The censorship continues!

I had yet another comment censored by Marty Rathbun. I added it to my Censored by Marty™ section, but I thought this particular one merited its own blog entry, because it illustrates (yet again) how Marty and the Independent movement are trying to re-write history.

I was responding to Marty’s post Gnats and Losers, in which Marty claims a Church member came to his house to harangue his wife and she chased them away. Marty says that during the years he was in the Church supporting David Miscavige:

“We also didn’t have years of virtually all Scientology resources engaging in forcible, life ruining extortion for the most OFF POLICY, OFF SOURCE, and destructive anti-Scientology programs imaginable.”

I quoted that and responded:

“Wait a second, Marty – weren’t you working for the Church when Mark Bunker had people picketing his home and giving flyers to his neighbors saying he was a religious bigot? Remember, Mark had videotape running ( And what about Paulette Cooper? Wasn’t LRH at the helm when that little bit of mental torture took place?

“Oh, and speaking of Mark Bunker… you guys really should always have a video camera at hand.

“I’m sure you won’t post this comment, Marty – don’t worry, I’ll run it on my site 🙂 – but good on Mosey for chasing these guys down. Despite my disagreements with you, I still think the Church’s harassment of you is despicable. You may or may not believe this, but I despite the Church just as you do, and their behavior towards you (and others) is one reason why.

“ML, Caliwog”

As I expected, my comment was censored. Apparently, inconvenient truths still count as entheta!

To be honest, I’m not 100% sure whether to believe Marty’s story, though I’m hesitant to accuse him of making this stuff up because it makes me sound like a slimy Church lackey. And we’ve all seen the creepy airport spy video posted by the Church (labeled as an anon), so we know Marty’s being followed. Still, reports of harassment against Marty’s wife always rally the troops – especially after a nonsensical post that doesn’t get many comments – and one wonders why there is no video or a shot of the guy in the first photo getting into the car. And Marty isn’t exactly known for his honesty; LRH did advise his followers that it was OK to lie (or tell an “acceptable truth”) for PR purposes. Regardless, I have no doubt that the Church has been sending people to harass Marty, Mike and their wives, and I stand by my statement that such behavior is despicable and wrong.

Remember, if you have a comment that gets Censored by Marty™ be sure to add it to our collection. And whenever you think that Scientology can be reformed by high ranking ex-members, just remember… leopards don’t change their spots.


11 responses to “The censorship continues!

  1. Another example of idiocy on ESMB. Someone posted a thread about whether or not there are any studies about the workability of Scientology. The actions performed in Scientology precisely have been covered in more than several hundred books.

    This is the exact thing people trying to help ex’s face – the willingness of these ex’s to search the internet to find tid bits of info, but a complete lack of willingness to go out, buy proper books and learn the subject that scientology purports to know so well.

    If they did read these books, then they would not be asking if there were any studies – because they would know already that it has been studied, documented and researched extensively.

    The problem on ESMB is that there glass is half full for opinions, and totally full for knowledge.

    Then there was another post about what is a Scientology win? Well, if they knew the subject matter of what Scientology is purporting to be, then they would know precisely what a Scientology win is.

    What do you think Caliwog? Do you see how well Marty manipulates this total lack of knowledge in his followers and exploits it? The ultimate thing here is information control – and Marty like Scientology and the ex-Scientologists while not being bound to this manipulation, are manipulating themselves to not seek the true information. Hell, they do not even go ask an expert where to start, they ask the lost how to find the way out.

  2. I think I agree. LRH wrote so much that it’s difficult to read it all, and I think Marty exploits the fact that many of his followers haven’t read the green volumes (my primary area of expertise, as it were) which is where the scam is laid out in black and white (well, actually, in green and white). And I do believe that Marty takes full advantage of it.

    My favorite is when he writes a post that makes no sense to anyone. You can tell by the lack of comments — just the few automatic “Marty, that is sooo theta!” No one says “Dude, WTF are you talking about?” Of course, if they do, I’m sure those comments never see the light of day…


  3. William Johnson

    Looking at this whole thing as an outsider, I can see how Marty is playing his audience, but to what end? There are but few possibilities.
    1. He really is working for DM, uncovering and identifying those who may be threats.
    2. He wants to REPLACE DM as king or whatever of the cult.
    3. The delusion/brainwashing is complete, and he thinks he is the new messiah.

    The lack of cult legal attacks against him puzzles me. This is something that is doctrine to them, why have they left him alone? It cannot be that he ‘knows too much’, what little tidbits he posts on his blog are unverifiable histpry, for the most part. Why does he never post docs?
    Too many questions, no answers.

  4. I agree with William Johnson. Either of these 3 goals/motivations work and match his actions. Any 3 of these is worth ensuring he does not succeed. He is simply trying to pull off another David Mayo and get his own group together and make a fortune. And Marty has the internet and David did not.

    We are simply viewing one of many many dozens of off-shots of Scn. And the C of S love it because only their burned out, worthless members that wouldn’t give them a dime go to these movements. And, as several bonuses they get:

    a. Their trash taken out.
    b. Knowing who their enemies are without having to do anything but watch.
    c. Sell them more books and emeters – you see, the FZ movement in all its forms still uses Scn books and materials and the Church still makes money. And finally;
    d. They get more people out there spreading Scientology and hopefully some of those they get to who would otherwise not get to a Church, may actually now do so.

    The C of S needs the FZ movement to resurrect Scientology when it starts to get banned.

  5. I loved what happened at the Golden Globe Awards.

    Ricky was very funny. the point Mark Baker on ESMB (because he thought Ricky was hitting at the sexuality of JT and TC) is not that, he is pointing out that they are hiding their sexuality whereas most others are out with it.

    I have never seen anything to prove to me that Tom Cruise was gay. I never saw any indicator of that the whole time I was there, and there was a family connection via my wife.

    John Travolta on the other hand, I saw the data on him. He swings it both ways and I can tell you, he liked a bit of cock up his mouth as much as he liked the coke up his nose. He sure had a great time in the 70’s. Pity about the Church holding it over his head, each to their own though.

  6. what really saddens me is that John Travolta gets occasionally reminded by others he doesn’t know that they have the dirt on him – little does he know that it is the Church giving these people the information.

    You see the Church always “runs to his rescue” and JT actually thinks the reason why it remains a secret is because of the good work of the Church. JT obviously doesn’t watch TV because just about everyone considers JT gay as you can get.

  7. >The C of S needs the FZ movement to resurrect Scientology when it starts to get banned.

    Agreed. And that’s why we need to keep making noise, so that people know tht the Freezone, Indies, etc. really aren’t a whole hell of a lot different than the organized Church of Scientology.


  8. Point 1 is too far-fetched!
    Point 2 maybe, but not very likely!
    Pont 3 is closer to home, because cult behaviour is weird!
    L. Ron Hubbard’s Bolivar policy; The Responsibility of Leaders is not written in a civilized vein, or mood of mind to say the least. Why have not Marty shown any reflection upon that? If L. Ron Hubbard aimed at “a world without war and criminals, where the able can prosper, and honest people can have rights”, etc, why did he writ such an afoul anti-social policy in the first place in total disregard for in example the Clerk Simson’s rights? Why didn’t he writ something more civilized, with in example Thomas Jefferson in mind, which ordinary people can feel more at home with? In stead, he had Simon Bolivar the Conqueror of Land in mind, and even described his mistakes etc, but it makes sense if “The Aim of Scientology” was only his social veneer, but his real agenda was to conquer the Mind of Man!

  9. William Johnson

    I must agree with aaronsaxton, it would appear that the followers of m&m are pretty much ‘used up’, collectively they have given hundreds of thousands if not millions to the cult. They have seen the light as far as $cientology goes, but Marty may be able to extract ‘a little’ more money from them, via the ‘kinder gentler’ $cientology 2.0. He has a more modest lifestyle (for now) and their smaller donations can keep him from having to get a real job. Just read any three posts there and it is painfully obvious that they all have their $cientology brainwashing firmly in place.

    Can you imagine being one of his ‘followers’ and reading your posts say 5 years from now? If you are truly ‘out’ you would be embarrassed to death by those posts.

  10. Where Marty will fail to measure up is in the simplest of his stated goals and aspirations. Once his followers realize that he can not deliver, they will start to fall away – not all though.

    Marty has buried himself a whole he can not logically get out of, and has adopted MLK philosophy to explain the lack of facts “On faith alone…” Once the glossy appearance of this statement wears thin, his followers will see some of the most obvious downfalls of Marty:

    1. He states the DM has altered nearly all the tech – with this come sa subtle promise to restore it. Yet Marty is no more in possesssion of the “correct tech” than anyone else. He didn’t memorize all the alterations, had no access to archives to know the correct tech, and per his own statement received his “full understanding of the glory of LRH” upon the ship in 1994/1995. This is when the tech was severely altered. So on correct tech, he simply can not deliver.

    2. Marty has stated he will show DMs crimes. But he hasn’t stated he would show the Churches crimes. Why is that? He wants DM gone and nothing more. The Church has many crimes, but DMs hands are very clean and he can not be tracked to any of it, DM made sure of that. The result is that Marty would have to take down the Church and indite himself and Mike Rinder if he goes to the authorities on any real crimes. There is a possibility of jail time – murder is open ended. The other aspect of this is that Marty may go to jail. So rather than tell media, John Travolta or Lisa’s family the truth, eh won;t because getting DM to him is more important – and he wants the Church to survive. The other thing is that Marty has no data on any of DMs crimes because DM is a smart SOB and that is a fact.

    3. Marty states he will get you real results with Scientology. He can no no better or worse than any FZ movement – and he knows this. What makes him better? He is not in possession of the corrected tech, and he is no better at applying it than anyone else. I know Otto Roos, and Otto would eat Marty alive when it comes to tech. Marty is like a kid playing with a ball compared to the worlds greatest pitcher when we compare these two. Otto was LRHs personal auditor, literally created the L rundowns himself and was around personally with LRH so he knows the tech COLD and better than Marty could ever wish to. Sadly Otto is on OT XII and I can still see the biggest outpoint – NO FUCKING ABILITIES.

    4. Marty wants his people to think he is the one to lead. But he isn’t for several reasons, a. He isn’t leading anything other than a rabble of followers. b. Marty can not even give straight information when asked, so he is of no use legally to anyone. If you are of no use legally then I guess his assumption is that postulating will stop DM.

    5. Marty constantly points out that DM made everyone do everything evil. This is a plain lie. Every ex-Scio bar one or two up on the boards than confesses to being an asshole or having mistreated anyone blames the mindset they got from Scientology and almost none have ever met DM for more than 30 seconds. I guess this is like saying if Hitler never existed, then there would never have been any atrocities – or that if Hitler was assassinated, then the Concentration camps would have been shut down. It was not a man but an ideology computated with false reasoning and lies that got people to do what they did. Marty will ahve you beleive the world can suffer from one man when logic and the ability to admit you were wrong can clearly show it is all about where 5,000 SO members learned to be assholes – LRH. Messengers are the popes of Scientology, closest to Ron and they were all pricks not because they were bad people, but that is because that is how they were taught – by confidential advices and orders from Ron that makes you an asshole. This is why DM got created and why he used Messengers to take over from LRH – LRH taught them well.

    6. Lastly, Marty is a dictator. There is no democracy in Scientology or the Sea Org and Marty displays this clearly. He will not be part of a committee or put anything out there for a vote unless he agrees with it first. Marty is no more free of the horrors he experienced in the SO than most. He is a dictator trained, and he will act like one. No one is above Marty. He rules and you obey. Period.


    And on a final note, in the last 45 days I have had more than 15 requests for friendship on Facebook from ex-Scios that are all in Marty’s camp. I only ever met one that was in Marty’s camp – Shiela Huber, and guess what, she wants Scientology out there, and worst of all, she is a professional Tarot card reader who actually takes the shit seriously. REALLY Seriously, knows them inside and out – but couldn’t write a chapter on the brain. And she is called “Gottabrain” on her screen name – kind of ironic. Should be “Wannbrain”. Marty sure has the glam and glamor of nut-jobs in his wing, that’s for sure. Careful Caliwog, you are what you eat and if you read too much Marty, that’s a diet of nuts and berries you may want to stay away from. Remember, Marty though Battlefield Earth the movie would blow the lid off of dissemination lines, it is now up for worst film in 50 years award. So Marty’s tastes are all to clearly foul.

  11. Aaron Saxton I am a NZ citizen currently living in Auckland I victim of a major human rights scandal in this beautiful country of ours. It involves many very high profile people and I am under threat not to expose it. Unfortunately I have no ability to have a much owed life here, having all my basic human right withdrawn in attempt to denigrate and discredit me. I am concerned for my safety and wellbeing and despite the appropriate people being informed of my plight few have the courage to offer help. I note your determination over Scientology issue and wonder if you may offer some help exposing this story. I am being prevented from using usual means and there is an overt breaking of many laws and rules to obstruct me.Please make some enquiries. My name is Alison and am currently found at 4 McMurray Road, Newmarket , Auckland. Sorry cannot provide further contact as unsecure

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