Listen between the lines: Independents want a Scientology world

The latest video from M&M talks about Scientology’s goal of planetary clearing, specifically a Church declaration that they will clear the planet (all people will be Scientologists who have achieved the Scientology state of Clear) when all orgs (Scientology churches) are upgraded to Ideal Orgs.

In the video, Mike Rinder take issue with this. “There’s a hundred orgs,” he says, that need to be Idealized (my phrase, not his). “Allocate $5 million per,” he continues. “That’s $500 million. It could be done in two months. They actually have the money… so if that actually is the solution to planetary clearing, why isn’t it being done?”

Okay, folks, did you get that? The goal of the Church is to make everyone a Scientologist (which we knew) and M&M don’t take issue with this. They don’t say “This goal is wrong, people should be able to practice religion as they please.” Nope, they’re saying “The Church has the resources, why aren’t they doing it?” (Their usual answer is that Church leader David Miscavige is an SP who is trying to destroy Scientology. If only that were the case!)

What about people who don’t want to be Scientologists? Keep in mind what Tom Cruise said about suppressive persons (SPs) in his famous video. (4:45: “Maybe one day it’ll be like that… SPs, like, they’ll just read about those in the history books.”) According to L. Ron Hubbard – the guy who these people believe has all the answers and speaks only the truth – 2.5% of the population are SPs. They are evil, insane, beyond salvage. Even Scientology can’t help them.

So in order for the planet to be cleared, 2.5% of us are going to have to disappear.

With all due respect to Mike Godwin, isn’t that how Hitler started?

The good news is that Scientology is hog-tied by LRH’s policies. It’s difficult to get much done in a Scientology organization, either official or un-official. Still, anyone who thinks Scientology isn’t truly dangerous to the rest of us should think again. Scientologists may not much done very quickly, but they certainly have the will and the motivation, and that’s dangerous. Let’s not forget that they cowed the IRS into submission.

The rest of the video goes on to accuse the Church of constantly promising that the next big thing is always right around the corner, instead of simply releasing what they have. Why are they doing this, M&M ask? If they have everything they need to clear the planet, why are they promising something new instead of delivering?

The answer is right in LRH tech — the bits that Mark and Mike are apparently hoping people won’t read. LRH was constantly making such promises; in fact, he encouraged his marketing minions to always say that something new was on the way.

“Write and act like you have new news,” LRH wrote (HCO PL 20 August 1979, DIANETICS AND SCIENTOLOGY ARE NEW).

The answer to your question, Mark and Marty, is that DM is doing more or less what LRH said to do.

Now perhaps in your next video, you could tell us what exactly will happen to the the 2.5% of us who are SPs when and if “planetary clearing” is achieved?



4 responses to “Listen between the lines: Independents want a Scientology world

  1. These guys are a scary bunch, aren’t they? Marty & Mike, coupled with the mad people on ESMB make a bunch of people you just want to stay right the hell away from.

    I find it so strange that such ignorant people with no education or slightest understanding of the world – how much they enjoy controlling others. Slowly the differences between ESMB, Marty’s group and the Church seem all to but disappear:

    A. Censorship.
    B. Removal of people with conflicting views.
    C. Banning of people and degradation of books and technology that truthfully explains the human mind, body and how to feel better.
    D. Yaking away like idiots without ever providing references by authorities in the field n mental health.
    E. Approval of Scientology and or LRH.

    I am glad to see the suckers lose their money – and I have no sympathy for these grown adults that are all just bat-shit crazy. they got screwed once and it wasn’t enough, so off to ESMB or Marty to get another dose of “LRH is OK”. The “leaders” of ESMB are the biggest joke I have ever seen – running a pop psychology board with a bunch of “leaders” who know absolutely nothing. I know many of them still keep their prized LRH books on the top of their bookshelf and then tell us it is all the Church but not LRH dearest.

    These people can not be helped – from one frying pan to the other. I say, let them burn. Some people are just too screwed in the head to be helped and need to be left out on their properties away from major cities to flutter with their flights of fantasy.

    Marty and Mike are chicken shits, too. I challenged them to confront up and answer Q & A – they refused. So did DM…they have a lot in common these cowards.

  2. The other sad thing is that one of greatest reasons why Scientologists can not be reasoned with – or ex-Scios is because of the TRs. They can have facts thrown a them and they can not process it due to Neuro-plasticity programming – which is impossible to break if they do not get the right help. Brilliant by LRH I must say. And sad, too. I guess most ex-Scios have heard of it, yet have never actually studied it – except a wiki entry and they think they understand it.

  3. Fail.
    There are factually more SPs on the planet than Scientologists.
    We are breeding faster than they can make Clears.
    They are bleeding members faster than a severed femoral artery.

    So, if the MRs are still clinging to hat hope of a clear planet?
    It’ll be cleared, eventually. The world doesn’t want the mad ravings of a drug-sodden megalomaniac. His tech only works within the imaginary bubble of Scientology. Applying it IRL clearly demonstrates the magnitude of Scientology fail at work here.

  4. Hello,

    Hope you are doing good Caliwog ant that you ptp (real life smal and big things) are pretty much going the best it can!

    quote caliwog:
    ” Okay, folks, did you get that? The goal of the Church is to make everyone a Scientologist (which we knew) and M&M don’t take issue with this. They don’t say “This goal is wrong, people should be able to practice religion as they please ”

    This is exactly what hit me!
    Sens of ”deja vu” – clearing the planet of it’s evil, insanity to make a new safe and sane world driven by scientology tech and ”freedom” ……………

    The concepts of freedom, sanity and truth as weel of own-determinism is taking form a very funny way within dictator and insanes mind:
    LRH , then his follower Miscavige , then other followers

    ”The entire world have to become what I (we)want and to act upon my own wishes” this considering that the world (and ordinary people) are something very dangerous that we have to gain power and control over.
    ( On one of the latest entry on Kristie Alley , on twitter , we can see this way of thinking very clearly – Quote Kristie Alley:

    ” I think the world is a mean and nasty enough place without us adding to it. R U with me? ”

    In the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed is king

    I think ”cult” are like any form of life..urge to grow, multiply, reproduce and persist 😀

    It,S long that they have the proper cognition that this world would be a really better and safer place without the suppressive scientology that causes illness – death – bancrupties, families broken and despair wtih psychotics breaks within their prison camp ..I can’t beleive the do not have enough…

    If the ”independants” still want to use this technology and fuck themselves it..but leave us alone – the one that leaft and the rest of the world!

    An ex that is having persistent nightmares and nausea

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