Aaron Saxton: Summing up Independent Scientology

Aaron Saxton is one of the more controversial figures in the protest movement, and while our approaches may differ, I find that he and I are in agreement on most of our opinions concerning Scientology. Aaron posted the following as a comment a few days ago, and it’s one of the best summations of Marty Rathbun and his Independent Scientology movement I’ve seen. Whether you like Aaron or not, I think you’ll appreciate what he has to say. Here’s Aaron:

Where Marty will fail to measure up is in the simplest of his stated goals and aspirations. Once his followers realize that he can not deliver, they will start to fall away – not all though.

Marty has buried himself a hole he can not logically get out of, and has adopted MLK philosophy to explain the lack of facts “On faith alone…” Once the glossy appearance of this statement wears thin, his followers will see some of the most obvious downfalls of Marty:

1. He states that [David Miscavige] has altered nearly all the tech – with this comes a subtle promise to restore it. Yet Marty is no more in possession of the “correct tech” than anyone else. He didn’t memorize all the alterations, had no access to archives to know the correct tech, and per his own statement received his “full understanding of the glory of LRH” upon the ship in 1994/1995. This is when the tech was severely altered. So on correct tech, he simply can not deliver.

2. Marty has stated he will show DMs crimes. But he hasn’t stated he would show the Churches crimes. Why is that? He wants DM gone and nothing more. The Church has many crimes, but DMs hands are very clean and he can not be tracked to any of it, DM made sure of that. The result is that Marty would have to take down the Church and indict himself and Mike Rinder if he goes to the authorities on any real crimes. There is a possibility of jail time – murder is open ended. The other aspect of this is that Marty may go to jail. So rather than tell media, John Travolta or Lisa’s family the truth, he won’t because getting DM to him is more important – and he wants the Church to survive. The other thing is that Marty has no data on any of DMs crimes because DM is a smart SOB and that is a fact.

3. Marty states he will get you real results with Scientology. He can no no better or worse than any FZ [Free Zone] movement – and he knows this. What makes him better? He is not in possession of the corrected tech, and he is no better at applying it than anyone else. I know Otto Roos, and Otto would eat Marty alive when it comes to tech. Marty is like a kid playing with a ball compared to the worlds greatest pitcher when we compare these two. Otto was LRHs personal auditor, literally created the L rundowns himself and was around personally with LRH so he knows the tech COLD and better than Marty could ever wish to. Sadly Otto is on OT XII and I can still see the biggest outpoint – NO FUCKING ABILITIES.

4. Marty wants his people to think he is the one to lead. But he isn’t for several reasons, a. He isn’t leading anything other than a rabble of followers. b. Marty can not even give straight information when asked, so he is of no use legally to anyone. If you are of no use legally then I guess his assumption is that postulating will stop DM.

5. Marty constantly points out that DM made everyone do everything evil. This is a plain lie. Every ex-Scio bar one or two up on the boards that confesses to being an asshole or having mistreated anyone blames the mindset they got from Scientology and almost none have ever met DM for more than 30 seconds. I guess this is like saying if Hitler never existed, then there would never have been any atrocities – or that if Hitler was assassinated, then the Concentration camps would have been shut down. It was not a man but an ideology computated with false reasoning and lies that got people to do what they did. Marty will have you believe the world can suffer from one man when logic and the ability to admit you were wrong can clearly show it is all about where 5,000 SO members learned to be assholes – LRH. Messengers are the popes of Scientology, closest to Ron and they were all pricks not because they were bad people, but that is because that is how they were taught – by confidential advices and orders from Ron that makes you an asshole. This is why DM got created and why he used Messengers to take over from LRH – LRH taught them well.

6. Lastly, Marty is a dictator. There is no democracy in Scientology or the Sea Org and Marty displays this clearly. He will not be part of a committee or put anything out there for a vote unless he agrees with it first. Marty is no more free of the horrors he experienced in the SO than most. He is a dictator trained, and he will act like one. No one is above Marty. He rules and you obey. Period.

Aaron Saxton

10 responses to “Aaron Saxton: Summing up Independent Scientology

  1. Once again Aaron, clearly seen, clearly reasoned, and clearly expressed. Well done, and I hope this post gets seen by a LOT of people, it will conteract the bullshite Marty is spreading.

  2. To quote the Who: “Meet the new boss – same as the old boss!”

  3. William Johnson

    Very accurate. Whatever ‘dirt’ Marty gives the 2.0 crowd, there is a shocking lack of ‘docs’. Anybody can post anything on a blog, all he has so far on his are posts of his own making, with not a shred of documentation to back it up. His followers are still in brainwash mode, and believe anything he tells them.

  4. Anyone seen Martys blog? another OLD leaked info” more than 6 years old. Yawn. Marty is still trying to stretch the stuff on Mikes Cell Phone out to infinity.

  5. I did see that, and I almost posted a comment saying “Who the hell cares?” but I’ve had enough comments Censored by Marty this week…


  6. Marty is giving hugs and cake to his followers. No meat and potatoes!

    LRH came with his design of how to enslave people and get all their money and blood! ”This is the meat and potatoes of scientolgy” to quote Marty.

    He selected his CMO to have his mind cloned into these children or youth bodies and to ensure a good takeover till he ”comes” back – next reincarnation flying to Trementia crop circles in it’s golden age of tech spaceship!

    Miscavige has been his best and most reliable executive..as he made the church build lot of asset and collect lot of of money , as Ron like too.

    He applied all of LRH tech to control people as RPF, violence, punishment, labour camp, ship of slavery, greed, disconnection, SP declare, fair game…..

    So..when DM is out..and if Marty get the leadership of the church..
    What will he do with LRH real original tech

    slave labour
    child abuse
    fair game
    sp declares
    parents rights denied
    Security checks


    If Marty is a nice a kind Dear Leader..it’s squirelling the tech…it’s not the scientology….

    AM I confused or mixed-up…I cannot make it fit in a logical issue into my mind…
    How your Reformed church will do with all these ”spiritual beleifs” forced into ”parisionners” as well as ”confessionnals” delivered as a security checks

    A reformed cult driven bay a dictator is a good thing to reform just from the viewpoint of another dictator in my mind.
    Would you ever think of a reform Nazi party after we would have got rid of goering

    “Naturally the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor in Germany. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders.

    That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

    LR oups..sorry …..Hermann Goering

  7. Excellent points.

  8. Marty has the right to set up his tent in the fair and read palms or tell fortunes. No different what he is doing now. Again as someone said, ” You can fool some of the people ALL the time” more then enough for him to make a nice living. Keep up the good work and exposing the false claims and abilities.

  9. nanu nanu beep beep

    good stuff. good blog.

    Keep on truckin’, Caliwog.

  10. Kind Leadership is not squirreling the tech, although it might be squirreling policy, maybe. There is WAY TOO MUCH identification of tech with policy. Not to mention lack of applying CORRECTION on the awareness characteristic chart to both policy and tech. I am also concerned about the monopolistic fascism that the Church presents itself to be. Without competition in a free market, neither standardness, workability nor fair market pricing can be expected. See:

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