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Twenty-one ways to tattle on a Scientologist

You may have heard of Knowledge Reports, or KRs. Scientologists were encouraged to tell on other Scientologists for bad behavior, including “loafing” and not adhering to Scientology policy. Actually, “encouraged” isn’t the right word – they had to write knowledge reports or they would get in trouble. From the book Introduction to Scientology Ethics:

Anyone who knew of a loafing or destructive or off-policy or out-ethics action and WHO DID NOT FILE A KNOWLEDGE REPORT becomes an ACCESSORY in any justice action taken thereafter… Any person who knew of an outness or crime and failed to report it… receives the same penalty…as the actual offender.” — LRH [emphasis in original]

But Knowledge Reports aren’t the only way to tattle on your fellow Scientologists. For Scientology staff members, LRH outlined no fewer than twenty additional reports that they were required to make. They were:

  1. Damage Report (equipment damage)
  2. Misuse Report (equipment misuse/abuse)
  3. Waste Report (waste of “organization materiel”)
  4. Idle Report (equipment or persons sitting idle when they should be working)
  5. Alter-is Report (Alteration of “design, policy, technology”)
  6. Loss or Theft Report (self-explanitory)
  7. Found Report (objects found)
  8. Noncompliance Report (a subordinate didn’t do carry out a task/job assigned to them)
  9. Dev-T Report (developed traffic – basically wasting people’s time and resources)
  10. Error Report (“any error made”)
  11. Misdemeanor Report (EDIT: A type of crime as defined by LRH)
  12. Crime Report (“any crime noted or suspected [emphasis added]; crimes are specifically defined by LRH)
  13. High Crime Report (along with Crimes, LRH defines certain acts as High Crimes)
  14. No-Report Report (my favorite report name; it reports on a failure to receive a report, or receiving one that is illegible)
  15. False Report Report (a report that reports on a report that is untrue)
  16. Annoyance Report (“anything about one which is annoyed” – does that mean I’d have to report on the guy in the car ahead who drove ten miles with his turn signal on?)
  17. Job Endangerment Report (report on any orders received that would require one to violate LRH policy)
  18. Technical Alter-is Report (“any ordered alteration of technology not given in an HCOB [tech bulleting], book or LRH tape [lecture]”)
  19. Technical Noncompliance Report (failure to use the right technology)

As with Knowledge Reports, Hubbard dictated that failure to file any of these reports at the proper time was grounds for discipline.

While the twenty reports outlined above were intended for Scientology organizations (i.e. the Sea Org, storefront churches, and organizations that use LRH’s “Administrative Technology”), Knowledge Reports were intended for all Scientologists.

To be fair, KRs have helped the protest movement; we’ve seen some great information come from current and former Scientologists in the form of KRs. That said, imagine living in a system where you were expected to write up reports on people – friends, employees, spouses, parents, children – because failure to do so could land you in hot water. How would that affect your relationships? Your view of people? Your outlook on life?