Nothing ever changes

This evening, I popped on over to Marty’s blog to see the latest. I haven’t checked it in several weeks, and frankly, were it not for the dates on the posts, I might never have known. It’s all the same stuff: Half-decade-old stolen memos talking about David Miscavige using Scientology labor to kiss Tom Cruise’s ass; headlines that attempt to position Church management with the terrorists who killed 3,000 people on 9/11; and testimony from Indies who went to visit Marty and had a fine old time. And, of course, yet another declaration that the Church of Scientology is dead.

Tell me this stuff isn’t begging for its own drinking game.

I haven’t been happy about having taken a break from protesting, but I feel much better now. The Church has been keeping a low profile and Independent Scientology continues to preach to itself while standing still at a rapid pace.

No need to ask if anyone missed me, I guess.



4 responses to “Nothing ever changes

  1. Yes, It is getting old quick. As somebody said ” You can fool some of the people all of the time” nuff said.

  2. no.. the blowup seems to be on the exscio board these days, with pms going around that MandM are trying to get everyone to be “nice” so they can unite the independants and exscios and storm the castle….

    This has also been deemed an OSA plot by some…

  3. What *isn’t* deemed an OSA plot by these clowns?


  4. William Johnson

    I keep trying (and keep getting deleted) on M&M’s blog to find out where their RPF is going to be?
    Perhaps they haven’t selected a place for it yet, but if they are going to practice *real* scientology, then they have to have their own RPF, their own Sea org, follow the disconnection policy etc…just like ELRon said!
    Either you are practicing *scientology* or not, you can’t pick and choose what parts you like, by their own definition that is ‘squirrelling’.
    Maybe some day they will wake up. Scientology 2.0 is just as insidious as the original, just without all the trappings (yet).

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