Did L. Ron Hubbard practice “reverse Scientology”?

Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, and his followers have repeatedly accused Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige of practicing “reverse Scientology,” which they say is designed to ensure that people never get gains and that Scientology dies out.

I’ve never bought into this idea, insisting instead that David Miscavige is simply following in L. Ron Hubbard’s footsteps — y’know, one scoundrel following the instruction of another. But now it looks like I might have been wrong. Reverse Scientology exists – and it was invented by LRH!

I made this discovery in this article by Gerry Armstrong, which quotes from a 1956 bulletin in which LRH wrote:

“Great revolutionary movements fail. They promise unlimited freedom. That is the road to failure. Only stupid visionaries chant of endless freedom. Only the afraid and ignorant speak of and insist upon unlimited barriers.

“Fixed on too may barriers, man yearns to be free. But launched into total freedom he is purposeless and miserable.

“A race which is educated to think in terms of freedom only is very easily entrapped.”
— LRH, Professional Auditors Bulletin 84, THE REASON WHY, 15 May 1956

Okay, did you get that? According to LRH, complete freedom is a bad thing.

Ten years later, LRH wrote:

“Having had some time to think this over and having studied the matter with great care, I have isolated the most successful response to meeting any and all attacks on Scientology, its organizations and Scientologists and as of this date this becomes policy. ADVOCATE TOTAL FREEDOM.

“This is also the basic purpose of Scientology and the basic purpose of people, so it all agrees well.


The precise practice of Scientology obtains total freedom.” [emphasis added]

And so began Scientology’s Total Freedom bandwagon – despite that in LRH’s own words, “only stupid visionaries chant of endless freedom.”

I imagine the response from a Scientologist might be that LRH was constantly making new discoveries, and that new policies often replaced old ones. True – but the 1956 essay saying total freedom was a bad thing was incorporated in the book Fundamentals of Thought, and the passages quoted still remain as of the 2007 reprint (see for yourself).

So let’s get all this straight:

1956: LRH says that total freedom is a fool’s errand, and that a group that seeks complete freedom will fail and open themselves up to entrapment.

1966: LRH says that the goal of Scientology is total freedom.

So, basically, LRH turned his organization in the direction of pursuing something which will lead to ruin and entrapment. He instructed them to pursue something which he said cannot be obtained.

Isn’t that Reverse Scientology?


19 responses to “Did L. Ron Hubbard practice “reverse Scientology”?

  1. Wouldn’t using the term ‘reverse scientology’ imply that ‘scientology’ actually works?

    In the words of Jason Beghe “show me a F$#%^&* clear”!!

  2. Interesting quotes Caliwog.

    Marty may say DM practices reverse Scientology but there is a fundamental problem with this statement – Marty does not know what reverse scientology is. Marty is unable to take the courses of Scientology or auditing rundowns piece by piece and show you HOW it is reverse Scientology.

    There of course is an implication that every Scientologist in the world must therefore be also practising reverse Scientolgoy because per Marty, DM adjusted all HCOBs and HCO PLs to see Reverse Scientology applied.

    This also would mean all those people with success stories in Scientology today are winning from reverse scientology. How eactly does Marty answer that?

    He will not because he can not. Expect Balderdash and bamboozling words from him.

    LRH took many subjects and then said the reverse, this is why in a Scientology org when you violate a policy, you can always find another one that says you didn’t. Quite political actually.

  3. >this is why in a Scientology org when you violate a policy, you can always find another one that says you didnโ€™t. Quite political actually.

    And that’s what makes doing this sooooooooo easy! ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Caliwog, of course marty accuses DM of reverse scientology, if he doesn’t he has to admit the crap doesnt work, and never did, that it was all a pile of horseshit cooked up by a mediocre sci fi writer with personal charisma and a grifters talent of figuring out what people wanted and promising it…. on the next level.. for a price…

    and some believe him because admiting they spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to find out a stupid dead space alien story is too much for them to handle..

  5. It’s funny!

    There is not reverse scientology nor Black Dianetics …

    There is dianetic and scientology , and it it what it is from thousands of testimonies from former members who have gone into the the ”real” stuff about it.
    From the Appolo ship to the Int base ..
    for the child of 4 years old to the elderely
    goulags and suffering for decades ..
    this is scientology tradition ..

    no matter that Marty would like it to appear
    or us to beleive,
    it is what it is from what it produces

  6. Lurker, if those were the worst things Scientology did, I wouldn’t write this blog. ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. quote Lurker:

    ”and some believe him because admiting they spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to find out a stupid dead space alien story is too much for them to handle..”

    This is how I see the situation.
    You should see the eyes and body of a scientologist going through the stuff on internet especially from high exec he khew..
    The mind start to work fast..an then suddenly it frozes..it hit a wall…
    What will I beleive?
    This stuff or the scientology and miscavigde stuff???

    So…then you figure out all the years you were dedicated to save the planet , spend dozens or hundreds of thousands of dollars…the goal of your life..

    there..it take a lot of courage..some do not have the courage to dig an look the truth about LRH and the roots of his scn cult…some takes time to absorb the schock little parts at the time..some do not..they still dream of a bridge to freedom that you can buy…
    there sits the sin..and the illusion
    having beleive that THE FREEDOM could be bought and easily made available for the ”most valuable upstat people on the planet” as being POWER.
    This is really a tremendous MISCONCEPTION of what freedom could be or even ressemble to

    the ones that succeed to confront the mistake and make a reset of his mind and life find a great release and know that he\she has now a view to the whole blue sky..
    not only a tiny piece of blue sky ..
    through a window seat in hell.

    That take a lot of courage because it make suffering a lot to confront

    ( when I found about the BT’s and Xenu..I remember how I was shaken…then completely froozen…and then…I started a whole process .. to confront..every testimony reliable and available…as weel as the truth about LRH wich is pathetic as from insside the cult we had , before internet era, a complete other figure about he poor ill man.

    I sometimes have nightmares, and still running a tremendous grief within..even after many many years out of this cult – the child abuse is hurting me ..this is an example of the suffering to confront, and this is a challenge to self integrity)

  8. I think we have to rein in on the content of the belief. Sure, I have hit them up for how stupid the beliefs are, but here are some interesting matters:

    Christians actually believe there is an PT called GOD. And he has OTs called angels that are like human with wings that can travel through space to Earth – like aliens. They live forever like thetans. And then there is Satan, like Lord Xenu holed up somewhere with fire and brimstone…

    They are as much in non confront as Scios.

    There are differences however in Christians and Scientologists. I ahve seen many christians carry out their civic duties regardless of their beliefs whereas Scientology uses their beliefs to prejudice their decisions overwhelmingly.

    In this city there are even Christians that feed starving people and give them shelter. Scientologists do not do that.

    So what are the beliefs in Scientology that REALLY matter? Aliens? Or that people can be divided into separate groups, ones that are superior and those that are inferior. The inferior ones have no rights and the superior ones do.

    The other major difference is that Scientology offers councelling and medical treatment whereas other churches do not. We see people sit and study their belief and faith, whereas in Scientology they actively change your decision making abilities through active brainwashing that leaves Christianity for dead.

    In Scientology the evil is not their Alien beliefs, the evil is in the beliefs about what makes people tick, that there can be people of superior ability and thus superior treatment over others, and a few more.

    Isolating the true evil of Scientology will go beyond the pale. We have had worlds covered in religion, entire countries and still there were freedoms and advances, albeit not to the level we would like… but… in a country entirely controlled by Scientology you would see utter complete and total control and madness and nothing less.

    The idea of a world in scientology is a nightmare, like the SO on steriods, camps for the unfit (Camps to handle or eliminate because in a Scn world there is no Wog world to throw them into), camps for your children (Hitler Youth), and dictatorship (there is no democracy in Sea Org). The list goes on.

    On a micro scale you can spin Scn to sound reasonable like any religion, but on a wide scale, it is precisely like Hitler in his post war vision of the great sprwaling empire that would have followed his war if he had one with:

    a. A central government that can not be opposed .
    b. Elimination of inferior species, in Scn elimination of inferior thetans.
    c. Total requirement to subject yourself to the faith.
    d. Requirement to as a child be indoctrinated.
    e. Long work hours with no luxuries – all to the greater cause.

    LRH was no Hitler – LRH simply was not that smart. But given a hypothetical of alowing LRH free rein of terror – like he tried in Rhodesia, the insanity that can be seen is incredible.

    Here we have Marty and his followers opposing the Sea Org – yet this is precisely what LRH really wanted and strived towards. And so will Marty. Order. Submission. Obey. Control. Give all.

    Marty differs from other FZ movements in that most FZers are happy go lucky, audit however whenever, no plans to control the world.

    Marty has it all in his head, meglomania, he will make Scientology super powerful and he will make Scientology what it should be – so he is truly not like other FZers, he is utterly insane and has a blazing desire for world control.

    He makes other FZers like pretty darn sane by comparison and other FZers should stay well away from him. He will devour their memberships, and control them with his new Sea Org outfit.

  9. yeah Aaron, but finding out about God, and that Jesus was the product of a virgin birth doesn’t cost you a dime(you can even get a free bible) … Those things, like the alien story in Scio, are matters of belief and faith, the scummy part is that in Scientology you don’t learn the kookier parts of the story till you have given thousands of dollars to the church, thats just wrong..

  10. Has anybody noticed the decimation of ESMB?

    Most of the top posters from years ago, and some highly valued critics are now off the boards entirely.

    And yet, the pro-Scners who post in the wins categories and defend Scn are still all over the show.

    All the Sea Org had to do was have false info fed into the ESMB boards via Marty and other arenas and it has fallen greatly. I know Caliwog appeals to a more learned crowd and I doubt it will fall prey to this, neither does it have a membership or a posting board.. I guess I find the drama on ESMB very interesting.

    The board on ESMB is all about popularity, and in an insane institution I guess Scios win it hands down. Perhaps they should take some tips from WWP – except we found out recently that some things on that board look suspect as well.

    I used to have membership until I stopped going there on “theta” boards, this is where the people get off from ESMB etc. and go to a private forum, I would be curious to see what they are up to there. the are all into their “super-programs” to stop Scientology, but it doesn’t seem to have done a dent compared to WWP.

    I get the idea WWP has won the battle against the Church here in America. Scientology is the laughing stock now and memberships will not recover unless fo course they keep up their illegal immigration policies of having students come from Asia and marry people here while doing Scientology courses. Soon we have all Asian orgs, and that would be funny.

  11. I am a relative newcomer to the ESMB boards (reading for about a year). But I have been on other boards, in other venues for close to 20 years (I go back to the old Prodigy days)….
    I believe what your seeing is really the inevitable cyle of all message boards. people get together, petty (and sometimes not so petty) BS develops, boards split (didnt Emma make ESMB when she felt clambake wasnt for her?) and new boards form. Plus you get people who just kind of fall off over time.
    I used to post on dog breeding and showing boards for years, but my life changed, I started having kids and while I still have dogs, I no longer show or breed them. After awhile, I didnt really have that much to contribute to the boards anymore, and slowly fell off. I think your seeing in some ways a very positive sign, some posters who feel they have lives completely outside of scientology now, and no longer “need” a place to be understood, because their understanding is gained by their new reality, and they have dropped their scio speak so much that they can actually hold conversations with wogs (without us looking at them like their speaking Swahili)…

    I could be totally wrong, but wouldnt be surprised if some of the dissafected come back, some of the newly outs become more anti scio, and a new board or two is formed . .. Its the nature of the internet beast…

    Although I do think the rampant paranoia that this cult seems to foster has added an interesting dimension to board wars.
    I have seen people say that Caliwogs blog is an OSA operation, but if it is, he isn’t helping COS much, and even if he was, I really couldnt give a damn, its a public board, and so far I have seen any of my posts go missing. If they did, thats when I would quit posting..

  12. I totally agree on what you posted.
    I have been on board previously, not about scientology, and I have observed the same than you .

    I am also a lurker on ESMB, not member, for about one year and observed the same you mentionned.

    But since Alonzo requested to be permamently ban, following a 2 weeks ban,I lost interest. Emma admit that she can not stand to be ”attack” all the time about her integrity and goals, and that she takes the only advantage of being an adminsitrator, as to get rid of (ban) people that causes her problems.

    For a new ex-scn coming on a board, I think it’s one of the best.
    There is a tremendous amount of information and people can make friends and get helped, listen to, understand , geven a may to speak their mind.
    That is a very valuable board and everybody that founded and contribute to this should have no doubt that it have help lot of people.

  13. ok, caliwog. I blame you for this….

    I generally only check out Martys site if you have posted something I find interesting enough for me to go read it. But I saw on gawker that there is going to be a huge New Yorker expose tomorrow, so I went to Marty to check it out….

    He is already taking issue … wait for it…. because of DM throwing LRH under the bus to save his own ass, this expose is saying crappy things about LRH….
    That man is delusional… and I blame you, because I rarely read his BS (because he gives me heartburn)…

  14. Anyone see the stuff on esmb about the senate submissions in Australia? Crazy stuff. Because many of them were trying to control the submissions many exs that spoke out that had hard cases against the church didn’t even submit them.

  15. Haha Lurker. Yeah, I’m a bastard that way.

    I haven’t yet read the New Yorker article but I did read Marty’s blog entry. Of course, no one in their right mind could read LRH and decide he’s full of shit. No, it’s gotta be Miscavige’s fault.

    Note the bit where he mentions “all the blood and guts spilled.” He really means that. When he talked about Radical Scientology being like Radical Islam, he means it – I think he really does believe that what DM does is on a par with flying loaded airplanes into giant office towers. Maybe worse, because the 9/11 terrorists only destroyed bodies and sent the spirits (thetans) back to the implant centers, and they probably weren’t Scns anyway. But DM is turning souls away from the path to Total Freedom. So in his mind, it’s worse.

    How sick and sad is that? And you can blame LRH.


  16. Wow. Perhaps Marty should go travel abroad a little bit to get the flavor of other practices before considering the crime of altering Scientology to toher religions or practices.

    Such a comparison speaks volumes.

  17. Hey I just found the definition of reverse Scientology:

    “Scientology: It works”

  18. That’s a good one though ๐Ÿ˜€

    This is what buddhism call ”enlightment”

    Does Mary beleive himself when he talks about ”reverse scientology” and ”black dianetics” ????
    May be Mike can tell… or tell about ”reverse” OSA

  19. Perhaps later, after I am more awake, I will finally start my little exploration into the blatantly stated tricks in LRH’s writings. I’m not a Scn nor never have been, but have been researching and “watching” Scn for many years. In a nutshell, I have noticed ( or believe I have, hence the need to document it) that it seems like Hubbard did the following:
    First, make people think he was a genius for discovering (although he also says he _invented_) Scn. Second, blatantly put things/tactics/plans in his writings which essentially tell everyone what he is doing, like the above connection. Third, I’m thinking that he knew enough about people to rightly assume that people reading his stuff, and especially those who already trusted him, would conclude that not only is LRH such a wonderful guy for exposing such trickery, but nobody would believe that someone who exposes or broadcasts this information would ever actually do such things. Even moreso if the reader already sees LRH as an honest person.
    Think about it. Followers laud him for spilling the beans on controlling people or whatever, and because he did so, those readers “would now know” when this is happening to them; but LRH never would do these things, not only because he is a nice guy, but he wouldn’t do misdeeds which he himself wrote about, would he? That wouldn’t make sense, so whatever is going on “must not be the total freedom trap he talked about, it must be something, ANYTHING else!”

    Brilliant mindf**k, but it seems like the bulk of such bravado and brashness was in his early writings, and later ones seemed to be the manifestation of executing some of those ideas…

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