How to get back into Scientology’s good graces

We’ve all heard of Scientology’s dreaded Supressive Person Declare, the instrument by which Scientologists are excommunicated from the Church. (Check out Declares from 1972 and 2005.) Every SP Declare offers a way back in if, in LRH’s words, the person “comes to his, her or their
senses and recants.” So what, exactly, does an SP have to do to get back into Scientology?

Those are known as the A to E steps, and they are laid out in HCO PL 23 December 1965, ETHICS SUPPRESSIVE ACTS SUPPRESSION OF SCIENTOLOGY AND SCIENTOLOGISTS THE FAIR GAME LAW. Here’s what L. Ron Hubbard said to do – or specifically, what the HCO Secretary must do to/with the repentant:

A. Tells the person or group to stop committing present time overts and to cease all attacks and suppressions so he, she or they can get a case gain;

In other words, stop doing bad things (“overts”) and fighting the Church. Makes sense.

B. Requires a public announcement to the effect that they realize their actions were ignorant and unfounded and stating where possible the influences or motivations which caused them to attempt to suppress or attack Scientology; gets it signed before witnesses and published broadly, particularly to persons directly influenced or formerly associated with the former offender or offenders. The letter should be calculated to expose any conspiracy to suppress Scientology or the preclear or Scientologist if such existed;

That’s a long one*, but it’s probably the most important. You don’t just recant what you did; you have to write that your actions were “ignorant and unfounded” and explain why you did it, and if possible have a good conspiracy story. Talk about what influenced you; that identifies areas of “entheta” that your fellow Scientologists will know to avoid (and Church management may decide to attack). Sign it with witnesses to make it look official. Then the Church sends it out to anyone they deem to be affected by your behavior — perhaps fellow Scientologists amongst whom you may have spread doubt or who might have seen sense in your criticisms, or maybe people who may have been helping you to see the light (to show them their actions were for naught).

*That’s what she said.

It’s worth noting that the Catholic Church has a similar policy for those who are excommunicated; they get back into the Church by making a statement of repentance. The difference is that in the Catholic Church, it’s done privately in the confessional. In Scientology, it’s written, signed with witnesses, and distributed as the Church sees fit.

B(1). Requires that all debts owed to Scientology organizations are paid off;

They want your money ASAP in case they decide to kick you out again.

C. Requires training beginning at HAS at their expense if Division 4 (Training and Processing) will have the person or the group members;

You’re probably thinking “What ISN’T at a Scientologists’ expense?” but keep in mind that some Scientology staff members don’t pay for training. This ensures that they’ll have to spend their meager pay on Scientology services, which keeps them close to the flock and away from outsiders who might inadvertently talk some sense into them.

D. Makes a note of the matter with copies of the statement and files in the Ethics files;

Reminds me of my junior high principal saying “This will go on your permanent record!” except in Scientology, it actually happens. The organized Church loves shit like this, because if the person starts acting out again, they have your signed, witnessed affidavit to wave around.

E. Informs the Chairman at Saint Hill and forwards a duplicate of the original copy which shows signatures.

Ah, LRH, he loves him some paperwork.

So that’s what Church founder L. Ron Hubbard says you must do. But there’s more! This policy was revised in 1991, five years or so after LRH’s death. Let’s look at the changes made by David Miscavige and/or his management team (which, by the way, included Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder).

One item was added:

B2. May require that, subject to the approval of the International Justice Chief, an amends project suitable and commensurate with the severity and extent of the suppressive acts committed be completed before further A to E steps are undertaken;

The amendment goes on to say how the Church can demand that the “amends project” be preceded by proof that the person has show evidence of a “genuine ethics change,” and that “before the amends project may be considered complete, extensive evidence over a protracted period of time that the person has, beyond any doubt, ceased his or her suppressive actions, has created no problems for the Church or any member of the Church in any way on any line.”

In other words, they can drag the process on as long as they like.

In addition, Step C was changed:

C. Requires training beginning at the lowest level of the Bridge at their expense if executives in charge of training will have the person or the group members;

In other words, they have to start from the very beginning, which not only brings more cash into the Church, but gives extra incentive not to misbehave. (UPDATE: Please see Catfish’s first comment for clarification.)

These changes may have come in under Miscavige, but I bet LRH would have been so proud of his little protege!

So, anyway, now you know what LRH required to get back in Scientology’s good graces: Stop doing whatever you are doing that they don’t like. Write a declaration saying your actions were ignorant and unfounded, sign it with witnesses, and let the Church send copies out to the people you associated with when you were on their shit list. Pay up all you owe them, then get back into the fold and start paying for classes. Meanwhile, they’ll keep your declaration on file so that if you sin again, they can show the world that you yourself said you were acting stupid. The post-LRH changes allow the Church to drag this process on as long as they want, and they’ve decreed that if you come back groveling, you have to start your Scientology scam training from Square One.

See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?*

*That, unfortunately, is also what she said.


9 responses to “How to get back into Scientology’s good graces

  1. A moot point, but – HAS was starting at the beginning – a least as far as training. HAS was the communication course or/and Hubbard Apprenctice Scientologist course (IIRC). The first point of processing on the bridge was Life Repair.

    It was, is and will remain about money. Scientology is most interested in your money. If you are staff or SO – you are valuable in helping them make money. If you are public, it is about money – especially in present COS times.

    The ONLY interest COS had in me after leaving was to 1) get my “freeloader” debt paid off and then 2) have me be a paying public. The debt was paid (without my knowledge) but there was NO interest once it was determined that I wasn’t paying them more.

  2. Catfish, thank you for the clarification – I mistook HAS for an org.


  3. You’re welcome!

    The other thing I thought of after I hit “post comment” is that in CURRENT DAY COS the amends are also typically money “donations” of some sort – although certainly not towards your personal services.

    These are required “donations” for things like books, TWTH booklets, Stuper Power, etc.

    It no longer is just “wow I f’d up” do the conditions and get on with it. Is also is no longer sufficient to do something like recover someone else who had strayed from the fold as your “amends”.

    It’s money, money, money, money.

  4. LRH was an evil psychotic genius who created a net to catch all these people…. it makes me sick……. thanks for posting cali

  5. Has anyone heard about Martys comment on OT III not being required per an LRH advice “he saw”. Listen Independents and FZers, the only squirrel you have in you’re hands is Marty.

    Marty is a stone cold liar, and anyone who has studied Scientology and seen the FOs and ESPECIALLY RJ 67 knows he is telling a BIG lie. Nice try Marty, whats next? Will you re-write A History of Man to make it even slightly sane to a Heaven’s Gate follower?

    You know, a person who lies to both sides of the fence is a real cockroach even to Prisoners in the worst jail. You’re below low Marty, now I must go and scrap the scent off you from my boot – I can’t even make myself presentable in a pig’s sty with a wiff on you on me.

  6. The New Yorker article mentioned Marty saying something about LRH experimenting with not doing OT 3.

    Even as an X – I know that that is verbal, verbal, verbal – a hidden data line – and wrong, wrong, wrong. At least in the world of scientology tech and “Keeping Scientology Working”. This is not the first thing that I have heard (read) Marty say that he had “exclusive” knowledge of. It’s a clear violation of scientology.

    It would make no sense for Hubbard to say not do OT 3 – that is the meat of the OT levels from OT 3 on. The only thing I can think of is Hubbard revising the EP of 3 – which was supposed to be no more BTs (of course further OT levels go on to adddress and “handle” the “more BTs that you “have”.) However, Hubbard didn’t change it or drop it, so it is what it is.

    Let me toss out another possible reason why Marty might say something about Hubbard getting rid of OT 3… The COS used to deny that the data on OT 3 was what it was. They would flat out lie and say “nope, nothing like that in our ‘religion’.” The denial wasn’t just because they didn’t want to see the population start to free wheel and die of pneumonia (excuse the smart-ass in me), but the denial was because the intergalactic space opera stuff is not a hot button for sucking in the public. They can’t do that so easily these days. Well, they easily deny it or hedge around it, but anyone but a scientologist can just get on the internet and find the truth in hubbards own writing.

    So, perhaps Marty is throwing statements like that out so that the appearance is that even Hubbard was “gonna get rid of OT 3”.

    Just a thought.

  7. You can see on ESMB some Scio thinking people actually giving credit to Marty that it might be true – all based on rumor.

    If Marty was shown the advice, it was because he was shown it on purpose. I doubt the advice exists. Marty doesnt have a key to archives – he gets feed what LRH wrote like everyone else, and I know RTC had some nice handwriting experts come in to brush up on some of the writings of LRH.

    The bottom line is RJ67 is pretty darn clear, the FO on the SO being formed from the Galactic Federation is pretty fucking clear.

    But then comes Marty who simply says he has seen an FO.

    I would like to point out that Marty doesn’t provide documents – just opinion. The reason why he is given a red carpet to BS is because he was a senior SO member. Only Scios think like that – Senior = better/greater being.

    If Marty was to go for an evaluation, does anyone doubt he would be 100% certifiable insane? It genetically runs in his family, and I am not surprised.

    Just remember, Marty can cure cancer but not his own eyes (he wears glasses) or get off Cigarettes (yet he is cause). He is pretty lame, and lamer are the followers.

  8. It amazes me that all these people who decry DM for altering LRH’s writings are accepting verbal tech*. Unless… unless writing it in the newspaper makes it true!


    For the uninitiated: One rule in Scientology is “If it isn’t written, it isn’t true.” If you work in a Scientology org, you can pretty much ignore verbal orders. Everything has to be in writing. Creates lots of unnecessary work, although creating unnecessary work (“developed traffic” or dev-t) is also forbidden.

  9. Ah, one correction on verbal orders:

    All illegal orders and most messenger orders are all verbal. It is good when you do not want much traced – I recall only general orders being written and the important and day to day stuff was verbal. It is one of the thing Messengers get away with.

    P.S. when I serviced the RTC execs at FSO (for two years), I followed dozens of orders, not a single one was written.

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