I’m still here…

…just busy with real life. Now, in Scientology, I would be ordered to handle my PTPs (Present Time Problems) – it’s considered wrong to let everyday scrabbles get in the way of the Big Picture. Luckily, I’m not a Scientologist, so I’ll deal with what I have to deal with,and be back to blogging soon!


10 responses to “I’m still here…

  1. Hurry back as you are missed.

  2. Michael Varnsbury

    See you when your ruds are back in! πŸ˜›

  3. Missing you!

  4. Hurry back. Avoid OSA..:P

  5. time for a change

    Scientology as an organization has done much to harm individuals. I have observed persons private information given out for the particular purpose of having that persons life ruined.

    What I find frustrating is that there are celebrities out there that endorse Scientology and state it is a working philosophy for them – this is regardless of the hundreds of proven instances of severe abuse.

    Seeing as they have a fair game policy, I am now making them fair game. And I am starting with their celebrities and I will continue to post until I see them either demand justice for Scientology victims, or withdraw their support from Scientology.

    Here is one instance that I learned of when I was staff in Los Angeles. This information comes from files I viewed – as I was not an auditor, I am not bound by the priest confidentiality act. Most if this information is directly from the O/W write ups of two public Scientologists, and the celebrity files of Kirstie Alley / John Travolta. I share this to expose to John Travolta the level of control exerted over him and his life.

    In his early 20’s, John Travolta (JT) enjoyed success. It is true he had read Dianetics and had expressed interest in it. After he made some very good films, he was targeted by a programme in L.A. to get him on board with Scientology properly. Before JT was approached, his life was investigated. The P.I.s discovered that he had a thing for both men & women. With the success of his movies came free sex from many willing partners – sometimes many at the same time, of both sex, and, drug use, particularly cocaine. They extorted confessions and evidence from his partners at that time to keep for the future.

    With this information, young Celeb Scientologists were armed with “buttons” to push on him and the greatest one was sex. He was recruited into Scientology successfully.

    He was lured in to have a confessional, and under that guise, he told all regarding his acts. It was however, not a confessional, but a Security Check and it was not covered under auditing. He was told that they would report his drug use to the police. They did not mention his sex acts at the time.

    It worked. His amends was to support Scientology and to donate heavily to the I.A.S..

    In the late 80’s JT started to drift from Scientology and started showing near overt resistance to getting involved again. Scientology ensured he received film roles although none did him any good. It was pure luck that Quinten gave him the role on pulp fiction and his career was revived. However, that was later.

    In the earl 90’s JT still had much money and he was not giving it. You will see his tax returns as proof. At the same time a review was done of JT and he did agree to do an O/W write up. In that IO/W write up he confessed that when he handled Kelley’s ethics program about her husband, that he intentionally wanted her to break up with her then husband as he wanted to be with her. He never told her this directly because he was also conducting homosexual affairs, and knew that this would not be tolerated by a woman.

    However, when the Church received his O/W write up they put a plan in place. They had previously been watching the partners JT was with and had obtained via a P.I. photos of John with another man. They had a patsey provided with the photos who then threatened to go to the media with them. JT had no idea that this was set up by the Church. Kirsty was asked to do an ethics handling on JT, and she agreed. Her goal was to convince JT that he should marry Kelley and that Kelley would be OK with his homosexuality in exchange for a good life and the ability to have his children. To Kelley this was a viable option – JTs kids, which girl wouldn’t. In exchange for this, it would silence critics about his homosexual nature.

    They were quickly married and had children soon after.

    JT in the last few years has tried again to deviate from Scientology and again, the Church provided pictures and evidence to a media outlet via a patsey to threaten exposure of his sexual nature and drug use – again it worked and it got him back in line with Scientology.

    JT is trapped by Scientology and if he breaks away from it, they will expose all his secrets and he will be ruined as an actor.

    This is an example of how they control some of their celebrities. More examples will come later. This is a premium example of how Scientology works. What is sickening is that there are many people who were involved in this and who know of this and yet have done nothing. Some of those people are now against Scientology, and yet still say nothing.

  6. u have my attention- time for a change, the same thing about celebrities supporting these obvious crimes has always bothered me i know they are just saving there own ass but u would think they would know in this day and age who really cares what hes done at least i don’t care would like him a hell of alot more to know hes friction human , you know made mistakes and cares about all these people being hurt and decides to use his name to show the cult for what it is…… thanks for the story i hope its not just that though

  7. correction – fricken not friction lol

  8. @time for a change
    Thank you for this information as I’ve always wondered what “hold” the cult had on JT.

  9. waiting on my dose of reality πŸ˜€

  10. okay Cali, this has gone on long enough, now I’m getting worried…….

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