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More from the Data Series: Facts that aren’t facts

The Data Series is full of L. Ron Hubbard’s examples that the Wog world in general – and academia, governments, and the military in particular – are stupid and incompetent. Read through the Data Series and you’ll find scores of statements like this one from Data Series 6R:

“The reason I am using [government] intelligence examples is because these are the biggest human data collection ‘professionals’ in the world. The collection and use of data to estimate situations to guide national actions and the data collection by a housewife going shopping are based on the same principles.
— LRH, Data Series 6R, DATA SYSTEMS

Those of us on the outside know why LRH had such a chip on his shoulder about these organizations – because they dared to be critical of him. (If you’re not familiar, read Bare Faced Messiah.) Come on – intelligence services no more sophisticated than a housewife on a shopping run? But wait – Hubbard had facts!

“…A report is considered true or factual only if the source is well thought of… Philby, as a high British intelligence official, was a Russian spy for 30 years. Any data he gave the UK or US was ‘true’ because he was a ‘reliable source.’ He had every Western agent who was being sent into communist areas ‘fingered’ and shot. The West became convinced you could not enter or overthrow communist held areas and stopped trying! Philby was the top authority! He fooled CIA and MI-6 for years!” — LRH

A likely story… until you look into it.

I’m no expert, but if my history is correct, Kim Philby was a communist since around 1930, joined the British Secret Service in 1940, and started working with the CIA in 1949. He was under suspicion by the early 1950s; in fact, CIA asked the British government to fire him in 1951. Philby was, in fact, discharged by the SIS, and though he was later cleared and reinstated, within a few years he was again suspected of being a spy. Philby defected to the Soviet Union in 1963.

To say that Philby had ‘every western agent…fingered and shot” is not true. Hubbard wrote this policy in 1970, right in the midst of the Vietnam War, so clearly, the West had not given up on entering or overthrowing communist-held areas. And to imply that Philby fooled both the British and US governments for the better part of 30 years is a gross oversimplification and a misinterpretation of the truth. Typical Hubbard.

It’s funny – Scientologists often remind us that Hubbard urged his followers to “look for themselves” and find the truth. And yet when you look at what Hubbard presents as facts, they simply don’t hold water.

How can Scientologists insist on taking what Hubbard says as gospel?