. But I think it would be even harder if you have nothing else. Like, if scientology is the only tool in your toolbag. Add to that admitting you were wrong and the stakes you invested in that wrongness.

    On the flip side, I gotta say that the lies – geesh! that just “did it” for me. Oh that there had been internet when I got in scn! Because I did question at the time, but had no reason to disbelieve a degreed scholar, war hero, etc. And too many years later – I was out before I found out about the lies.

    So yeah, how the hell does someone continue knowing the lies?!?! Oh yeah, the undercover stuff.

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