Marty (and LRH) on censorship

This weekend, Marty posted a blog entry entitled Blog Moderation Policy. First of all, let me say how glad I am that Marty has finally acknowleded that the “freedom of speech” he promotes is not entirely free. Let me also reiterate that his blog is his blog, and he is welcome to censor as he sees fit. I have a policy of letting anyone say anything, and as we saw this past week, such a policy has its drawbacks.

However (you knew that word was coming, right?) I do wish Marty was a little more up front about what he censors.

Jeff Hawkins or David Miscavige?

Marty says his moderation policy is modeled on Jeff Hawkins’ (outlined here). From Jeff:

“Remember that the spirit of this blog is respectful debate. Other posters may have different opinions than you do. That doesn’t make them evil or stupid. Try to learn from other points of view. See if you can see things from their point of view or understand why they feel that way. Don’t immediately attack someone if they’ve tromped on one of your sacred cows.” — Jeff Hawkins

A perfectly sensible policy – and I’m sure many of the folks who reads Marty’s blog (especially those who have been censored) will see the difference.

For all his protestations to the contrary, Marty often zaps comments that present a sensible yet negative viewpoint of LRH, as well as comments that call out Marty himself out for being misleading, dishonest, or simply incorrect. (And also that Marty’s followers frequently attack dissenters like a pack of wolves, and as long as their viewpoint agrees with his own, Marty will do nothing to stop them.)

I started a collection of comments that were Censored By Marty™, and several users have added their own. Check out that thread, and I think you’ll see quite a few comments that should have been allowed if Marty’s censorship policy really was similar to Jeff Hawkins’.

In truth, Marty’s censorship policy is pretty much the same as that of the Church of Scientology. Both Marty and Miscavige censor “entheta” as defined by L. Ron Hubbard.

LRH: Entheta and what to do about it

“ENTHETA means enturbulated theta (thought or life); especially refers to communications, which, based on lies and confusions, are slanderous, choppy or destructive in an attempt to overwhelm or suppress a person or group.” — LRH, Technical Dictionary of Dianetics and Scientology

LRH wrote a great deal about how to handle entheta:

“AN ENTHETA LETTER = is a letter containing insult, discourtesy, chop or nastiness about an org, its personnel, Scientology or the principal figures in Scientology…. when you try to help some people – or help them – they react like mad dogs… Such people are Suppressives or belong to Suppressive Groups…. Rather than go to the trouble of issuing a Suppressive Person order or even investigating we assign writers of choppy letters to the DEAD FILE. We just don’t comm.[unicate] with the entheta line… All choppy, nattery, rumour-mongery letters dead end in the DEAD FILE.” — LRH, HCO PL 7 June 1965, ENTHETA LETTERS AND THE DEAD FILE, HANDLING OF

“Complaints, upsets, snarls, discourtesy, are not answered by the Letter Reg but when received by Letter Reg are stamped “Entheta” and with no answer to the writer are sent to [Central files and from there to the] Justice Section.” — LRH, HCO PL 6 April 1965, LETTER REG HAT (emphasis in original)

“We long ago discovered in Dianetics that what we validate comes true. Thus, if we continue to process or connect with or continue to harbor entheta, we discover that entheta becomes quite live. But if we decide to process on the theta line, validating such things as affinity, reality and good communication, we make short work out of the case.” — LRH, Accent on Ability, Foundation Bulletins Vol. 1 No. 3

In other words, accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative, quietly and without sorrow. This makes for great PR for Scientology, but it does not lead to respectful debate. Sadly, LRH did not realize that his censor-entheta policy might piss off a person enough that he starts his own blog which becomes a pain in everyone’s ass. (That would be me.)

Entheta or ego?

It should also be noted that the organized Church of Scientology goes to great lengths to censor information that is critical of David Miscavige. Marty censors comments that are critical of him. So far as I know, neither is in keeping with LRH policy.

Here’s the bottom line: Censorship usually occurs because the people doing the censoring have something to hide. That’s why censorship was practiced by Nazi Germany, that’s why it was practiced by Soviet Russia, and that’s why it’s practiced by the Church of Scientology.

LRH knew his subject wouldn’t stand up to scrutiny, which is why he put so many controls on what could be said, who could be admitted, and who could be ignored.

Marty, you’re talking about creating a kinder, gentler Scientology. If that’s the case, why not stop the censorship altogether? Why not allow what you say to be scrutinized by all? Why not allow your followers to be exposed to entheta – don’t you think they are smart enough to sniff out the truth for themselves?

Or are you afraid they are smart enough to sniff out the truth for themselves?

Moderation, Caliwog-style

I’ve been thinking about my own no-censorship policy, and after reading Marty’s blog entry, I’ve come to a decision: I’m not changing it.

I’m not in this for the glory. I’m not trying to start a movement or portray a positive public image. I’m just an anonymous guy who thinks that Scientology is harmful. I post facts that are verifiable and opinions that can stand up to scrutiny or criticism.

I realize that my posts and the comments that follow them may stir up some emotions, and not all of them are positive – but we’re adults and we can handle it. I’ll ask you to be respectful, but I won’t tell you what you can and cannot say. That may get some people angry and it may earn me some razzing on the forums, but I can live with that. So long as we get out the truth about Scientology – and about those who would lie and censor to cover up its true nature – we are doing good work.

REMINDER: If you’ve been CENSORED BY MARTY™, please post your censored comment here!


26 responses to “Marty (and LRH) on censorship

  1. His name is Jeff HAWKINS, not Jeff Stone.
    Jeff Stone is the Riverside supervisor 🙂

  2. Awesome post Caliwog! I’m really happy you set up this blog and hope that you and others unabashedly promote this site. I think I may have had only one post censored by Marty and I didn’t bother to make a copy of it.

    Marty doesn’t censor me but instead gives me one of his snarky, still in the mindset of a hardcore RTC bully, type answers. He attempts to “dismiss” me rather that debate a point. His arrogance is hardcore and today when I asked him to give a link to something that he posted his response was:

    So I responded to him with this post and to his credit, he actually posted it.

    His censorship appears to be that of keeping out any information that might create a moment of true doubt or Cognitive dissonance about the tech and LRH. He keeps the “thought stopping” tech of Scn alive and well.

    Hopefully, one day he’ll wake up and come to his senses about the whole enchilada rather than continuing to pick the few raisins out of that vile pile of turd known as Scientology.

  3. William Johnson

    Until Marty learns that both he and DM are *products of their environment* he will aways have rampant censorship (until you become a *paying* customer probably soon to come). That blog looks so much like the pseudo-blogs on scilon sites it is getting to be really disturbing.

  4. Marty is a man on a mission.
    The purpose of his blog isn’t to openly debate and exchange views.
    He uses it as a weapon in the fight against DM and therefore no counter-intention or counter-purpose comments may be allowed, because those could weaken the effect of his blog on DM. The effect of his blog on DM must be huuuuge, because his blog gets spammed and hacked all the time by DMbots.

    That’s what he thinks 🙂

  5. William Johnson

    The ‘spamming and hacking’ stuff us usually when he accidentally posts a controversial subject without realizing the effect it will have. The only way he can save face is to proclaim another ‘hack attack’ so he can delete BUNCHES of posts and have an excuse. Those who post regularly there (not the martybots) know better.

  6. You do not have a clue about Marty. He is a very compassionate individual. He is right you are an OSA plant.

  7. William Johnson

    Never been in $cientology, never even been inside an org. Don’t know sci-speak, just knowledgable about the the abuses $cientology (and Marty) have done.

  8. This was posted on WWP and I think it makes excellent points.

    “Last year Marty posted that both his blog and email accounts were hacked.
    This blog has been hacked | Martyrathbun09's Blog…-litle-higher/

    A few days ago one of his brainwashed retards snatched some screenshots and emails them to a bunch of ex cult fucktards. How many times was his blog hacked? Was he hacked then or was he hacked now? Or is it being hacked every time the fucktard has a leak?

    The cult shot themselves many times in the foot but I don’t believe they are behind the hacking, if it ever happened. I am saying to Marty DOX or STFU.

    Marty has always despised Anonymous. Anyone here will remember the thread “Marty Phone Call Says Anons Afraid of Him”. So why then hook up with TD? Maybe TD was a bit naïve to trust Marty and Mike, but they evidently used her for her Australian contacts. The mother fucker was the ultimate boss of the Office of Dirty Tricks and he directed many black ops that ruined people’s lives. That he is now out of the cult doesn’t mean he ceased doing black ops. It was ingrained into him by LROn. “

  9. This was posted on WWP. It makes excellent points.

    Last year Marty posted that both his blog and email accounts were hacked.
    This blog has been hacked | Martyrathbun09's Blog…-litle-higher/

    A few days ago one of his brainwashed retards snatched some screenshots and emails them to a bunch of ex cult fucktards. How many times was his blog hacked? Was he hacked then or was he hacked now? Or is it being hacked every time the fucktard has a leak?

    The cult shot themselves many times in the foot but I don’t believe they are behind the hacking, if it ever happened. I am saying to Marty DOX or STFU.

    Marty has always despised Anonymous. Anyone here will remember the thread “Marty Phone Call Says Anons Afraid of Him”. So why then hook up with TD? Maybe TD was a bit naïve to trust Marty and Mike, but they evidently used her for her Australian contacts. The mother fucker was the ultimate boss of the Office of Dirty Tricks and he directed many black ops that ruined people’s lives. That he is now out of the cult doesn’t mean he ceased doing black ops. It was ingrained into him by LROn.

  10. Marty is lying on both counts of hacking and forgery. Nothing was hacked or forged. Those are genuine screenshots taken from Marty’s dash board which he left logged on during the Independence Day party.

    This is the text of the email that I sent to selected independents, which Marty didn’t post on his blog:

    We, the independents, have been deceived. There is no large-scale
    independent movement as Marty has tried to sell us. It’s a scam
    that only Marty will benefit from.

    In July I attended the party and wedding at Mike Rinder’s place in
    Tarpon Springs. What I discovered disturbed me and I’ve grown more
    concerned given what has been happening since July.

    Marty is running a scam by exaggerating the size of his movement.
    He doesn’t represent an active growing independent movement. The
    truth is that there are less than 50 regulars, including compulsive
    spammers, making the blog seem like there’s a whole Independent
    movement we have been part of. I know a number of them and I was
    pissed off to see that it was them posting under multiple
    identities. So what looks like two to three hundred comments for
    every article is really about a few folks commenting non stop to
    each other and to themselves. Marty even jumps in when the numbers
    aren’t moving to boost up the stats. This is as bad as DM’s false
    stats which he displays at his pompous events.

    I realized that what I have found may be of some potential value to
    the DM bots. Screw them. After spending quite a bit of time
    thinking about this, I have decided to go public and show Marty’s
    deceit. Marty keeps talking about reforming the church. I spoke
    out many times about the abuses perpetrated by the church. However,
    I’m not going to shut up about Marty’s scam either. If Marty wants
    to reform the church then he has to play by the rules and stop
    feeding us false stats, which had been fed to all of us for a long
    time before we became independents.

    I know that both Marty and those involved in this scam will try to
    dismiss this problem by just saying that I’m an OSA plant. Don’t
    fall for that cliché. How can I possibly be a plant when Marty is
    the one running the scam and controlling his blog? In any event, I
    have proof to show that in July Marty’s blog was wide open –
    frankly I am not the only one who noticed it. Marty, Mosey and
    Mike were the only administrators. One of them screwed up by not
    logging off, unless one of them left it intentionally open for us
    to see. If you don’t believe me check this out:

    Let me give you some of the names, which I have spent quite
    sometime digging into, involved in this scam:

    [Names redacted – CW]

    There’s more and you’ll be hearing from me again.


  11. William Johnson

    Thanks for the info. If Marty has ANY humanity left, his guilty conscience will have him looking over his shoulder all his life. That is apparent in his blog. The things he has done in the name of $cientology almost put Idi Amin to shame. The problem is that with that ‘paranoid’ mindset, you see conspiracies everywhere. That Martybot calling me OSA was funny as hell, but it was diagnostic of the overall problem.
    On Marty’s blog:
    LRH = God
    Marty= Jesus
    You can’t get better drama than this on TV!

  12. Sigh, so much for *no* censorship. 🙂

    LT, I’ve redacted the lists of names and handles. Whether it’s fact or not, I’m sure it would be no surprise that people post under more than one handle on Marty’s blog. It happens here, too (WordPress shows the IP addresses for comments). Traffic for Marty’s blog is easily viewable online, and we can all see how many hits he gets vs. how many visitors he gets. He does, by the way, get a lot of visitors. And a lot of those visitors are not True Believers. (I visit his blog a couple of times a day myself.)

    Anyway, I will ask that if someone wishes to use a handle, we respect their desire for anonymity.

    Thanks, everyone, for your cooperation.


  13. Just because some Osafags post their comments here doesn’t mean that Caliwog is also OSA by the way.
    Just saying… 😉

  14. How’s it feel, Caliwog?

  15. William Johnson

    I would think that OSA would be attacking both here and all the martybots.

    Perhaps someone who “used to be” OSA could elaborate, huh Marty?

  16. Not particularly comfortable, Anonymous Too. But I suppose there’s a difference between protecting people’s right to anonymity and not allowing people to express viewpoints simply because I don’t like them.


  17. Choppy ????

  18. Cali,
    I have a question;
    When you post on Marty’s blog, is your handle cal-i-wog or just plain ole caliwog? I have seen both, so you can imagine my curiosity.
    Oh and both sign off with your ML, CW


  19. Johnny, all of those are me. I believe Marty banned the “Caliwog” handle a while back, so I use variations on the name to at least get my comments to moderation.


  20. OK. Here comes my filibuster.

    First, Caliwog, I want to say thank you very much for in spite of the trying circumstances abound on Marty’s BLOG your response to me was very formal and with a lot of ARC which I appreciate. More so than anything else.

    Now back to the topic. I donated to Marty’s BLOG for Daniel Montalvo. I have since asked for and gotten a refund. Why? I will explain.

    As long as I posted on Marty’s BLOG, no matter what it was, no matter where it was posted, no matter when it was posted, but as long as the post was something along the lines of “David Miscavige is bad news!” EVERYTHING I responded was published. 100%. I even got some friendly responses from some people, but they are all keeping their identities anonymous so what fun is there in that.

    Now for the good news. The MOMENT I posted anything {and I responded a total of 4 things} along the lines of “Marty, you were arrested in New Orleans for drunken disorderly conduct, so how can you be auditing and repairing the cases of people damaged in Scientology if you are intoxicated at the time?”

    NOT ONE OF MY RESPONSES made it to the BLOG.

    So a long a you don’t mind kissing Marty’s ass with responses ignorant of his obvious out ethics “You’re in!” The moment you question Marty’s ethics with proof, because I posted a link to his arrest page, “You’re out!”

    Can anybody really win in this game.

    Love you Caliwog.

  21. Lawrence, thanks for the kind words and for keeping an open mind. Hopefully you’re seeing that those of us who oppose Scientology are not the devils that Marty and LRH try to make us out to be.

    As I’ve said before, I support any blogger’s right to determine what does and what does not make it online. My problem with Marty is that he’s not open about what gets censored. I would imagine that many readers have a skewed viewpoint of what does and does not get posted.

    I should add that my no-censorship policy is not the best path either. I’ve had plenty of scathing comments posted, particularly by people who are (understandably) angry with some aspect of Scientology, and some have gotten a bit personal. I don’t like that sort of negativity; it’s not an accurate picture of what the protest movement is all about. But we are human, and we have our weak moments. To me, it’s important to have an open dialogue, even if that means not always painting a pretty picture. Protesters are not perfect, and editing or censoring comments to make us appear so isn’t going to fool anyone.

    I’d venture a guess that Marty censored your comments because it mirrors so much of what the Church-backed anti-Marty sites said about him. This is the problem with LRH’s idea of a “two-terminal universe.” As long as you’re with the program, you’re good, but the moment you say anything that aligns with a known enemy, instantly you *must* be part of that group. It’s a very narrow view of the world. The funny thing is that I honestly don’t think Marty’s arrest is all that big a deal. Okay, granted, a little odd that a 50+ year old man is behaving like a college student who just turned 21. I certainly have never gotten so drunk as to wind up in the hoosegow. Still, everyone steps out of line every once in a while. If it’s not habitual, and if no one else got hurt, I don’t think it’s any big deal. But when you cover it up or refuse to answer to it… well, then, you make it a bigger deal.

    Anyway, thank you again for joining the conversation. Please keep reading and keep commenting. All viewpoints are welcome.


  22. PS, Lawrence, if you happen to have a comm line to Karen, I’d love for her to know that I don’t work for the Church and don’t have access to her folders, and if I did, I wouldn’t post the contents here. Actually, I suppose if I did work for the Church, I probably would post them here…

    Anyway, my point is that I don’t think her personal details have any relevance to the conversation. I wouldn’t put anything like that in a blog entry; comments are the opinions of the commenters, and as you know, I tend to leave those alone. If there is something that’s been posted that she would rather be kept from the world, please ask her to let me know and we can deal with it. (I’d love to tell her this on Marty’s blog, but Marty censors most of the comments that make me appear sensible and rational.)


  23. Apparently these things are so.

    As far as Karen is concerned, it is unbelievable that a Class XII auditor could fall into that mindset.

    Aside from the fact that I do believe she is genuinely attractive, to the point of speechlessness. So I guess she has that to her advantage when it comes to me. Nothing I would care to lie about.

    I was in touch with her personally briefly, but not for matters concerning BLOG’s or censorship. I wanted a little bit of information on the Bo Wenenberg CLO EUS Sec Check cycle she did that initiated her departure from the Sea Org.

  24. And, back on to the note of censorship.

    Marty Rathbun is not the only person that may censor things on his BLOG {aside from in his mind} that could make a genuinely intelligent person appear less so to the public. When and if this happens to me I am flattered and sit back and laugh.

    I can give you one example of this and should be able to get the picture. A.R.S. for example {which is now the SPAM capital of the world} was the first place I went to listen to what hundreds of critics had to say. There was this one girl named Kristi Wachter with a web site about Scientology that had pictures on her web site of people sent by OSA to picket in front of her house. I took a look at his girl, Kristi Wachter, and she looked like a pretty clean cut gal with an attitude towards Scientology. So, I thought it was funny that OSA came after her like that. I figured she must have done something pretty severe for them to track her down like that. So, I saw this oil painting on the web, by some guy from the 19th or 18th century, I forget who, of a girl being beheaded. I thought to my self laughing, this reminds me of Kristi Wachter’s relationship with OSA. I thought it was so funny, I posted the a picture of the painting on one newsgroup and people that apparently kiss Kristi’s ass as well as they kiss Marty’s, oh my god Caliwog, this joke was termed a death threat. One of the church’s critics Peaches Pook posted all over the web even recently to ESMB how “Lawrence has made veiled death threats against Kristi”. Kristi called the police who probably thought she was retarded. Over something I thought was funny. Nowhere in that post did it say “I hope this happens to her” or anything of the kind. And from this it spreads to “Lawrence is OSA” “Lawrence is an OP” and all the PTS Type III things that happen to people that live for a false purpose. I don’t see them as valid critics if they cannot be valid people first, before being a critic. It is obvious to see how this may anger some because most critics of Scientology expect instant world wide recognition as celebrities rather than excellent communicator’s of true and factual data.

    If someone posted something like that about me I would laugh about it I think, not become upset.

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