Misdirectin’ Marty

When I read the opening line to Marty Rathbun’s latest blog entry (Worse Than Fair Game?), I got so excited!

I have been criticized by Scientology haters for not laying blame for the abuses and demise of the church of Scientology on L Ron Hubbard.

And then I read the next couple of sentences…

Some have pointed to my refusal to credit the Fair Game Policy… as being the chief motivating policy behind the evil and criminal deeds… My response was, and is, that 99% of staff, including the Sea Org, have not even heard of the Fair Game policy, so of course they do not apply it.

…and it totally killed my buzz. Here, I thought Marty might actually tell the truth, and instead he’s just using misdirection – an oft-used Scientology PR technique, best illustrated in this classic Heber Jentschz radio interview (direct link to MP3). Bring up the subject everyone wants to hear about, and then give a long-winded answer that has fuck-all to do with it.

In this case, Marty starts talking about “Fair Game” (SPs may be “tricked, sued, or lied to or destroyed”*) and then segues into a talk about Miscavige misinterpreting a Hubbard policy letter called “Responsibility of Leaders.”

(* Incidentally, Marty apparently is okay with the Fair Game policy. “At least there were some boundaries with Fair Game,” he writes. “You also had to be declared SP to receive that treatment.”)

Here’s the truth: As far as I know, no one (not even Marty) has tried to blame Fair Game on DM. But there are plenty of other Scientology abuses that Marty has tried to blame on DM, when there is ample written evidence of LRH’s responsibility. Among the ones we’ve discussed on this blog:

There are more, and you can count on reading more of them on this blog in the coming weeks.

Marty does bring up an interesting question: How can David Miscavige do the things he does? And the answer is simple: He’s following L. Ron Hubbard’s instructions. Marty may try to cover that up, but LRH left such an extensive written record that lying about his policies and intentions is a fool’s errand.

Marty, assuming you (or one of your disciples) are reading this: Nice try, and I’m sure David Miscavige would be proud, but Scientology protesters aren’t that stupid or gullible. You can try as hard as you like, but the truth always comes out… even the truth about L. Ron Hubbard.



21 responses to “Misdirectin’ Marty

  1. It’s not even an answer, it’s a series of lies.

    I’m happy for you that optimism persists but what do you expect? Marty is a Scientologist.

  2. I posted this on Marty’s blog but I am sure he will not let it through.

    I am concerned about a comment you made:

    ” Second, the IP address of the LT email matches a known OSA ops IP address locale.”

    How is that possible if you say the email address was from hushmail? Hushmail hides the IP addresses. Could you elaborate?

  3. I dunno. There is a flavor coming out of Marty’s camp and it isn’t a good one for him. I have read some of his responses and frankly I am amazed for a guy who is trying to win hearts, he certainly is sabotaging his potential church by slashing at some of his readers and writers.

    It has the hallmarks of a guy who has gone back into a shell, retreated as it were to a place where he feels most comfortable – attacking.

    We are seeing Marty return to his Sea Org persona. His camp will not put up with it for very long. He needs a massage, some music, some joking around and a nice comfortable environment. He seems to be deliberately creating a hostile environment – I guess he needs his enemies to feel like he has a battle to win.

    What he really needs to do is go to the Shrine and punch the shit out of DM and get it out of his system – I can think of hundreds that would help him.

    And remember to all the kiddies and wholesome Scientologists reading this “violence solves nothing!” but when directed to an ass who beat you, I think everyone would call it just deserves. Go get him Marty!!! It must sadden DM to know that if they didn’t fear his position, they would have decked that 4 foot midget across the Mojave Desert a long time ago.

  4. and to WONDERING…that is a concern, he is either lying or he has access through some Scios to information he should not be allowed. It is a genuine worry.

  5. I just read somewhere that HEATHER at WWP has PROVIDED MARTY RATHBUN with I.P Addresses of members. Does anyone have info on this?

  6. Is this correct? Does anyone know who heathergraceful@gmail.com is? I would like to know if this person is actually providing I.P address information and if they are a moderator.


    On WWP, THELASTANON had this post BANNED!!!

    Re: Marty posters & anons outed by OSA?
    live topic This post has been added by another user.

    Since this is an active topic, this post has been automatically added to the thread while you were reading it. If you are replying to this thread you might want to read this post before doing so.
    It has to be said, and I’ll say it. HeatherG is TinyDancer as many of you already know.

    Is TinyDancer giving Marty the IP addys of WWP users? I don’t think that would be the case.

    I ask that question under the blanket of da5id’s comments. Is someone manipulating this (OSA?) or is there a legitimate security breach?

    If I get infracted for these questions…

    . Reason: lulz


  8. Information also tells me heather is also Tinydancer user name which sickens me as I had private communications with several people thinking they were different – they were one in the same. I just want to see [TinyDancer – CW] give a straight answer.

    It isn’t that hard, is it?

  9. The pics were obviously fake. The email was sent by OSA to stir shit up, seed mistrust etc.
    Tinydancer is a well known, trusted mod at wwp.

  10. Weird. Marty Rathbun himself said all the docs were true. he told us himself that he was sorry the information had been out there and was sorry people had been compromised – why apologise if the information is false??? Then he says that at least one was false… Now he is saying in a brand new entry that they are all false? I don’t understand. I have emailed [tinydancer] and asked her officially to confirm if she has ever emailed Marty Rathbun or anyone else this kind of information.

    I asked her before, and she answered “what business is it of your’s?” Not exactly the right response. If she didn’t then why not simply answer “No, I did not.”

    I will let you know is she even bothers to answer the email I sent to her.

    I am just saying that if she did not want to indict herself, it would be easy to have Marty say it is false, rather than she herself to actually respond and state she did not – which would be purgery. Anyways that is a jump, I will see if she actually answers the question.

  11. Trust aside – i want the question answered by her – did she provide anyone’s I.P. addresses or other information to anyone that she was privied to as a moderator. Period. She can answer the question plain and simple – why is that so hard and why after several emails is she refusing to answer the question? I want an answer.

    I trust her – but that is not the point, trust is based on actions. And I want an answer. I do not care for opinions of people, I want to know facts – and if she answers the question, then I will be able to take it from there.

    I am not accusing her of anything – I want an answer and so should everyone else.

  12. Has WWP been compromised?

    WWP prides itself on several things – people being able to remain anonymous, and also, that it is not in anyway putting it’s users at risk. I submit to all WWPers to review what has just happened.

    It goes like this:

    On ESMB there is a thread about how a bunch of Marty’s Moderator information got posted onto the internet. The ESMB link is…

    The ESMB posting goes to a link, which is….

    This shows apparently (how do we verify this?) comments made to Marty’s blog which have been cut and copied. It is a concern because it shows IP addresses and also names and comments – so much for confidentiality.

    However, is is true? Of GREAT concern is image Number 10 which shows the email address [removed by request] providing a list of names, I.P. addresses etc. to MARTY RATHBUN.

    My information sources tell me that this email address belongs to Tiny Dancer or known by her true identity, [removed by request – CW] of Perth Australia.

    A WWPer posted the obvious question anonymously, is this true and correct? The moderator’s choice on WWP was to call her out AND TAKE AWAY her anomity to this question. The moderator THEN BANNED the below question from another longtime and well known WWPer, here is his banned comment:

    Re: Marty posters & anons outed by OSA?
    live topic This post has been added by another user.

    Since this is an active topic, this post has been automatically added to the thread while you were reading it. If you are replying to this thread you might want to read this post before doing so.

    It has to be said, and I’ll say it. HeatherG is TinyDancer as many of you already know.

    Is TinyDancer giving Marty the IP addys of WWP users? I don’t think that would be the case.

    I ask that question under the blanket of da5id’s comments. Is someone manipulating this (OSA?) or is there a legitimate security breach?

    If I get infracted for these questions…

    . Reason: lulz


    There has been a REASONABLE question posted to WWP that concerns the security of every user and IT IS GETTING WIPED.

    I personally emailed [removed by request – CW] or her other email also known as [removed by request] and when I asked her it is was true, her response was “What business is it of yours?” I have since then asked her and she refuses to answer – she also refuses to on WWP either and jokes about it in the thread – but let’s get serious, did she provide information?

    I ask all people of WWP to confront her on this and find out if it factual. I do not give a fuck if it was an OSA OP that got the screenshots, the only damn thing that matters is, IS A MODERATOR OF WWP OR ANYWHERE ELSE providing YOUR private data, I.P addresses and personal information with MARTY RATHBUN or ANYONE ELSE?

    This should send red flags everywhere. Let’s get a straight answer and PROOF from a trusted WWPer we can all trust to verify it is true or not.

    This is WWP now dishing out CENCORSHIP and CONTROL. It is not an overstatement that this is plain shit if it is true.

    WWPers ought to be outraged, and WHY DID “THELASTANON’s follow up comment get BANNED and why did the original poster get their anomity thrown out and her user name revealed, it MAKES NO DIFFERENCE TO THE QUESTION AT HAND.

    Opinions of me or anyone else aside – what the hell is going on. I had very private emails with [removed by request – CW] and communication very early on and now I wonder if she just forwarded all my messages and private info.

    Marty at first said he was sorry for the security breach. Then later he says one of them was forged, then later he says they are all false? why say sorry in the first place and blame the C of S for a breach of it is all false? It makes no sense because someone here is lying.

    $500 says Marty never follows through with his threat to take legal action against the Church for “hacking him: because according to Marty, he has changed his story three times – now he is saying it is false, so if it is false, then how does he explain that it is a hack? And threaten to take legal action.

    Answer the question I emailed you, […].

  13. @Anon

    Dox or stfu.

    At least LT provided dox, a thing Marty, or you, haven’t done yet.

  14. Look. Here is the picture of what Heather G supposedly posted.

    Notice the date and time of the posting.

    Here is the what she actually posted on Marty’s blog at that exact date and time:

    I think Marty’s blog was hacked.
    Screenshots were taken from the postings.
    Then the pic of heather g’s posting was tampered with to make it seem as if heather g would provide Marty with IP adresses of WWP users.
    But it’s absurd. IP adresses don’t reveal much information other than the location of the ISP the person is using. I don’t think that Marty would even be interested in that.

  15. i have not the energy or time to entertain WWP dramah anymores.
    all i can say is that that place is dead for the most part.
    it is my personal opinion that if the movement is going to go anywhere, it is not gonna happen there. at one time it was free and fun, and now it is censored with a heavy fist.

    oh well.

  16. This is the second time security on Marty’s blog has been mysteriously compromised.

    There is a policy in the Management Volumes (maybe someone can remind me of the title) about how one guy collects the intel but doesn’t use any of it because then it would be obvious. Instead, the intel collector feeds the data to someone else to use against the enemies.

    Shortly after Marty started his wordpress blog, I started one, too. I immediately became aware of the ip addresses being displayed for every commenter. I was also aware that Marty never warned his commenters that he could see their ip addresses. (Maybe I should have.)

    Marty previously claimed he destroyed session worksheets after session so people wouldn’t have to worry about others discovering their secrets. However, if one looks at one of the more active anti-Marty blogs, one of the commenters gives specifics about Marty’s PCs including their personal problems being addressed. How does the church know so much about Marty’s PCs?

    Call me pessimistic if you want, but I think the current Church of Scientology is an insidious mind control cult willing to lie to people and trick them. Even when they think they have blown from the cult, they somehow get sucked back into another part of it (even if it is outside of the church proper).

    Marty made a comment about caliwog being OSA. It is interesting how Marty seems uncertain about how OSA operates when he and Rinder used to run OSA. It is this continued dishonesty with his readers that reflects poorly on Marty’s true intentions.

    I am a pro-tech, pro-LRH Scientologist, but I cannot communicate or find agreement with Marty or his inner circle. (I was never in the FZ or any other squirrel group.) Doesn’t it seem odd that they spend more time communicating with Aaron and other anti-Scientologists if they are trying to build an independent Scientologist community? (I understand why Marty’s friends are uncomfortable communicating with a declared SP like me, but they claim to also be declared, so it is doesn’t add up.)

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  18. Aaron – get some help, mate.

  19. For the record, LastAnon wasn’t banned. Check out the post again. It was a joke. A purposely un-funny one.

    I love WWP, but it’s a pack of dogs, and every once in a while there’s a dogfight. It happens.

    For the future, let’s refrain from posting email addresses and names of folks. I’m going to violate my usual no-censorship laws and redact a bit, just to help everyone guard their privacy.

    Let’s all try to get along!


  20. redaction fail; ya missed a couple

  21. BTs2Free (John Peeler) already revealed the stuff that Marty is now rambling about 1 year ago on OCMB:

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