Some sensible sentences on statistics

It’s not often that it happens, but it does happen: Marty posted something on his blog that I agree with.

In this case, it’s an article from one of Marty’s colleagues on how and why the Church is lying about its statistics. Nothing ground-breaking but well worth a read. You’ll find the article here: Statistics (you can scroll past the all-caps nonsense that Marty tacked on; the meat in the sammy is under Nanook’s byline).

For those who prefer not to visit Marty’s site (and don’t know how to use a proxy server), I’ll summarize: There are statistics established by L. Ron Hubbard that every Scientology organization must report to Scientology HQ. They include gross income, book sales, and sales to new customers. (And you think LRH didn’t design Scientology as a money-making venture? Hah!)

Anyway, the Mother Church knows all these stats, and yet if you watch any of their gala videos, they present the flock with ridiculous statistics like the weight of LRH books donated to libraries or the number of words in LRH taped lectures translated into Swahili. The only logical explanation for this is that the important stats – the ones LRH hisself said to keep, and the ones we know are reported to Scam Central every week – are in the dumps. If any of the real stats were growing, Scientology would be screaming it from the rooftops.

As we see from both the Church and the Independents, Scientologists seem to thrive on bullshit. I had a guy once tell me that Scientology’s stats went up after the 1991 Time Magazine article. They listen to the lies and clap on command, just like LRH taught ’em.

Anyway… I recommend reading the original article, and good on Marty for running it, even if he did have to tack on an anti-DM pre-ramble that has nothing to do with the subject at hand. (Oh, and I posted a positive comment – we’ll see if it gets posted or censored.)


Update: Yep, my comment made it!


4 responses to “Some sensible sentences on statistics

  1. William Johnson

    When the only information you are allowed to get is bullshit provided by the cult, and your brainwashing is complete, I guess you will believe anything.
    Maybe those ever-smaller ‘events’ that cwazy widdle Davy puts on are simply tests to see how much BS the membership can take!

    Thank Xenu for the internet!!!

  2. Do not accept that the absence of a reported statistic means it is a failing statistic. That too, is an assumed fact when it is not.

    The GI from all sources combined may factually be higher than it has ever been. I “heard” the book cycle dragged $400 M off the public. How much did the idea orgs take? How much did other royalties for their drug pgms and overseas license pgms bring in?

    Laugh all you want, but the bottom line says that with all the property they are buying, they are buying it because they have shit loads of money.

    In 1996, Worldwide income from all Orgs and missions hinged on about $250 M per annum, with FLB bringing in 50 M.

    Gravy out of that was FLB per annum 40M, and the other orgs and missions 65M. thats $100M gravy. On top of that ASI sales were something and donations were another. I dont know those stats.

    Now, if they pulled in 400 M for the books, and 90 percent of that is gravy, then in one year they managed to get $360M – thats 3-4 years normal income.

    On top of this the ideal prg pgm, and then IAS and ASI on top of that…

    I would not assume anything. Do not let the glee of your desire to see then fail cover up one important thing – you do not know their stats plain and simple and you’re assuming that they are down – you don’t fucking know!

    While people are laughing at the stats they report – only an idiot thinks that this means the other stats are not worth reporting.

    Meaningful stats might be number of staff members, number of sea org members, number of public walked in, what about event attendance? – but no one gets these stats and despite their being so many protests and ergo ‘protestors’, no one seems to be able to stand there with a clicker and actually count the number of staff.

    Before WWP, or anybody else can really call themselves a success at bringing Scientology down, they had better fire off some cool as shit sounding stats and I have seen NONE.

    Until then…

  3. And by the way, CMO IXU collated every worldwide stat before posting them to int – it was done by myself personally for over 2 years. I know they were manipulated when they went to Int, but I saw the “clean” stats which had a margin of error of -3%. That is why I have posted before asking for staff numbers but no one gives them – I would be interested.

  4. Wow. I just got an email from an independent in australia with a lot of accusations within the communication. Seeing as enough time has passed, I guess it is fair and reasonable to tell “all” about what happened in Sydney with the attacks against the church. and to bury the absolute BS lies being run around about the money, the cases against me and my stance.

    When I met Xenophon I told him that there was a unique connection between me and the Church – a connection I was not willing to 100% reveal (don’t worry, it is not good for them or me). I told him in no uncertain terms that out of all the critics coming forward, I would be attacked with prejudice, and this would include very real falsification of evidence, being followed, having PIs on me, false evidence planted and without a doubt, I would be locked in the courts against the C of S for years – if I went and remained public.

    He at that time was certain that they would not do this to me due to the publicity. I explained again to him that he could forget about it, that I would not go public unless I had special protection – especially legal protection. After some debate, while he didn’t think the Church would go after me and single me out, he agreed to provide all the protection I asked for.

    After the airing of the media and his announcement in Australia, I returned to NZ. The Churches response was quick. While they did not file any charges against anyone else, within 4 days in New Zealand the police were approaching me in regards to Extortion claims filed by the C of S in Auckland, NZ. These are serious charges – and could land me in jail as they had provided false and misleading statements to the police – but who has the money to fight these things?

    I contacted Xenophon’s aid, Rowan. He could do nothing. I asked about all that protection he promised – none forthcoming unless it got physical or really bad. How bad does it have to be – I have extortion charges with a potential jail term. I spoke to the police and Mike Ferris and the police withdrew the charges after I produced a taped interview with Mike Ferris that he had at my residence three years earlier that he never knew I had kept. It was not enough to get him charged with falsification of evidence, but it was enough for the police to demand more precise details from Mike Ferris before proceeding which he of course could not provide.

    I then went to Sydney.

    There, the church opted to not go to court with anyone in WWP – although they had been up their ass for months – or anyone else who went public. But they went after me.

    First was the AVO against me from Sue Hunt. It was false. It contained outright lies – the Church knew legal aid was free in Australia but legal aid DOES NOT cover AVO (Retraining Order) cases. They knew this. Also, breach of it contains an automatic sentence – if they were willing to lie int he evidence, then they certainly after the AVO was issued would make up false evidence to have me jailed.

    I again went to Xenophon and Rowan, his aid. “All the help you needed” turned into, “we can get you legal advice, but not representation”. To this they added “This would be the only once-off time the C of S will try this.”

    Knowing this, I was left to go to court BY MYSELF against Sue Hunt. I managed to get the Magistrate to agree to not issue interim orders and to allow it to go to another hearing later.

    At this point I exploded. I asked “Where is the protection promised???” Nothing happened. I was angry.

    Following this I get a call from New Zealand. PIs had forced their way into my moms pensioner flat and demanded answers about me. She was terrified. She was back in NZ of course.

    I contacted Xenophon and asked for that protection that was promised to my family. NOT A GOD DAMN THING. CANT HELP YOU, “SORRY” was what it all amounted to.

    Then, the Church launched ANTOHER attack, this time form Cyrus Brooks of the C of S, and so ANOTHER AVO arrived.

    I contacted Rowan and Xenophon again and pleaded with them telling them they will have me in the courts for decades at this rate.


    An independent then suggested and started to raise funds for me – it was the 11th hour. 2 days before the AVO and I had no representation.

    Then boom, 1 DAY (like that is any time to prepare) I get a call from someone else involved who stated they had a lawyer who would be there for the AVO hearing.

    I go to the hearing with them. They tell me they heard funds were being raised and because he was a $5000 per day lawyer, he would in good craciousness take ALL the money raised and would see this case out. I asked “What about the other case???” Sorry, can;t make any agreements there was the word from him.

    I went back to Xenophon and Rowan – “So where the hell am I going to get a lawyer from to cover the other case??” Sorry, can’t help there – I was told that with al that I had been let down on, that they somewhow saw getting a lawyer for “free” who then wasn’t “free” ONE DAY before my SECOND hearing was somehow keeping with their word. What about my family? What about the PIs in my mums flat? What about the guys following me around the place where I was staying waiting for a chance to plant drugs or whatever????

    NOTHING. Finally Channel Seven aired the evidence I secretly had against Sue Hunt that proved she was lying.

    They did not withdraw the case – they simply did not turn up for it, knowing money and time had to be spent going there with my legal team.

    Then another lawyer had to be obtained for the second AVO and appear for the Cyrus Brooks matter. Council was obtained – actually this lawyer defended the later hearing for the Sue Hunt Matter. Payment was made.

    The rest of the case was again “funny that” going to cost many thousands of dollars.

    I got harrassed by some indi’s in australia because they said “Oh it should only take a few hours for a lwyer to handle it” and cost “nothing more than a couple of grand” Bullshit bullshit bullshit.

    Then I got the call I dreaded, one of the police officers at the station contacted me – knowing these AVOs were BS, to tell me, to give me a heads up that there WAS ANOTHER AVO being compiled and the police were looking into preliminary approval for it.

    I didnt tell Xenophon about that one. Again I emailed and asked, “So where is all this protection????” The answer – We can’t step over the lines, because that would look like we are siding with you.

    I got fucking betrayed, and I left the country – or be stuck there with probably 5-10 court cases by now.

    If people with real info and real ability to disrupt the Church are going to come out and make the church pay, and they are going to get promised “All the protection in the world” by Senators, and then not get it, then I say to you it is better not to come out at all.

    If I had legal council from the day go protecting me and backing me all the way, then there would never have been a last minute appearance by a solicitor at the court house, no sole appearances by me (it is a miracle I didn’t get the interim orders issued against me and that I am not in prision right now), and Sue Hunt would be in Jail herself right now because I would have had a solicitor to file false evidence charges against her – and possibly some execs in SO ANZO would be in jail from that, too. What about the attacks on the WWPers? I TOLD Xenophon and Rowan we could expect this – again I was lied to and told we would ahve all we needed.

    When finally TWICE WWPers were attacked I asked – “Sorry, cant help” followed. These guys were hit for gods sake – if I or anyone else touched a hair on them, we would have been jailed.

    Xenophon had the gaul to tell me I would have everything I needed to tell all, and then he withdrew it. It was his fight to lead, and he let me and others down.

    Congrats on what was accomplished, but rather than sitting here with Sue Hunt in Jail, Sea Org execs in jail for filing false charges, Mike Ferris in Jail,members of public in jail for punching protesters, they ALL get off free and are still there to this day.

    It could have been a killer blow with real convictions. But no, not so. Because the Senator could not deliver what he promised.

    Why would anyone in the USA go and get Senators etc. on board to shut down the Church, when protection can not be guaranteed? Real people who talk the real dirt on the SO get attacked and taken to court. The others just get a PI or two. There is a major difference. Going to court IS FAIR GAME. Being followed by a PI while being annoying is nothing compared to going to court, with false evidence and a real potential to be jailed.

    Do not expect anyone over here to really lead a serious charge against the Church – politicians leave you out to dry every time. They are fucking liars – and good at it, too.

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