Oops! Scientologists aren’t as dumb as Hubbard thought they were

Marty Rathbun has been using the term “radical Scientology,” a phrase intended to remind people of the “radical Islam” movement responsible for so many senseless and tragic deaths around the world.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds this in bad taste, but we can also find it in a policy written by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard:

“Associating the attacking group’s activities with reprehensible groups in the past by using familiar descriptive words will be found very effective. For example, if the word “white” has been made hateful to the public by some past criminal group we use “white” in our descriptive terminology concerning the group that is attacking us and whom we are investigating. “Psychiatric blood sports” is an example, blood sports being lately very much derogated.” — LRH, HCO PL 17 Feb 1966 PUBLIC INVESTIGATION SECTION

Unfortunately, like much of Hubbard’s technology, this doesn’t necessarily work. Case in point: this entry on Marty Rathbun’s blog, with a headline that promises, “Independent vs. Radical: More differentiation.” The blog entry has a lengthy quote from an LRH lecture which basically discusses whether mankind is a product of the physical universe or the physical universe is a product of mankind. Scientology believes the latter, and the quote goes on to say that if the Scientologist and his auditor don’t both desire more freedom, auditing won’t help the Scientologist come to that realization.

The quote is an interesting concept, to be sure, but it doesn’t really do much to differentiate Marty’s brand of Scientology from the Church’s. And you can tell by the lack of comments – around sixty. Most of Marty’s posts get a couple hundred affirmations from the flock, often more. Marty won’t post comments that say “What the fuck are you talking about?”, so when less than 100 chime in, that usually means the post didn’t even make sense to the faithful. (Don’t worry, Indies; this time, the problem isn’t you.)

According to LRH technology, this blog entry should have received lots of attention, because Marty used a descriptive word that is hateful to the public in his headline. The tech is never wrong, so the problem must be Marty. Were this an organized Church activity, since the comments stat crashed, Marty would have been sent to “cramming” to find his MU – the word in LRH policy that he misunderstood.

Of course, those of us who aren’t Scientologists know this is nonsense. This is a “filler” blog entry in which Marty cuts and pastes an LRH passage (really, Marty, you couldn’t even delete the extra line breaks between paragraphs?) instead of writing something of substance. It wasn’t well thought out, the headline has little to do with the subject matter, and using the word “radical” actually widens the credibility gap. But that’s what happens when you rely solely on LRH tech.

The bottom line is that people aren’t as stupid or gullible as LRH tries to tell us they are. Even Marty’s sheep don’t always respond like sheep.


8 responses to “Oops! Scientologists aren’t as dumb as Hubbard thought they were

  1. “The bottom line is that people aren’t as stupid or gullible as LRH tries to tell us they are. Even Marty’s sheep don’t always respond like sheep.”

    Well, let us take a closer look at this statement, Caliwog – is it stupidity, or the nature of humans to first trust people?

    Let us take a look at Sea Org recruitment for a moment. They target children – often the children of Sea Org members or Scientologists. Scientologists learn early on to treat children like “adults” and they are for the most part usually disconnected emotionally from their children. The Prefrontal lobes in a child are not fully formed, and the denial of emotion (or the outright near abandonement that SO members subject their children to) results in children that develope mechanisms to disconnect from emotion because it has no survival value. Your adults still have their pre-frontal lobes growing and as a result are unable to compute reasoning as well as adults and more importantly, see a dupe when it is coming.

    This is why you can recruit young men into the Army or Navy – and especially the Sea Org – but you will have FAR less success with adults.

    Children are gullible because they have not learned enough yet and also do not have the capacity to tell lies from truth – they rely on adults greatly for guidance.

    Where you have Scientology parents or Sea Org members as parents, be prepared to undergo creating locked neural reactions that will forever make you appear to be socially inept, and incapable of creating meaningful and worthwhile relationships.

    There are exceptions, but go to ESMB sometime or on Marty’s blog and listen to what they say. I have heard the same statements, the denial and refusal to see what is real and logical from traumatized children. There is an assumption that as adults they will change – they do change, and with that change comes locked-in behavior.

    A brain is an incredible tool that totally controls the outcome of the individual. How it is effected by genetic construction (minor) has everything to do with what it undergoes, sees, experiences and thinks (major).

    I guarantee Marty Rathbun if raised in Afghanastan would probably be muslim, and would be offended by the presence of Scientology. Scientology was never a free choice he made, and he is going to make damn sure those that follow him go nowhere else but right into an auditing chair – nothing less is blasphamous.

    DM screwed him well, but not as good as LRH.

    Right now, Marty is a tool for the Church – just as DM predicted Marty would become. Make no mistake, DM saw this action by Marty coming a mile away. And by a mile away I mean 15 years ago.

    In a video I did last year – perhaps December 2009, and in follow up posts, I outlined what Marty would do – and he has done this to the letter. At the time I came under attack for critizing Scientology and mistaking Marty’s good intentions. No such luck to my critics, I know what Marty went through and I know what DM created – a tool. And a tool was made for one thing – to be used.

  2. William Johnson

    I cannot wonder if we are not kicking a dead horse. $cientology can claim maybe 40,000 members worldwide. There are maybe 20,000 in the US who self-identify as $cientologists.
    Marty and his crew number maybe 50-60? Based on the posts on his blog that is about all the discrete members I see.
    With 20,060 members, lately I have wondered what the hell? This is no more than a drop in the bucket. We have more transsexuals in the US than we have $cifags. We have more out of work sports referees than we have $cifags. They dont/can’t have enough people to fill a medium sized football stadium.
    I don’t know any more, if it is even worth fighting such a bunch of losers.
    They can buy all the second-rate real estate they want, really what kind of threat are they any more? I am going to visit Trementina and SEE what they have.
    I go through these stages from time to time, maybe I just need to take the time and recharge.

    Thanks for letting me vent Mr/Mrs Caliwog

  3. William, I have that same feeling sometimes. And sometimes one does need time to recharge. But then I remember that no matter how small the numbers are, people are still getting hurt, and even one is too many. If your son or daughter was just one person in Scientology, wouldn’t you want people helping?


  4. I agree with you both.

    It would be nice thought to see Scientology gone totally.

    It is still a medical practice masquerading as a religion.

  5. ”radical scientology” it makes me laugh

    Scientology does not have a ”radical” branch or radical leader

    IT IS a radical organisation , designed to be so as any cult .
    IT’s ”sacred scriptures” are the proof
    Soure is Source…cause is cause..effect is effect…

  6. just happened on this other blog, and the comments made me laugh…
    caliwog probably referred to this already…but, just sayin’.

  7. That’s the one that I refer to as myfavorite church-backedMarty h8r site.”What’s funny about that site is they say the exact same things about Marty and the Indies as Marty and the Indies say about DM and the Church.


  8. it is so ridiculous.
    what is interesting about some of the comments that sound like they are coming from the types of scn who probably did get in for good reasons, initially…. that they are grappling with the whole ethics ball of wax, and thinking a little. i think one tough thing for them is to grasp that probably their own personal ideals are actually higher than the church that they are connected to, and while some activity that actively does go on, would be abhorrent to them -that is to say that they would not personally do the sorts of really dirty, underhanded things that their corporate leadership, under LRH, condones and actively participates in.
    having said that, i find all of it to be terribly boring, really.

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