Twenty-one ways to tattle on a Scientologist

You may have heard of Knowledge Reports, or KRs. Scientologists were encouraged to tell on other Scientologists for bad behavior, including “loafing” and not adhering to Scientology policy. Actually, “encouraged” isn’t the right word – they had to write knowledge reports or they would get in trouble. From the book Introduction to Scientology Ethics:

Anyone who knew of a loafing or destructive or off-policy or out-ethics action and WHO DID NOT FILE A KNOWLEDGE REPORT becomes an ACCESSORY in any justice action taken thereafter… Any person who knew of an outness or crime and failed to report it… receives the same penalty…as the actual offender.” — LRH [emphasis in original]

But Knowledge Reports aren’t the only way to tattle on your fellow Scientologists. For Scientology staff members, LRH outlined no fewer than twenty additional reports that they were required to make. They were:

  1. Damage Report (equipment damage)
  2. Misuse Report (equipment misuse/abuse)
  3. Waste Report (waste of “organization materiel”)
  4. Idle Report (equipment or persons sitting idle when they should be working)
  5. Alter-is Report (Alteration of “design, policy, technology”)
  6. Loss or Theft Report (self-explanitory)
  7. Found Report (objects found)
  8. Noncompliance Report (a subordinate didn’t do carry out a task/job assigned to them)
  9. Dev-T Report (developed traffic – basically wasting people’s time and resources)
  10. Error Report (“any error made”)
  11. Misdemeanor Report (EDIT: A type of crime as defined by LRH)
  12. Crime Report (“any crime noted or suspected [emphasis added]; crimes are specifically defined by LRH)
  13. High Crime Report (along with Crimes, LRH defines certain acts as High Crimes)
  14. No-Report Report (my favorite report name; it reports on a failure to receive a report, or receiving one that is illegible)
  15. False Report Report (a report that reports on a report that is untrue)
  16. Annoyance Report (“anything about one which is annoyed” – does that mean I’d have to report on the guy in the car ahead who drove ten miles with his turn signal on?)
  17. Job Endangerment Report (report on any orders received that would require one to violate LRH policy)
  18. Technical Alter-is Report (“any ordered alteration of technology not given in an HCOB [tech bulleting], book or LRH tape [lecture]”)
  19. Technical Noncompliance Report (failure to use the right technology)

As with Knowledge Reports, Hubbard dictated that failure to file any of these reports at the proper time was grounds for discipline.

While the twenty reports outlined above were intended for Scientology organizations (i.e. the Sea Org, storefront churches, and organizations that use LRH’s “Administrative Technology”), Knowledge Reports were intended for all Scientologists.

To be fair, KRs have helped the protest movement; we’ve seen some great information come from current and former Scientologists in the form of KRs. That said, imagine living in a system where you were expected to write up reports on people – friends, employees, spouses, parents, children – because failure to do so could land you in hot water. How would that affect your relationships? Your view of people? Your outlook on life?


10 responses to “Twenty-one ways to tattle on a Scientologist

  1. Good stuff!

  2. …but with the next breath, Hubbard spoke about freedom?

  3. William Johnson

    How people like Marty can try to hold DM responsible, when LRH wrote all this crap is beyond me!

  4. William Johnson

    I also wonder how many of these reports will be used in Marty’s version of $cientology.

  5. Can’t DMBots ever be deprogrammed?

    If Joe Pendleton or CaliWog or anyone else Marty accuses of being a DMBot really was one, then I would want to get into comm with them and find out why they justify the things that they do. I wouldn’t just spit on them with contempt when they were attempting to communicate with me.

    If the accusations against DM are true, then he should go to jail for his crimes. That is an important point to remember, of course, but reforming the church is more than just handling DM. There are still the DMBots he leaves behind.

    Can a DMBot be deprogrammed? Well, if not, then Marty and his ex-INT crew are still brainwashed. If Marty and his friends escaped the DMBot mindset, then DMBots still in the church can also be freed. (Is this logical to you?)

    It is up to Marty how he treats the other ex-church members, but he shouldn’t represent himself as a tech terminal when he can’t even use a little 2-way comm on these alleged DMBots or trolls or whatever other demonization his natter board adds later.

  6. The way to beat this? Get back to your original, inherently idealistic, good nature and remember when you believed that man and humankind is/was generally good at heart.
    Find a way to trust yourself again, and to trust others. Of course it is a risk, and a scary one at that, but much better than having a third party involved in all of your everyday choices and relationships. Take the locus of control back into yourself and learn how to listen to your own instincts. It is a leap of faith, but it is a step in the direction of regaining your own freedom to chart the course of your own life in alignment with your highest ideals.

  7. being realistic, unfortunately there are and will still be people who, due to their own big shortcomings and dishonesty, who will think that they can use your good natured way of being to trick or fool you, (and goodness, they may even get away with it) but even still, you know who wins in the end? you do, for maintaining your own integrity, even against great odds, and perhaps in inexplicably challenging situations. and that is an earned win to be very proud of.

    to make this simpler, accept self responsibility and treat others as you would like to be treated.

  8. And I would add

    be your own ”advisor”

    My question is ”why very capable and intelligent people are going into any cult and let themself fall into a downward spiral of loosing freedom and becoming a slave ?????”

    As far as I am concern, I had to deeply looked at my own motivators long time ago – to let myself be endoctrined – – At that time – at the first beginning – I had to agree to something that was to my benefit..Never I was looking for insane nor any scientologist I have known as they really are all very good intend people.

    I thing I fall in love with this solution that there was way to freedom ” right there on a poster” a bridge that I could buy – to find my spiritual freedom and become A POWERFULL THETAN MORE ABLE – FREE – AND HAPPY!

    So…then slowly , very slowly , on a long time basis , you have to compromise…just a little bit..a tiny bit a the still be eligible to get ”the carrot you want” ..and so on and so on..till you are another person , without paying attention, you became a robot identity – an endoctrined clone made to sell or pay for the benefit of the corporativ eChurch and it’s owners and executives in search of the illusion of power through building assets and making lot of money! (An old complex – master and slaves)

    We can multiply the effect of these processes by 2 or 3 for a staff memeber and by 10X for a Sea Org as everything as abuses – fear – danger – is only what is being experienced as the ”normal ” world doesn’t even exist as a reference.

    Any get out of that ”inside artificial constructed hell” (that is infact the refleted mirror of one’s mind within us) I agree that:

    quote spacegrace
    ” The way to beat this? Get back to your original, inherently idealistic, good nature and remember when you believed that man and humankind is/was generally good at heart.
    Find a way to trust yourself again, and to trust others.
    end of quote

    Now what could be”a” way – as there is never ”the truth or the way” but a truth or a way…
    could just be a way that we find when searching..searching under the light – preferably – under the light of our deep awareness.. How to find this deep awareness..and sense of space – freedom – deep hapiness – feeling of being blessed to be alived ????

    I found my own way – it take courage – perseverance – to take long hours to be quiet – to go deep inside and see the other side of fear and illusion and to recover the freedom! But it took effert and it is a process of a life ..til the last minute and second!

    what might be a ” why ”I guess – could be a sin of cupidity for power and lazyness of making the right effort to recover our supressed freedom (wich is an illusion) or cultivate hapiness and courage to accept that we are not permanent , we will die , and that we are dependant to each other!

    This can take long years – depending on the willigness to confront –
    Dependaing of the degree of one let down is own-determinism and is not brain-washed it can take lless years than another!

    Unfortunately – the more one is empowered in scientology from early life and for long years the more it will take as persistance – time – effort to recover his true take courage ! It’s life any other cult – it take long yeras to educate ourselve to something else wich is not the ”master” lies and nevrosis nor to say sometimes psychosis!

    Tor, and some other OT7 or 8 had this courage as they went up the brige and did not stick to the money and years they spent as persuing this illusion! And I think , at the end – this experience – makes us better , more compassionate and more powerfull as we wont fall into the same process if we really had the courage to overlook sincerely all the situation – our failure and regret enough to ensure not to repeat it!

    The funny thing is really how we are prone to fear and lazyness as human and can fall into all soprt of entrapment if we are not aware and awake!
    This is just an opinion as we can freely speak our mind!
    ( I find that the more a person is free and sane, the more this person can live and be stable with any other opinion or critics and is more concern of the respect of human rights and freedom than ”reinforcing of a beleif system and dogmatism as they usually are authocraty , not democraty)

    have a good day!

  9. By the way

    Tory Christman (magoo) is one of these brave and spiritual being!
    She found the courage to leave scientology – go within herself to l isten and finally throw out her 30 years of scientology! No more compromise!
    She is also one of the overy few who is showing her concerns about scientology kids!

    She might be dramatizing her lost of her happy marriage – and the money to go OT7 – all the lies etc etc etc..
    She was happy to finally get her SP delared – she stand-up alone to protest – never hatred – a lot of compassion – she is funny – smiling – and have that courage and freedom that is shinnig !

    I remember one of her writing , on ex-scn board I guess, about how it can be long to recover our true essence out of the cult!

    Tory – you are a great being – you are an inspiration for me!

    Anyway – just being free of all these reports to be received everyday in your comm basket – or everyweek – and that constantly makes you a wrong person – invaluable – all the time – for everything – is of a great value – one can make it now to his best! No more treason – ennemy -conditions and all this sh…. just try to do our very best with human beings that appreciate is so good for the heart!

    No more Kr’s – Big brother is not watching you anymore..:D

  10. DesertNun –
    I like you.
    You are totally cool, and just had to tell you that.
    May you have abundant joy and peace wherever you may go, for surely you must generously give of this to others who are fortunate enough to cross paths with you.
    Wishing you all the best!
    SpaceGrace 🙂

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