Churchies on the New Yorker article: You don’t need to read that

We’re still waiting on the official Church of Scientology response to the New Yorker article, but one pro-Church anti-Marty site has already weighed in, telling it’s readers they needn’t bother to read the article.

Says author “Joe”:

I don’t recommend anyone read the article. It’s a waste of time for anyone who has ever been genuinely helped by Scientology, and who has seen the same old tired attack points put forth before.

It just so happens that it’s not the same old points, although the theme that L. Ron Hubbard was a con man and full of crap is fairly consistent throughout most Scientology criticism. But that’s neither here nor there.

What does LRH say?

I’m sure there are Independent Scientologists who would characterize this as typical of modern-day Church leader David Miscavige. To his credit, Marty did encourage his flock to read the New Yorker article, despite the anti-LRH content within. But as “Joe” points out, the idea of ignoring criticism is not a new one – it comes from LRH. He’s even kind enough to provide an LRH reference, a technical bulletin that LRH originally wrote as an article in Scientology’s Ability magazine, and which became part of Church scripture in 1987. Here’s LRH:

“Those who are not Scientologists are left in complete ignorance of the motives of the dishonest. And they have no chance of personal immortality.

(Get that? We wogs don’t know anything about what’s really going on; only Scientologists get it. Sorry for interrupting.)

“Those who criticize one for being a Scientologist or make snide remarks cannot stand a personal survey of past actions or motive. This happens to be a fortunate fact for us. The criminal abhors daylight. And we are the daylight.

“Now, get this as a technical fact, not a hopeful idea. Every time we have investigated the background of a critic of Scientology, we have found crimes for which that person or group could be imprisoned under existing law. We do not find critics of Scientology who do not have criminal pasts. [Emphasis in original]

“Criminals hate anything that helps anyone, instinctively.

“There is no good reason to oppose Scientology.

“And we have this technical fact—those who oppose us have crimes to hide. It’s perhaps merely lucky that this is true.

“Never discuss Scientology with the critic. Just discuss his or her crimes, known and unknown. And act completely confident that those crimes exist. Because they do.” — LRH, HCOB 5 November 1967, CRITICS OF SCIENTOLOGY

Read the full bulletin here.

Kill the messenger

This is LRH’s famous “dead agent” technique: Instead of addressing the facts, kill the writer’s credibility. To be fair, LRH doesn’t outright say to ignore the New Yorker article (at least, not in this policy). But he makes it clear that Paul Haggis and Lawrence Wright are criminals. They must be, because they criticize Scientology. And why listen to a critic?

Besides, Scientologists are taught to avoid “entheta” (bad news, anti-Scientology statements, etc.) at all costs. Entheta isn’t just an annoyance – it can cause problems with your spiritual progress which have to be corrected. And at up to $1,000 or more per hour for Scientology auditing, who wants to risk that?

No wonder Scientologists will happily take Joe’s advice to skip the article, and if they don’t, they will happily take LRH’s advice that these are just criminals desperately putting up a smoke screen so that their own crimes won’t be discovered. (There’s something to that. I don’t write this blog because I want to help people avoid Scientology – I do it because I’m a serial car thief. Every time my neighbors see a new Mercedes parked in my driveway, they say “Oh, good – a new Caliwog blog post tomorrow!”)

But what about “Look, don’t listen”?

Some Scientologists have argued that LRH did not tell people to ignore criticism. They quote LRH as saying “Look, don’t listen.”

LRH did indeed write those words – it was the title of a policy letter, as a matter of fact (HCO PL 16 March 1972 Issue I). But “LOOK DON’T LISTEN” doesn’t talk about evaluating criticism. It’s a policy about being an Esto, or Establishment Officer, the person who’s job it is to make sure that an organization does business briskly. And what the policy says is not to take into account extenuating circumstances. Look at production, and if it’s low, don’t listen to why; just go in and blindly kick some ass.

Back to my point: What “Joe” is saying is correct. If you are a Scientologist, and if you believe that what LRH said was true, then Haggis is a criminal, as is Wright – of course, Hubbard also says that reporters are simply tools who are paid to write bad stories. (More on that here.)

Either way, if you’re a Scientologist, you’re free to ignore the fact that Scientology is a scam, Hubbard was a con man and a liar, and David Miscavige is a thug. Just keep getting processing. You’re not the one being fooled – the rest of the world is!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go pass some bad checks in order to get ready for my next critical article…


P. S. My favorite part of LRH’s CRITICS OF SCIENTOLOGY is the second paragraph

“If the wife was stepping out with your best friend behind your back, and one day she found you had thoughts of joining a group that taught you people’s motives and reactions and made you understand them, she would throw a mad-dog fit to prevent your progress.” — LRH

Um, no, dumbass, she’d encourage you to join and go to lots of meetings so she could spend more time boffing your best friend. Geez, Ron, no wonder you got caught when you cheated on Polly!

8 responses to “Churchies on the New Yorker article: You don’t need to read that

  1. This is good and right on the nail.

    I was wondering for years why I myself refused , long time ago, the be informed or listen or read any critics and was fear about that!

    You got the references and now it comes back to my mind.

    Denying the ‘,acces to freedon and eternity”
    The same reacting ”button” the christian priests used decades ago to control the parishionners..

    ” Obey or you wont’t spend your eternity in heaven but hell.”

    Vicious, bet seems to be effective…

    Thank you for the references.

  2. Right on the money! One needs only go as far as comment sections on the articles themselves to find Lisa Lirones (AKA Louanne Lee) posting about how evil the article is, no need to read it. I don’t think she was allowed to read it either, just comment on it. Talk about your basic brainwashing!

  3. I find it fascinating how people (like louanne), who are in the church or call into radio shows (listened to Marc headleys and Jeff Hawkins interviews this week) are so unaware of how they come off to people outside the cult.

    They react in weirdly predictable, yet completely silly ways that broadcasts to outsiders ” I am in a weird cult that doesn’t allow me to read the article before posting this stupid post, and while I call into the radio station to talk to the ex scio, I dont actually talk to HIM because he is a complete suppressive… Oh, and disconnection doesn’t exist, and life is Disneyland in the SO, and there are 8 MILLION people in the church, yet I know the names of every one of them…

    Thats one of the things that gets me the most. I used to live in a small town, I went to the store, I knew (at least by name) MOST of the people there. I now live in a large town, I rarely see someone I know… You would think that it would dawn on culties that if there are so many scientologists, how come they are at least on name recognition, or face recognition with most of them..

  4. Your right about how thy react upon critics articles or radio show!

    How it works in reallity is like that – this part I remember!

    The church knows there will be an article or a tv-or radio show and knows who will speak and the content…because they know the truth (abuses that have been commited)

    Then, if it is suspected to be a risk of collateral dammages, they organize a briefing of ”the parishionners” about all the lies and attacks this SP will spread to destroyed the church and deny the right our religion and to freedom to YOU SCIENTOLOGISTS. IT’S ALL ABOUT YOUR ETERNITY that can be compromised.
    this is a call to arms.

    So , you are briefed about that you will have to call to the radio , write on internet to testify for the church and to tell how criminal is the SP.

    But, in a criminal and mental ill mind… they do not realize that their dead agent behavior LOOK INSANE and is really not reliable, and is having the reverse effect onto public opinion.
    (I personnaly never got involved into these stuff..I was not enough hypnotised to beleive that the liars where the others)

    Anyway, ti’s dead agent tech,
    It comes from Ron..
    so it is the best PR tech on the planet
    and it works.. And it is fantastic and genius….

  5. Caliwog

    I found this today – the manual of justice of L Wrong Hubblarb

    Please look carefully at beginning of page 7

    What do you think????

  6. I am guessing that you are referring to:

    None of us like to judge or to punish. Yes we may be the only people on Earth with a right to punish-since we can undo the damage we do in most cases. Therefore never punish beyond our easy ability to remedy by auditing and restoration.
    Judging must be done on the basis of clear-cut evidence and the person to be guilty must be guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Only then, punish.
    Guilt is established by a person’s actions and statements, by witnesses and written evidence and by an expertly run E-meter. A person can be guilty without realizing he did wrong. What criminal ever does realize how wrong his actions are?”

    I think this is being judge, jury and executioner. Especially when you preface it with their senior datum of “greatest good for the greatest number” – we are the greatest and therefore ANYTHING we do is for the greatest good. Certainly within scientology, they rely on their own ethics and justice. Per LRH one stays away from using wog justice. Of course, that differs when one is dealing with wogs, or even persons who have left scientology and therefore are worse than wogs.

    Much like a parent saying “it’s for your own good” before beating you with a belt. Or perhaps like one spouse beating the crap out of the other – because…

    The truth is that the because is because the abuser is an out of control control-freak, amongst other things.

  7. V0ilà!

    Isn’t it an insane view ????

    ” None of us like to judge or to punish. Yes we may be the only people on Earth with a right to punish-since we can undo the damage we do in most cases. Therefore never punish beyond our easy ability to remedy by auditing and restoration. ”

    This explain to me a lot of the SCN cultist mind an toughts about ethics, justice, punisment and hurting.
    It is A NAZI mind and would results to a NAZI behavior and Nazi results to me.

    Proofs are RPF and children punisment and abuse by EL Wrong on Apollo , it’s pure cruelty.

    As El Wrong said..

    ” What criminal ever does realize how wrong his actions are ” ………

  8. Hold your breath and listen to that please.
    This has been confirmed as being true by ex-scientologists kids that knew about or witnessed these abuses that were perpetrated per $cientology tech and policies justice.

    Look at LRH

    (He did forget to say ;

    ”to LRH”

    and ask Marco to Applauze warmtly LRH

    And some desperatly want to become OT8 for special POWERTZZZZZZZZZ

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