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Aaron Saxton on the Scientology mindset

Aaron Saxton, an ex-Scientologist and former Sea Org bad-ass, originally posted the following as a comment on ABCs of the RPF, but I thought it deserved a spot as a blog entry (for which Aaron has made a couple of edits and additions). I especially like the questions Aaron raises about what the Independents are doing with their time, energy and money. Read on for some great insights into the hive-mind of a Scientologist and why independent Scientology really isn’t any different from Scientology in the Church of Miscavige.

We can forget about the BS of trying to write off the responsibility of the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) to someone else who wrote it and got it signed off by [Scientology founder] L. Ron Hubbard.

I have heard this line used many times about various policies. Let’s get one thing very straight, the RPF and the type of punishment that LRH dished out on the Ship was RIGHT THERE in front of him. It is fact that LRH would personally assign people to the RPF, including children in front of the musters for all to see. That is fact.

The RPF started because LRH would assign children and people to the Bilge Pumps to do demeaning work, often without food or water for long periods of time.

What is wrong with independent Scientologists like Marty and Mike?

It is simple and very sad – they can no longer evaluate. [Ed. note: In Scientology, auditors are taught not to evaluate what their preclears (subjects/clients) say, with the subtext that any evaluation is a bad thing.] That ability has been wiped. It was wiped by accepting a belief system that overrides any requirement to reason or question.

This DM stuff is wearing very thin. It was LRH that personally trained [current Church leader] David Miscagive from a child. If anything sent DM insane, it was Scientology, just like it did Marty, Mike, Otto, Bill Robertson, Mayo and every other major exec that has ever left there.

The disharmony in Marty’s life, Mike’s, DM’s, LRH’s with their family “suicides” and deaths is just the tip of the iceberg.

Did you know LRH authorised his Messengers to be able to assign anyone to the RPF without a Committee of Evidence? That is how most get there – assigned by Messengers. Usually based on hate and anger.

To date, Marty has failed to do the most obvious thing – show us proof that DM altered anything. Not a shred of proof.

And if anyone wants to know the real reason Mike and Marty do not spill the real beans on DM, it is because they have huge crimes, too – that they have not admitted to that includes murder and abduction.

If they spill the beans on DM about other activities, then they go down for it also. I would like to point out that Mike, nor Marty has given us the names of the operatives the Sea Org uses – I have met them, but do not know their names, and yet Marty and Mike have not even admitted that they even met these people at all.

After Marty screwed up BIG TIME in 93/94 & 95, DM never trusted Marty after that, he was always going to be a patsy that DM could later put stuff on. Because of this, Marty was always going to leave the SO and attack. DM and others knew this, so they made very sure he never got his nose into anything serious at all.

Greg Wilhere, Norman Starkey – these types KNOW stuff because they were trusted.

I truly love how the independents can attack any critic for any error, any color of bad character in a critic and find that reason enough to say “they are liars and should not be trusted”, yet the greatest liar proven time and time again – LRH – is to be trusted.

The warped thinking is really deep brainwashing.

When these guys were sitting in auditing chairs, they thought they were recalling memories to find out more information. They had no idea that their Synaptic gulfs were being dumped by neural transmitters and that they were rewiring to new pathways to create new memories and augment the ones that they already had. The reason why every bad or good thing that happens to an independent in their mind is either Affinity, Reality or Communication is because their brains have been rewired to auto select these options.

It is easy to do.

This same irrational computation is the same reason why they will not see LRH for what he was or Scientology. Their brains have been rewired.

And the only way to deprogram a brain is to cause a crash in it. And they will not let that happen and will try to avoid Scientologists from letting that happen.

You see, if they were to admit LRH was wrong, that would tear down the entire structure of their thinking and their brain. It can have serious consequences.

Rather than find anything wrong, they will only find anything that validates Scientology.

Funnily enough, Marty’s viewpoint is exactly like LRHs to other technology of the mind. Which is exactly the same as DM’s and the Sea Orgs viewpoint of other technology. They will create a religion, expel anyone that does not follow it all the while stating “you are free to think what you like” but you are not.

For people who think they are so different, they are almost identical and will give identical answers to life’s “most important questions.”

Anon can save the newbies and get the front doors reduced to a slow flow. As for the ones in there, do not give them much hope, they are pretty much done like a dinner.

Of all the people that were ever in Scientology, I only met but a handful that ever were capable of walking away from it and LRH.

Even Scientology’s biggest critics in Australia still sit there working out how they will go OT and working out how to find another path to eternal memory and life.

They are the saddest people.

These “ex’s” are so unreliable because at the end of the day, they are suffering from “battered wife’s syndrome” and still sit there today with their little Scientology books wondering about the true route to Operating Thetan.

They never left Scientology thinking. They just walked away from the abuse. They never understood what really happened or why they were duped.

The ones worth saving are the ones that are about to walk in the door and get the wrong answers to life’s questions.

If you want to know the biggest lie in Scientology, it is that when you first walk in there, and for years to come, grown adults look straight at you and tell you bullshit like “Yes, I can go exterior when I want to” and “OT VIII’s took out the Berlin wall and were secretly auditing there when it happened” and other crap like “In 1992 Hurricane Andrew didn’t hit the Fort Harrison hotel because we ‘willed it not to’.”

Grown adults lying straight at you telling you about all these abilities they do not even have. Children believe adults – and they fucking betray us with their weak minds and shitty dreams rather than reality.

Mike Rinder is getting money together to fight Scientology. He isn’t saving up money to get his kids through proper education when they finally get out of the SO.

Mike and Marty aren’t paying doctors to review people who have left the SO and Scientology to find out what damage the Purif or bad nutrition has done to them – they are saving up for an E-Meter.

Independents are getting their kids to Clear and OT. Screw meeting people in other countries, expanding their minds or getting a degree.

Their thinking is completely warped and they have the wrong priorities. You see, if they knew the truth about LRH at the start they (I hope) would never have gone into Scentology or the Sea Org – I know I wouldn’t and this is why millions will not now – they know the truth. Marty and his clan are in love with an image created about LRH that is fiction – it was a total lie, but now they defend the existence of a man who never actually existed.

The reality is that for 25 years these independents have been in Scn and stated for years they had marvelous wins – were they lying? Yes, they were, to themselves the whole time and they are about to do it all over again.

If these independents were for real then they would provide LRH tech for FREE to the world. Rather than posting all the books online for others to see, they post statements about DM. Rather than help homeless or better social issues, they help themselves. They handle their friends’ problems but will not handle their own children’s problems.


Whether or not they are in the C of S they will contribute to it by pushing LRH tech, they will buy books, they will buy e-meters. Either way, the C of S still makes a buck out of them.

Soon you will see front groups, corporations, trusts, property, tax incentives, it will all start to have a familiar smell to it. The same smell LRH gave it. DM did the same. Marty is doing the same. Soon his followers will be told that all critics are liars. Marty will show proof of this to them. Soon comments that offend Scientology will be removed. [Ed. note: Already happening!] Soon his followers neck deep in will not be able to question.

No independent has seen any evidence of changed or altered tech – just the “word” of a few people. If they go back and get the original LRH they will find it is almost identical and will have the same result – Marty will start to tell them who is a squirrel, who is a knock off and that his is the one true tech.

Sound familiar? Independents are suckers because they like it that way.

Scientologists claim to have above normal intelligence – bullshit bullshit bullshit.

I will pay $500,000 to a group of Independents – that are highly publicly visible if that group of 50 persons will outperform 50 members of Anon in a proper IQ test.

In fact, I challenge Nancy Many, Marty and his wife, Jim, Mike and Mike’s wife to take an official IQ test and an SAT in the next month.

If they can beat 6 members of Anon that I will randomly chose, I will go to the Shrine Auditorium and streak in front of DM.

The bet is on.

Wait to you see how fucking stupid and retarded these tossers really are.

It is a serious bet. I got the balls, I doubt they do.

Their excuse? It is not about IQ, it is about “knowing”… — Aaron Saxton