Caliwog’s take on the New Yorker article: :) :) :)

By now, you’ve probably seen the New Yorker magazine article, The Apostate: Paul Haggis vs. the Church of Scientology, by Lawrence Wright — and if you haven’t, you should. It’s long, but worth it. (That’s what she said!)

This is an outstanding article that tells the story of Paul Haggis’ very public departure from the Church of Scientology, prompted by the Church’s refusal to make a public statement after a San Diego staffer listed the Church as a sponsor of California’s Propositon 8, which banned gay marriage. Haggis objected to the Church’s stand and made a very public departure. I particularly like this article because it talks fairly about the Church in both the Hubbard and Miscavige eras.

New Yorker says Hubbard is full of shit; Tommy digs himself deeper

The New Yorker did their own investigation into the discrepancies in Hubbard’s war record, and guess what they found? Yep, more discrepancies. This is important, because Hubbard says that the techniques he used to cure himself of his claimed wartime injuries (including blindness) formed the basics of Dianetics.

The New Yorker investigation, like others before, found no evidence that Hubbard had any severe injuries, or that he even saw combat service at all. Which, of course, would indicate that his Dianetic “cures” and “powers” were bullshit.

The New Yorker also gave Tommy Davis a chance to defend these allegations, and his replies are as thin as a gnat’s eyelash. Tommy also told a whopper of a lie about LRH tech not being altered – anyone with an Internet connection can see that’s not true. (Hell, just check out my previous post about the A to E steps.) And his backpedaling on the Church’s anti-gay “scripture” is classic. Who wants to bet Tommy is doing his Liability condition formula right now?

Truth 1, Indies 0

I’m really happy with this article. Not only is it a factual, well-written analysis of Scientology, but the Independents failed to hijack it. I don’t know if Marty, Mike or their flock ever got a chance to try to convince Lawrence Wright that Scientology is a harmless religion being twisted into something evil by David Miscavige, but if he did, Wright didn’t buy it. And why would he? All it takes is an unprejudiced mind and a few LRH policies for anyone to see the truth.

So what happens next?

You can bet your copy of Dianetics that the Church is working on a rebuttal. The slave laborers will be working overtime, and it won’t be long before we see a copy of Freedom Magazine and a video similar to the way they responded to John Sweeney and Anderson Cooper.

Independents may try to blame this on David Miscavige’s desperation, but the truth is that such a response is mandated by several of L. Ron Hubbard policies. Among them:

These people who attack [Scientology] have secrets. And hidden crimes. […] And when we investigate, all this recoils on the attacker. He withdraws too hurriedly to be orderly. […] I can count several heavy attacks which folded up by our noisily beginning an investigation of the attacker. — LRH, HCO PL 15 Febuary 1966, ATTACKS ON SCIENTOLOGY

“Only attacks resolve threats. […] If attacked on some vulnerable point by anyone… always find or manufacture enough threat against them to cause them to sue for peace. […] Don’t ever defend. Always attack.” — LRH, HCO PL 15 August 1960, DEPT OF GOVT AFFAIRS

Now, a “wog” (outsider) PR professional might advise the Church to lay low and let the bad publicity blow over. There might even be folks inside the Church with an inkling to do the same. But they can’t. Remember, according to Scientologists, Scientology means doing exactly what Hubbard said to do, exactly the way he said to do it. Their hands are tied. LRH said to investigate and attack, so that’s what they’ll do, and they’ll make themselves look like even bigger fools as a result.

Will Scientologists listen? Probably not…

Will the New Yorker article convince Scientologists to leave either the Church or the Independent movement? I hope so, but I’m not holding my breath. Scientologists have been trained to hear selectively. I’ll leave you with LRH’s assessment of reporters:

“The reporter who comes to you, all smiles and withholds, ‘wanting a story’, has an AMA [American Medical Association] instigated release in his pocket. He is there to trick you into supporting his pre-conceived story.

“The story he will write has already been outlined by a sub-editor from old clippings and AMA releases.

“He probably knows as well as you do that you are decent and effective.

“He has no power whatever to alter the pre-conceived story he has been ordered to write. If he were audited or otherwise totally convinced of the great value of Scientology he would still write the same critical story. If he didn’t he would probably get sacked. So the time you spend trying to convince him of your decency and
effectiveness is wasted time.

“If he publishes outright lies sue his paper for libel if you like, but don’t be afraid of what he will write. Central organization income usually rises during bad press campaigns. So he can’t really harm you whatever he does or says.” — LRH, HCO PL 15 August AD13 (1963), SCIENTOLOGY FIVE PRESS POLICIES

Update: Here come the Feds!

In a related note, today’s Saint Petersburg Times ran a story saying the FBI has been conducting an investigation into Scientology’s punitive practices, which may violate laws on human trafficking. They’ve been talking to five ex-Scientology managers — and guess which Independent blogger, who claims to have evidence that will send David Miscavige to jail*, isn’t among them?


* If it turns out I’m wrong, and this person really does have court-admissible evidence that puts David Miscavige behind words, I will happily make a public apology and eat my words. Meanwhile, I’m not skipping any meals, if you catch my drift.

25 responses to “Caliwog’s take on the New Yorker article: :) :) :)

  1. William Johnson

    A very concise assessment of the article, and $cientology in general. The freezoners still have a little too much of the kool-aid in their blood however. Even though ElRon has been proven time and time again to be a liar and cheat, has a criminal record, they say ‘look at all the good he has done’!
    I bet A Hitler once pet a dog, and maybe even was nice to a child, so he was wonderful too!
    Cwazy Widdle Davy Miscavage is only doing what ElRon said to do.
    Another amusing ‘lulzy’ thing is how the $cientology ‘clean up crew’ (louanne et al) is going around posting the same old stuff without even reading the article!
    They are not going to change, the brainwashing is too deep.
    Maybe they should consider what ElRon said to do with people who are 1.1 on the scale.

  2. Somne people are really looking fos a migical quest for freedom and power..anything thay can get

    -with their money – buy it
    – with their labour and favour = get it from the guru or cult

    Abolish the cult, they will buid another one very similar
    Abolish the guru – they will find another one

    So..the church is in trouble for long years..ant wa have seen a freezonner or independant movement that is installed and act the same as the cult..even though you ca wire KR online..Wonderfull…

    And since we could smell the fall of LRH, they help Miscavige to take over..
    ANd since we can smell the fall of Miscavige, sooner or later, we cas see and read what we can see and read…

    For few…they did not suffer anymore..or the justify it because of the brainwashed and the cult mind.

    recently, Karen de la carrière post about David Mayo running around the pole at int base before he has been declared. The post is on ESMB – meet Karen de la Carriere (Ex-wife or Emprisonned Heber Jentz )
    We all know it come from ”ethics, and rpf policies” installed by Ron and by ron’s orders directly givent to make Mayon run around the pole.

    Running around a pole for 12 hours and more a day , In the desert, it is of a great physical dammage and David Mayo had suffer a lot and lsaid he lost his teeth for loosing all his minerals.

    (You and I are presently thinking
    ..WOW it’s so abusive, cruel, it’s pure violence and insane..
    no on has to right to punis a man, only civil court and these type of punisment are forbidden – nut for a scientologist, that had gone through al lthe punisment he may even think, that Ron did it fot his making him a better human being..some talk about Stockholm syndrome..some think the mind has been implanted with cult doctrine about ab usive practices..anymay..)

    But Karen made these comment: quote:

    ” 1) David Mayo, after serving for decades became one the earliest targets of David Miscavige atrocities.

    He was made to run around a pole 12 hours a day. He lost his teeth. His body leeched the calcium out of his teeth because running like this involves sweating and mineral loss.

    He was spat on by Miscavige and made the target of unleashed wrath.
    This was 1982 when Demonic Miscavige was BLACK PRing David Mayo for all he was worth.

    As HH mentions “The darling of the psychs”.

    Miscavige was giving indicators of how out of control he was. He punched, beat and spit on a harmless quiet English SO member called John Axcel. The staff around did nothing.

    As he called the shots on Mayo ~~ the enforcing running around the pole torture ~~ INT base staff were in mutual ruds with DM and no one crossed him.

    While I worked at OSA (5 years late 1982 to 1987) Warren McShane had me got through David Mayo’s folders.
    I was stunned to read

    IN LRH handwriting that LRH was Furious at Mayo being enforced to run around the pole over OUT RUDS.
    He made a scathing comment about enforcing a pc OVER an ARC Break.

    Hubbard did not have the information of what was going with Mayo, ie. teeth falling out and so on. Hubbard did not know what really occurred til he saw the folder way after the fact.

    Hubbard was set up with a stream of lies and embellishment and false facts from Miscavige on Mayo.
    Miscavige is a Master at 3rd party and the destruction or attempted destruction of those around him.

    Miscavige controlled the line to what was fed to Hubbard. It all filtered through him. He concocted atrocious lies on Mayo, even claiming he stole $40,000 and based on these lies, Mayo was sent to the Running Program.

    I could write up everything there is to know on the infamous Running Program as I have read all the advices and End Phenomena.

    But that information is not the appropriate for this board

    In summary, the Running Program was supposed to jolt you out of a stuck point on the track.

    2) Miscavige has used it as PURE PUNISHMENT.
    It was used on Mayo as PURE TORTURE.

    It is a Drachonian Torture when ordered sadistically and without the agreement of the person.

    I was there. I ran around a pole 12 hours a day for months of my life.

    3) L Ron Hubbard was a paradox.

    Like every single human being he had a good side and a bad side. I do not defend any of the bad things he did.

    I had many a wonderful experiences with him.
    I saw a different picture than some people paint.
    As stated previously my Apollo time-track were the happiest days of my life.

    One can only speak FROM one’s own experiences. What is true for me is true for me. I saw goodness in Hubbard that way outweighed the bad. ”

    End of quote

    Is is known, by witnesses that LRH ordered David Mayo to be put on the special process to run around the pole! It is known, form peopla having seen the order, the Miscavige had the written order from LRH to do so and to spit on John , with he did, and was reported for being the first ”attack” on people witnessed.

    Some are refusing the evidences

    I was schoked by the fact that the emphasis made by Karen was on the fact that LRH was pissed of because Mayo had been made a trorute process till he became out’ruds…
    Yes…he became OU-RUDS…

    She has done this process, a lot of other Sear argh..and they think it was to make them better person..the that they run it 12.3 hours instead of 12.0 hours, and the pc came very upset at that time.

    We know that a cult enforcement is to make even the persone demanding ao aggree to punisment as the person think she or he deserves it and it is coming from the grat kind of the guru to apply it to make you better.


    I guess, some time it is so deeply installed that people are looking for this pattern as it represents ”home”..and they would recreate the church and a Leader…

    please, do not make hate comment on Karen or degrade her..I posted it as an example of a type of viewpoint. It is her, we have another..but viewpoints are not evolves,and hopefully a lot of ex-sea org or ex-scn can get the wole situation and the roots and sources of insanity and violence.

    My own ttruth now is that all the stuff she is now exposing is comming derectly from LRH insane mind -he designed th whole abuse situation, it is pure cruelty, and he choose some youg people with a fexible mind to train them to execute their orders..Miscavige has been hi best man. And all other agreed on this till it was their turn to be abuse to the extrême and was not of a funny spiritual game to elevate and fin power.

    Her is different..She holds Miscavige responisble of all the abuse and cruelty.

    And Marty’s knows the ”button” tech!

    It is said by great spiritual master that we all go back home,,we find ourr way ! I beleive it..when healing has been working deeply within, ..bring back one’s home- with truth and no more pain!
    That day, no more need for cults and guru of despair and need . no more illusion and dream of buying a bridge to freedom and power.!

    Only…to be!

  3. Armies are cults and we have seen their Leaders are just about the same than any cruel cult Leader.

    Ron made a ”copy – paste” of army system. and at least, he had to find ennemies, to fight, and cause to fight for…we like to be heroes!

  4. @OutofScn – re: Karen’s comment… wow, it boggles the mind. Something is RIGHT IN FRONT OF SOMEONE’S EYES and they refuse to see it. Amazing.


  5. This is what your dealing with (from Wrights interview with NPR about LRHs war record)

    “It’s hard to measure, because we’re dealing with a religion,” he says, “and people are drawn to it because of faith. And if it were simply a matter of reason, then one could put this [document about Hubbard’s service] down in front of you and say, ‘Here is conclusive proof that the founder of Scientology lied about his military record and lied about his injuries and lied about the fundamental principles out of which he created the Church of Scientology. But that may not matter to people who are involved in it, who may feel they are gaining something from their experience — either because they feel like the truths of Scientology enhance their lives or because the community of Scientologists that they live among is something like their family. So they intentionally shield themselves from knowing these types of things.”

    You might be able to get attention, especially if the FBI gets off their asses and puts some butts in jail, but I really don’t think your going to completely eliminate some peoples belief in LRH, this kind of willful blindness is part of the human condition. It keeps people in bad marriages, jobs, it creates an inertia that is hard to break.

    Even if you have incontrevertable proof that its all a con, there will be some who refuse to believe it. They would inevitably decide that while it started out as a con, that he had “accidentally’ hit on the truth..

  6. Caliwog,

    Even though I have been scn and S.O. , it also boggled my mind!
    I was sure that you would be schocked too!

    I had to re-read and re-read to make sure I read correctly!

    Paul Haggis said this week

    ”“I was in a cult for 34 years,” Haggis tells New Yorker writer Lawreence Wright. “Everyone could see it. I don’t know why I couldn’t.”

    This is what is a cult..
    When you are entrapped
    everybody knows but you!

    So there is a lot of scientologists concerned about that you are being tortured beyon your ruds……..this is what a lot of freezone and independant are concerned of… the ruds…see…you can save a tortured person by flyinf his ruds..Tom explained it in the video..only a scientologist can handle any situation. I guess taht the fact that ROn was on the Appole, he for sure, made a must that children from 4 years old locked ewithin the chain locker and crying for 2 weeks never went BEYOND OUT-RUDS

    Here is a definition of rudiments for public to understant that theese are small things of life you know of feeling good before a session, no attention on anything wrong, of feeling good to be audited!

    RUDIMENTS, 1. setting the case up for the session action. This includes ARC breaks, PTPs, W/Hs, GF or O/R listing or any prepared list. (HCOB 23 Aug 71) 2. the rudiments apply to present time and this universe now. They are a nowness series of processes. (SH Spec 31, 6205C13) 3. a rudiment is that which is used to get the pc in shape to be audited that session. (SH Spec 147, 6205C17) 4. the reason you use and clean rudiments is to get the pc in session so you can have the pc (1) in communication with the auditor and (2) interested in own case. The purpose of rudiments is to set up a case to run, not to run a case. (HCOB 19 May 61)

    So you can see the importance of ensuring a person is having her rudiments ”in” whn being to make sure she aggres on it, feel good, find a lot of affinity, reality, communication in torture…
    You see ?????
    Come on…don’t you see???????

    Anyway..Commission for citizens human rights will may be interested in that issue…. CCHR fake joke LOL

    Halleleluia scientology tech…halleluia Source…halleleluia freedom and power…

  7. Outofscn, thanks for the explanation. (Look, I acked your comm, like a good Scientologist! 🙂 ) I haven’t wrapped my head around rudiments and your explanation helps a lot. I think that’ll be my next subject of study.


  8. Rudiments, or ruds = anything that might prevent you from focusing on the watch swinging back and forth, oops – I mean the scientology counseling/auditing.

    Smart-assing aside, my simple explanation is that rudiments address life’s upsets – things such as a problem, an upset with someone or something, or something that you aren’t forthcoming about.

    Scientology has a standard rudimentary procedure which addresses these life upsets and gets them out of the way so that the counseling can go on with all your attention on the material being counseled, not life’s little ups and downs. “Rudiments” are not really supposed to “be the auditing” although they are the beginning of any auditing session, unless you walk into session “care and attention-free” (with a floating needle). (And, too much rudiments when not really needed create a horrible catch-22. This is apparently a current cos situation.)

  9. Guess that’s one reason everyone feels good after an auditing session. Even if the auditing session itself is BS, they’ve had a chance to get a little counseling on their existing problems. Just like a therapy session. (Heh, if only the Scientologists realized that!) Man, that Hubbard was one bright con man!


  10. Haze Goulden.

    I saw her name on ESMB, mentioned. I thought I should point out some rather interesting facts regarding Haze, just so that everyone knows who she is.

    Haze is from Australia and was in the SO, and was in Los Angeles at HGB. She introduced me to my first wife, Willow Jaffe.

    When she decided to take off from the the Sea Org I hunted her down in Los Angeles where she promptly made a huge scene and was declared suppressive within days.

    She went to authorities.

    When I went public against the C of S last year, I found and contacted Haze to get her to support my evidence about SO tactics. She refused.

    She stated then that her family was heavily involved with the Church and she would not speak out about it. More so, she would not confirm anything that happened in LA.

    She told me, that her SP declare was quote “lost” and seemed invalid. I call Bullshit, seeing as I wrote the declare myself and it was approved and issued in LA.

    However, the Church, needing her filthy relatives money, silenced the SP declare in Australia. I find it odd that Haze could not seem to recall some pretty serious shit, and refused to back my word to Xenophon.

    I should note the Church has been “shredding” SP delcares for a while now – not revoking them, simply “losing them”. If you want to know why, perhaps it because people under the age of 18 (messengers) have been writing offical documents that legally have consequence – the declares are official church orders, and if the public know that children, have been kicking adults and the like out of their religion, it may look bad to the Church.

    Haze Goulden’s declare, and I believe the Baker Declares were all hushed up. There are more. I declared more than 20 people SP before I was 18, FYI.

  11. “I don’t really remember” I have heard this stuff before.

    Marty seems to forget just about everything that REALLY happened in the Church, and I have spoken to others directly involved with the INCOMM massacre that actually forgot about it.

  12. It’s funny how non-scientologists get the scientology fast!
    (I am jealous
    @ Caliwog: Wow you are a futur great auditor – you got the ARC triangle and got the full coom cycle with a super acknowledgement
    Frankly you get it better that marty – Marty would not acknowledged my comm 😀 and I would find myself out-ruds.

    about out-ruds:

    Can you imagine
    being tortured, emprissonned, or forced to have an abortion, or to disconnect with your family, or unable to escape, or put in constant pressure to give all your money – nothing left to pay the mortgage, having cancer not being cared with proper healthcare, working 16 hours\day , sleeping 4-5 hours, smoking and drinking cofee all day round, not eating properly,

    and then NOT being out-ruds?

    This is the life of a staff, or long time public on OT’S or withnin Sea Org.

    A real follower found himself always out-ruds BECAUSE of being abused in scientology.

    So the situation is: You run around the tree for months..
    survived it but fall very sick, and Ron or the C\S is upset to find that , sitting to be audited (to free yourself from YOUR abberations) you are not having your rudiments in. You are upset
    Then be sure that if it happens a few days, that you come in session out rud – not sessionnable
    (usually , the registrar extorted you for few thousands of dollars before your session – but you should be happy as it is forthe grater good of the greater number of dynamics – including the new ”creativity dynamic)
    THen be sure that ROn or the C\S will be mad at you for not kkeeping yourself sessionnable.

    Then you feel bad -because you will be routed to ethics..

    You got it????

    This is processign inscientology and how you can become out-ruds when tortured.

    With Keeping scientology working nothing like that could have happened..
    your pc would be responsible and kept sessionnable because his ethics would be in and you would recognize his bad indicators…

    You get the common sense here????


    Do I want a scientology world all over the planet ?
    Hum…not sure…have to write my condition of doubt…lol

  13. >Can you imagine being tortured, emprissonned, or forced to have an abortion […snip…] and then NOT being out-ruds?

    What’s more amazing is that you can have all those things happening, and then get your rudiments in. And I’m sure you’ll convince yourself that you have your rudiments in and all is okay, because if you aren’t okay with it, the lie detector e-meter will pick that up, and you can’t get any auditing done, which is the whole reason you’re enduring all this shit.

    So you would have to convince yourself that all is OK.

    Exes, do I have this right?


  14. “Exes, do I have this right?”


  15. With the additional note that staff, especially Sea Org really RARELY get auditing anyway.

  16. i didn’t wanna steal paul’s thunder in any shape of form by giving any attention to mar-tay’s drivel, and so i held off, but i am relieved that in your next topic posting, you also clearly noted that marty spun his blog to turn it into an advertisement for some fake mega win that someone had as a result of his auditing. for god’s sakes, the bottom line “win” that guy had was simply another human being finally being honest and acknowledging that the doubts he had had for years were not just in his own mind. that was the win.

    you can cave that sort of “Win” when you are just a real, honest, human being.

  17. “Exes, do I have this right?”

    With the additionnal note that staff member AND Sea Org RARELY get auditing as the RARE auditors are used for public as their bring the GI in (gross income) .

    When you met an OT Sea Org or sure it has paid for it!
    Be sure it was long time ago…now the processin is about sec check and ceck check and seck check and special rundowns….
    It’s really bad, and makes anoyone out-rud, especially whien He is hurry to meet Xenu and to shake hand to his bt’s the his body his hosting. lol

  18. “They’ve [FBI] been talking to five ex-Scientology managers — and guess which Independent blogger, who claims to have evidence that will send David Miscavige to jail, isn’t among them?”

    My guess = MARTY.

    Truly a very BOTHERSOME and NOTEWORTHY overt of omission!

  19. Interesting indeed. Most execs have nothing to do with Personnel – that is left to HCO CMO IXU, HCO CMOI and Senior HCO International.

    People from these areas hold huge amounts of info – and of course the Legal Reps in OSA Int. The CO’s and other Execs actually do not know the nuts and bolts.

    The assumption the senior execs know anything is a false assumption. I ran the HCO CMO IXU for years which housed the International Personnel Office were every single person who went to Int had to go through – the CO CMO IXU had about as much clue as Barney Ruble and Exec Dir Int or any Inspector General as to what was in their files or who was coming.

  20. aaron, are you ever gonna make another video?

  21. I would consider a music video, with me and other homo-erotic men dancing around in Sea Org uniforms with dildos and some really funky music, sure. That’s what you meant, right?

  22. Um no, that’s not what i had in mind, actually.
    but you would be the star of your own video, so have it your own way.

  23. No more vidoes from me. Pointless.

  24. Aaron, I have a feeling we may have a mutual aquaintance who is ex CMO. I myself have never been part of CoS but my fiance was and I am trying to grasp a better understanding of what he went through, especially in his leaving. He is another one with very little memory of what happened whilst he was involved…

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