What are your crimes?

I’m sure most of us have seen this XenuTV video in which Mark Bunker was harangued by Scientologists asking “What are your crimes?” Crimes are a big deal for Scientologists – and chances are most of us are guilty of more Scientology crimes than we realize.

Scientology has its own “ethics” and “justice” system, as defined by founder L. Ron Hubbard. In the book Introduction to Scientology Ethics, compiled from LRH policy, Hubbard defined nearly two hundred and fifty separate acts that could be classified as either misdemeanors, crimes, or high crimes. Here is a small sampling.


  • Mistakes resulting in financial loss
  • Disrupting a class or a meeting
  • Refusing an E-Meter check
  • Refusing auditing when ordered by a higher authority
  • Processing (providing Scientology services to) people who associate with known suppressive persons or groups
  • Continued association with squirrels (those who alter Scientology “tech”)
  • Failure to appear before a Committee of Evidence (Scientology trial) as a witness or interested party


Punishment for Crimes was a Committee of Evidence (known among Scientologists as a Comm Ev), essentially a Scientology trial, although the Comm Ev could not result in dismissal or cancellation of any Scientology certificates, classifications or awards. Scientologists who were employees of the Church could be subject to additional penalties, including a temporary 1/3rd reduction in pay.


  • Willful loss, destruction, or theft of property belonging to a Scientology organization
  • Seducing a minor
  • Seducing or stealing another person’s spouse
  • Becoming PTS (being in contact with a suppressive person) without reporting it
  • Impersonating a Scientologist (unless authorized)
  • Spreading destructive rumors about senior Scientologists
  • Holding Scientology materials or policies up to ridicule, contempt or scorn
  • Heckling a Scientology instructor or lecturer
  • Knowingly using Scientology to obtain sexual relations (!!)


Like Misdemeanors, Crimes were punishable by Comm Ev, but the committee could choose to suspend (but not cancel) a guilty party’s certificates, classifications or awards, and staff members could be demoted, and in extreme cases fired and turned over to the police.


In HCO PL 7 March 1965 Issue I, High Crimes are defined as “publically departing Scientology or committing Suppressive Acts.” Supressive Acts were spelled out in HCO PL 23 December 1965, ETHICS SUPRESSIVE ACTS – SUPRESSION OF SCIENTOLOGY AND SCIENTOLOGISTS – THE FAIR GAME LAW (yes, that Fair Game law). Among them:

  • Murder, arson, disintegration of persons or belongings
  • Mutiny
  • Public disavowal of Scientology or Scientologists in good standing
  • Voting for anti-Scientology laws or legislation
  • Demanding a refund for unused services after leaving Scientology
  • Giving anti-Scientology information to the press
  • Testifying against Scientology in public
  • Maintaining a relationship with a declared Suppressive Person
  • Receiving money from anti-Scientology groups
  • Organizing a Scientology splinter group

As you can imagine, punishment for High Crimes is the most severe, and can include cancellation of all Scientology status, firing for staff members, and the dreaded Supressive Person declare. Getting Declared effectively cuts one off from family and friends in Scientology, because talking to a Supressive Person makes one a Potential Trouble Source (PTS), and being a PTS without reporting it is a Crime.

Nowadays, David Miscavige and his management team appear to be handing out Suppressive Person declares like candy on Halloween. In fact, DM’s obsession with ferreting out so-called “suppressive acts” is largely responsible for the Independent movement as we know it today. (Nice work, Slappy!) Nevertheless, if you understand what Scientologists consider crimes, you’ll understand the choice of wording used by both Independents and Church-goers when they talk about each other (and us protesters).

Obviously, the Scientology system of justice and crimes is one of the major sources of abuse. Luckily, because of the way the Comm Ev works, there is some wiggle room for more mercy in terms of punishment, although little flexibility vis-à-vis what constitutes a Supressive Act and how suppressive persons are to be treated. I’d love to hear Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, or any other Independent talk about how they would overhaul the justice system in a reformed Church of Scientology. I’ll even host it on this blog.

Anyway, now that you know all this, I have just one question: What are your crimes?


17 responses to “What are your crimes?

  1. I blew up several planets 3 billion years ago. LOL!

  2. William Johnson

    I made fun of a robot

  3. “# Holding Scientology materials or policies up to ridicule, contempt or scorn”

    I lol’d at OT3

  4. I assume this is supposed to be a list of “crimes” that are to be tried under Scientology’s own internal justice system, but yet LRH also includes some really severe transgressions like “murder” which would also count as a crime under pretty much every “wog” legislature too.
    So why did he only include some of these “wog” crimes like murder and arson, but not all the other possible crimes, like blackmail, physical assault, fraud, violation of labor laws, kidnapping etc. etc.?
    Completely inconsequential and illogical and it shows that LRH was nothing more than a paranoid old dumbfuck who was full of shit.

  5. Anon, I think it’s telling that heckling a Scientology lecturer is on par with seducing a minor, and that giving anti-Scientology information to the press is as bad as murder.


  6. This might be a little off topic, but this whole “justice system” used in the cult has me thinking. It has the feel of a bunch of neighborhood kids pretending to be lawyers, doctors, business-men etc. “Working” out of their tree-forts and basement club-houses. A secret club – so to speak – of kids with huge imaginations and lots of time on their hands. Just making shit up as they go along. They have their leader, (Marty / DM) and his lieutenants (Mike R./Tommy D.). They run around the neighborhood bullying all of the kids not in the “club” and especially those kids that used to be in the club but left because either their parents told them to, or they just grew out of it.

    Now I know the cult is a hell of a lot more dangerous then a neighborhood kids club, but I cant shake the feeling that all the scientology folks both in the “church” and independents are acting like nothing more then a bunch of children with over active imaginations and to much time on their hands.
    It all seems so juvenile to me, all of the made up steps “up the bridge” all the made up OT levels..shit ALL OF IT to me just seems so “dungeon & dragon” like. I find it remarkable that people actually believe it all. But maybe these are the folks that never got invited into the “secret clubs” of their youth, or didn’t feel accepted by the other kids. But my guess is they just couldn’t or wouldn’t grow up. Their imaginations got the best of them and they could at long last be in “the club”.
    Just a thought.


  7. You may have something there….usually when someone finally leaves the cult they use terms like ‘waking up’ to describe the act of actually recognizing the state they are in. They simply ‘grew up’ by taking note of their surrounding like an adult.

  8. Hey Johnny, a good analogy, although Scientologists take it very seriously indeed. They really do feel that they are fighting for the spiritual freedom of all mankind.

    That’s one of the reasons Scientologists get so upset at those who oppose them. They (the Scientologists) are fighting for freedom, and yet there are all these “suppressive groups” trying to keep a lid on the truth so they can prevent mankind from discovering it and being free. (Just like a great sci fi story. Funny coincidence, eh?)

    You can see a lot of this in how the Independents react to the Church of Scientology. This is why they see David Miscavige as truly evil (and truly scared of them).

    That’s one thing you have to understand about Scientologists : Most of them are really good-hearted people, just trying to free mankind. That’s one of the reasons LRH makes me so angry, that he specifically took advantage of people who want nothing more than to help, and have the willingness to dedicate their lives to it. That’s why Hubbard was so awful. I get mad at Marty, but not for the same reasons as LRH. Marty shows all the signs of a true believer, and that means to me that no matter how foul his actions are, his motives really are to help mankind. He may be in too deep to ever come out, but I’ll always hold out hope.


  9. Johnny D
    The more I think about it…the more I think you are on to something! Examples include DM trying to make up for his miniature stature by beating up on people (classical bully), the more you ‘contribute’ the higher your status (just like in a kid’s club), and truly recalcitrant ‘kids’ are ‘grounded’ (sent to the RPF)!

  10. Cali,
    Yes Scientologists are very serious about their beliefs, I understand that they truly believe that they are the only hope for the future of all mankind.
    But as a non believer, knowing that WHAT they believe in and are serious about is nothing but complete and utter bullshit, made-up by a very serious but deranged science fiction writer.
    Knowing that they are serious about a “make-believe” society – a world of only clear Scientologists – only affirms my feeling and view of the believers as a whole bunch of kids playing and pretending to be adults in a “make-believe world”, where they are superior beings (homo-novas?).
    I too am seriously pissed that scientology preys on those with an abundance of goodwill, I understand that they really and truly want to make a
    difference, unfortunately the difference that is usually made is with their bank accounts and the alienation of family and friends.

    And that ain’t child’s-play.

  11. Johnny – Well said, sir.


  12. You guys have a pretty much good understanding of the ”scientologist” beleif and consequent behavior toward anyone that would deny ”right to freedom”.

    Scientology , and scientologists are recruiting very capable people driven toward the freedom of humankind. Even out of CO$ – ex-scientologists are very much dedicated to their community and helpfull people.

    It’s funny how I am learning the cult I was in for years through non-scientologists!

    I twould say we have here a fundation of the Scn way to degrade human beings – toward the application of this ”simulacre” of justice wich is in fact of making in any way a good human being a criminal for ”insignificant things” and ”ordering and allowing” him to commit real crimes (spy – spread lies to destroy – fraud – physical abuse – psychological violence – etc)

    In fact a scientologist tha refuse this violence or hurting his fellows – will find himself in troubles soon or later – depending of his level of involvment
    (public – FSM – IAS reg – staff- Sea Org – Int management – CMO etc..)
    The more one is involved the more the ”injustice system” is forced with accustion – punishment and penalties.

    (I have myself been conducted on comm-ev with crimes …one of the officer holding the comm-ev – was the one falsely KR me! Urgggggg :O
    I have also been accused of another crime I haven’t done and was sentenced to pay a huge amount of money … I tought I was in an horror moovie .) But most of the staff and SO member have gone through worse situations and have been deprive of their value rights or dignity – adults or children.

    Anyway – usually , when one is being ”prosecuted” with a bunch of these ”crimes” – the worse not being a murder – lol – again and again – and sent to ethics – sec checks – A to E (for sp’s), or RPF for S.O. – we can supposed that at that point, he has begun to loose his self-determinism – self-value and is loosing his dignity! His mind has started to fall in confusion and fear. Usually an order has been put on the public board – stating that you are under investigation and that any KR reporting anything – from not brushing your teeth as well as ”measturbating” lol – is being requested as more evidences of your crimes to be bring to the attention of the comm-ev !

    The crime of ” seducing -stealing another’s spouse” is funny – when one knows the story about Hubbard’s second wife Sarah Northrup and how he ”got ” her –
    denied her existence as weel as he denied Ron De Wolfe being his son)
    I guess – that LRH might have took his list of crimes with his sens of guiltyness gabout his own time track , int his lifetime (subsequantly he

    The point is that no matter ”auditing” technologie would be of any value – for one ,
    when looking at pieces of scientology technology – how it is applied – the consequences – so to way it’s value –
    it prooves itself to be dangerous for mankind and freedom. Any religion that substitute itself to former official justice system of democratic system – should not be allowed – nor the Sharia – nor the scientology justice – nor anything else.

    It took centuries – to mankind- to come to a point we have a certain degree of justice.

    Now let’s imagine that Scientology (through WISE – ABLE etc) is succeding to put it’s justice and education within a society – your society –
    That means – for sure – we would be driven by people like Miscavige – Rathbun and Rinder! A wonderfull world of peace and truth – happiness and freedom!

  13. Desert Nun, I am enjoying your comments and am very glad you are out and learning. I was thinking of Sara Northrup when I included the spouse-stealing crime…ironic, isn’t it?


  14. I did count 7 high crimes that Mr Rathbun and a lot of independant scn that have spoken ”shall” be found guilty per these LRH policies applied (in the past and in the present time) through comm-ev .

    * Mutiny
    * Public disavowal of Scientology or Scientologists in good standing

    * Giving anti-Scientology information to the press
    * Testifying against Scientology in public
    * Maintaining a relationship with a declared Suppressive Person
    * Receiving money from anti-Scientology groups
    * Organizing a Scientology splinter group

    I would be interested in having his impression about these crimes – the penalities we ”shall get” – let say – returning within the Church . We have to add all the crimes.

    Should he mentionned that we would get Miscavige Dark Dianetics or abuse or evil – the answer is wrong per the date ot the policy – 1960 – and the fact that Misacvige , at that time , just left his pampers and was 5 years old.

    Let say that Miscavige would welcome back the offenders – as a good compassionate leader of a Church of love and peace- forgiving mistakes – bad behavior – as they sincerely express their regrets ……..
    he would be guilty of not applying ethics tech and of some high crimes.
    He HAS to order a comm -ev for our crimes.

    So how do we resolve the inconstancy – the contradiction – the no-sense issue ????? Could Miscavige be a good guy with LRH tech???? Could a good guy run CO$ ???? What a reformed Church will do with this specific piece of tech ????

    3 answer possible :

    – Keep it – keep going 100% per LRH policies – genuine tech – as Rathbun advocate (STANDARD TECH OF ETHICS)
    – throw it in the garbage – as being an LRH bad idea and prooven to cause dammages to individuals and groups ( REJECT THE THECH)
    – Modify it – wich is altering tech – wich is considered a high crime from Ron himself . No alteration is allowed. (SQUIRREL THE TECH)

    Is there any OSA on this blog to answer the question ? Truly ..:D

    Should LRH be alive – what would he decide ???
    We can ask David Mayo …….

  15. The current Church of Scientology doesn’t follow its own policies.

    If the church did follow its own policies, we wouldn’t have anything to protest. Even the hitting of crew members is forbidden per policy. (It’s in a Flag Order.)

  16. If the church follow it’s policies we would have the same – minus – the beating (physical hitting) and per haps – the abortions! But the LHR policies about children on the base have lead to abortions! The psychological abuse as weel as the labour camps , as weel as the cl hildren locked in the chain locher aboard the Apollo has serve as a good base to establish a policy of all kind of abusing!

    In fact, following ” the fair game policy ”of El Ron” could lead a lot of us to be chase to bstroyes and murder!

    So, in a way, it’s a chance that the policies are not all followed!
    We would be all criminals driven nuts – sick or suicidal – or in jail!
    (like Ron family – like Miscavige Family – like a lot of others family)

  17. Here

    TODAY was an example of application of Church of Scientology tech and policies wich is called ”fair game”

    You could imagine a police raid in your house – (organized by the church of Big brother) because you are critics of scientology – this is the crime that deserve to harass you . You are critics and let people speak their mind and expose what has been hidden.
    Many other have gone though this before
    – Lerma www,lermanet.com!
    Caliwog could be fair game too.

    Emma from ESMB fair-gamed by Church of Scientology TODAY

    I guess that the day, all independant will get this ” taste of ”per policy” sauce” of CO$ , they might be less in love with The Tech!

    I taught they would get bigger fishes than Emma…Really the Church is going downward the spiral – really bad moove – thousands of people see her site and now have a proof of the application of fair game and attack on freedom of specch through harassment.

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