Is Caliwog an OSA agent?

From time to time, I get accused of being an agent of the Office of Special Affairs, Scientology’s in-house secret police (and the former domain of Mike Rinder). I actually find the accusation rather amusing – I’m about as likely to join the Church of Scientology as David Duke is to join B’nai B’rith – but I often wonder why people (usually Scientologists) think that. I’ve tried to find out from Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder, but I’ve never been able to get a straight answer. However, I did find something useful in a reply to this post on Marty’s blog. In this comment, a reader named RJ said:

Anyway the way to spot these guys is by the fact even though they’ll attack the subject and even malign Ron [Hubbard] they will avoid talking about Miscavige or worse try to give the impression that he was anointed personally by the Ol’man to assume the throne or that he is just applying policy.

In a follow-on comment, RJ said:

I’ve been watching these OSA Ass-Clowns since they first hit ARS [alt.religion.scientology, a Usenet newsgroup] and changed their tactics from theta spamming the entheta to playing the roles of critics in order to divert the [newsgroup] from any meaningful discussions about how Hades Dave and his evil minions were perverting Scientology and making a mockery of the subject.

RJ makes a very good point. I’ve written a great deal pointing out that many of the abuses attributed to David Miscavige originated with L. Ron Hubbard, and I’ve made a specific effort to disprove Marty when he blames LRH’s policies on David Miscavige. I’ve even posted a blog entry from Aaron Saxton suggesting that DM was LRH’s choice to take over the Church.

Now, I’m sure that the bulk of you see the point I am trying to make, but to a hard-core Scientologist, for whom anything negative about LRH or Scientology is “entheta,” it probably does look like I am trying to defend David Miscavige while putting down Marty Rathbun – both of which are goals of the official Church of Scientology.

And then there’s the fact that Independents believe that the Church is screwing up Scientology as part of a deliberate, evil attempt to ensure that mankind never becomes truly free. (Churchies believe the same thing about Independents.) From what RJ’s saying, it sounds like they see my posts about the ill-intentioned roots of Scientology as merely a distraction from the real issue, i.e. DM’s systematic perversion of LRH’s technology. As far as they’re concerned, I’m not saying anything meaningful, I’m merely creating a diversion. (This ignores the fact that, per LRH policy, by questioning and ridiculing Scientology doctrine, I’m committing a Scientology crime.)

Keep in mind that Hubbard taught his Scientologists that the world is made up of two-sided issues; you’re either with us or against us. He called it a two-terminal universe. There is no room for a third viewpoint, i.e. one that thinks both LRH and DM are full of crap. I’m sure not every Scientologist believes this, but from my experience, a lot of them do.

Now, I certainly don’t want to sound like I’m sticking up for David Miscavige. As far as I’m concerned, he’s an evil little troll. Still, the focus of this blog is LRH, and DM often takes a back seat (where he fits quite nicely. Ha! Ha!) I’ve been careful to point out that by blaming DM’s actions on LRH, I’m not giving the little guy a free pass, but I don’t think that’ll pass muster with the Scientologists. To wit, here’s more from RJ:

What’s unique about these more recent attacks is that they are even obliquely criticizing Miscavige by using the term “DMbot” (I can imagine the OSA op’s hand shakily typing this into the keyboard) in order to give themselves cred as not an OSA operation.

So I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t.

My alternate theory, which I’ve posted on this blog (and attempted to post on Marty’s, although he’s censored it) is that Marty is trying to label me as OSA as a “dead agent” technique. Keep in mind that Marty views me as part of the problem (i.e. suppressing freedom by suppressing Scientology), and by saying I’m OSA, a group that most of his readers mistrust, Marty can torpedo my credibility; if they come to this site and read, they’ll be disinclined to listen from the get-go – that’s the dead agent technique. The Church does exactly the same thing to discredit Marty.

Marty might also be applying LRH’s positioning “tech,” which says that you could make something seem bad by positioning it with something that people didn’t like. LRH used psychiatry – a fail, since few people in the outside world share LRH’s hatred of the “psychs” – but using OSA is a win for Marty, as his followers are so upset with the Church.

I recently asked Marty how I could prove I was not OSA, and he asked me for my name, which I said I’d discuss in email. He never emailed, so he either doesn’t really believe I’m OSA or he doesn’t really care. I tend to assume the former, although I have to remind myself that Marty probably believes LRH about this being a two-terminal universe. That’s yet another thing Marty’s followers have in common with DM’s: They think anyone who talks crap about the tech (like me) must be working for the other side.

Incidentally, I’ve also been accused of being an OSA agent by anons, but I’m guessing that’s because I’m fairly fluent in Scientologese, and when I think I’m addressing a bonafide Scientologist, I’ll often use the vernacular. I get the feeling that most serious protesters, even if they don’t agree with my view, have figured out that I’m not OSA.

Anyway, I don’t know if any of this matters much; it’s not going to affect what I write, although I will be sure to continue making the point that by enforcing these policies, DM is no less guilty than LRH. Regardless… well, I just thought it was interesting. And now, if you read someone somewhere saying I’m an OSA agent, you’ll know why.

Oops, my secret direct phone line to David Miscavige is ringing. Gotta go!


7 responses to “Is Caliwog an OSA agent?

  1. I, too have been called OSA. It really is pretty funny. Never been a scilon, never even been inside an org. My interest was piqued by the Paulette Cooper article when it came out, and was fascinated by the whole subject. I have read the ‘copywrited’ OTIII from the court documents. (No pneumonia, by the way). At first I thought that it was merely a charismatic leader (A La Hitler) but as I delved into it deeper the mind control and more sinister aspects came out.

    It really is amusing how the independents can pick and choose what LRH said, using what they want, ignoring what the don’t want but when the so-called church does it it is evil!

    Considering Marty’s long history with the ‘church’ and the things he has done, as an outsider I can see many,many parallels to what he did/does/will do and Crazy Widdle Davy! Both are products of their environments, both want desperately to run their own church, both have abused people to attain their goals, it is only that widdle DM has more resources. Taking this into consideration, Marty MUST defer any spotlight AWAY from himself, and I guess the blanket response is “YOU ARE OSA”.

  2. I am sorry but I just can’t sit here and be quiet. I see posts on Marty’s blog about ‘black dianetics’ and such and I just have to post my 2 cents worth.

    (The first thing you have to do is acknowledge that ‘white dianetics’ works, read the book can’t see that happening.)

    The problem that scientology faces right now is the fact the LRH was too prolific in his writing! That’s right, he wrote too much stuff. He wrote so much stuff that since he was pretty much a deranged psychopath, every thing he wrote he also wrote the exact opposite! Considering being prolific, look at the Bible. So many words, verses, books. Each and every person who reads the bible gets something different from it. NOW DON’T GET ME WRONG, LRH WROTE NOTHING LIKE THE BIBLE, HE WAS NOTHING BUT A 2 BIT SCIFI WRITER, but he did write a LOT!
    Here lies the problem. Marty complains about how cwazy widdle davy is misusing/misinterpreting the tech, and yet he is doing the EXACT SAME THING!
    Hey Marty. you gonna include disconnection, the RPF, mandatory abortions, ‘dead agenting’ etc. in scientology 2.0????

    If you don’t include ALL THESE THING, EXACTLY AS ‘source’ WROTE THEM, then you are as guilty of “SQUIRRELLING’ as widdle DM is!

    That ‘what works for me’ or ‘what is true for me’ crap doesn’t work now, and it didn’t work then. How about some answers. In your ‘new and improved’ version of scientology are bums and winos too low on the tone scale to consider, and should be ‘disposed with without sorrow’?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  3. You guys are SP’S – true sp’s 😀

    Any scientologist that reads your comment KNOWS that you CAN NOT BE OSA – it makes me laugh ;D

    Being called OSA is not nice for you nor for Mr Rinder lol

    Firts – An OSA (you have probably seen interviews) doesn’t think nor uses his intelligence to evaluate or decide – nor discusses
    – He is the Church intelligencia and obeys order – spy – follows – sread lies – spread destroying things – destroy reputation – threatened – he is concerne with destroying , per LRH policies – any critics – antagonist – sp’s – media – or staff that blew.

    AN OSA wont start his small Caliwog blog and expose policies and discuss it nor NEVER HE WILL DISCUSS ANY LRH ISSUE – LRH is THE SOURCE – DM IS THE LEADER – THE CHURH IS THE CHURCH – anything else is not having any right.

    Rathbun And Rinder knows about OSA and the run after big fishes and arrange some operations that are of another kond of stuff …they do not talk with people online – the spread lies to destroy reputations. Marty have the real OSA after him..the set a douzen of websites or Mark Rathbun to explain who he is! They are not ”nice guy” as you are… Marty is funny to say such things and to call you both such names lol

    You did explained pretty well the whote thing!

    To understand how (Miscavige – rathbun – rinder and some other might behave as a product of scientology) you are to dig about the Sea Org and especially the establishement of the Commodore messenger org (CMO) and it’s purpose – who drove it , how , where , why , who was eligible – who disqualified – and what type of duties – responsibilities -POWER they got, how they was considered by other SO – even being children – How Ron use them…

    Then..I let you evaluate the whole thing and woul be interested of your analysis. How it can be relate to Miscavides and Als …
    The ex-scn kids have pretty good datas and stories.

    For LRH being very very very productive – I got this same question since 25 years – I recently found tha he had gosts writers – 2 of them had Spoken on internet!
    Mary Sue and Mayo did a lot fo work on the tech – compile and make it available as bulletin!
    Another one – Robert Vaughn Young, has been editor and ghost writer.

    A funny thing to dig is the writing of Ron about the brain washing book

    I am very offended and deceived that we have not been given this part of the LRH tech! Iam supre we would have given him more money to get it than The soviets or The CIA…
    Dear Ron…the hidden parts of his life is really more interesting….than him founding his children police or taking a lot of photographies with lot of different costumes…lol

  4. Caliwog: Everyone is playing games. When you go on Mart’s and Rin’s chessboard they can trash you whenever and however they want. I know who you are — that’s my game. However, I have no intent to blow your game. As for Mar & Rin they have another game going you have no idea of. It’s beyond you perception (no inval intended) due to not have inside data. They have the best defensive in their apparent game and that is labelling you or another an OSA agent. Once they label you, your persona non gratia on their blog or you are allowed to step on the playing field for their entertainment. Ask no questions, but I see things that give me privilege to data that neither you or OSA are privy to. Looking deep into the crystal ball as I call it, I want you to know that they have set a procedure in dealing with you whenever u enter their domain. It is they will play with you, cat and mouse you. If you like it play it but don’t for Net sake get upset or show up to them as it “turns them on”. Rin tells Mart that he loves ripping you. Mart considers you a flea to be tolerated so to give credence to his “free forum.” Their game of fucking with the Church isn’t their strategic goal. Money is their ticket. They have some sugardaddies who they get to donate. Mart has himself position as King and Rinder has himself position as the Mastermind. I’ve seen their strategy and it is going for the big one — millions. I wouldn’t have thought that be I am willing to accept the not-the-so-obvious. They have been waiting for the Church to pay them off to shut the fuck up but since the Church has done that they are going to raise the storm. These guys are considering millions minimum. You are just a flea in their game. Thought you should know. Keep caliwoging but do not let Mart and Rin shake you down. If you do shake and they pick it up, the wolves comest on you. Carry on.

  5. Watchtower,
    My oh my, aren’t you the mysterious one!

  6. Ask me if I should really care who is OSA or not?

    I met a guy from OSA once when I took a Scientologist to court, and he had a folder with my name on it, that he was like semi-flashing at me with a retarded look on his face…? Anyway, he seemed like nice guy, he was quiet and everything but to be honest with you, he was out of place not out of his league. The matter for which I took the member of his church to court had nothing to do with me being in Scientology {I am not a Scientologist} or anything to do with the church, or anybody in it, or the tech or anything copyrighted. It was a personal matter. This man who happened to be a Scientologist {an OT VIII} committed an overt on me, a crime, and I reported him to the police. Why should I report to the church? Why would anyone report crimes on their personal real estate to the church?

    So he accompanied the guy that I took to court and like sat there the whole time and “played smart”. I don’t make fun of him, of I didn’t then, he was probably just doing his job. And if things can happen to me in Scientology then they can happen to anybody so…you live and learn.

  7. As soon as I posted on Marty’s blog I got accused of being OSA by Sam Domingo —

    Really strange. Came as a bit of a surprise. I hadn’t realised I was entering such a lunatic environment.

    In part it’s a variation on the ‘what are your crimes?’, always-attack-never-defend theme. A way of not engaging with the point I was trying to make. They’re not hot on exploration of ideas, ambiguity, complexity, etc. They’re only really concerned with the strategic value of ideas within an infantile good vs. evil schema. The strategic value of ideas is ‘analysed’ by ‘tracing’ the ideas back to their supposed ultimate source (either LRH or anti-LRH=Miscavige=OSA). Obviously no actual tracing goes on — just attribution.

    (Well that’s all a gross generalisation, but then Marty’s blog’s pretty gross so it’s not inapproptiate.)

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