Don’t worry, Caliwog is still here!

My apologies for the recent lack of activity – now that I’m back from vacation, it’s taking me longer than I expected to get caught up in my outside life. I haven’t been shut down by OSA or Marty and Mike’s super-powers; I’ve just been very busy, but I still have lots to say about Scientology, Marty, Mike, Dave and the Church, and I’m gonna keep on sayin’ it. Stay tuned and thanks for your patience.


9 responses to “Don’t worry, Caliwog is still here!

  1. Has anyone else seen that piece of crap on Marty’s blog, the supposed “communication to COB”??

    It doesn’t take a genius to see that one was recreated. In all my time in the SO, I have never seen such a report that lakes the Scientology terms – especially the SO terminology it should.

    It is fake. 100%

    There are many tell-tale signs, but the most obvious is the use of the word communication. In all my time, in the thousands of messages I have seen, it is ALWAYS “comm”. SO members don’t have time to be wordy – we used abbreviations ALL THE TIME.

    The best tell-take sign? The writer used the word “love” BULLSHIT. We always used affinity – even when conveying what someone else was saying.

    Marty – you failed to deliver anything of substance against DM or Scientology, and now your making crap up. Piss off.


    Now Marty is making shit up. And his followers call him a “savior of the planet”. These guys truly are a waste of space. donate to Ethiopia before donating to these guys.

    P.S. he is blocking comments form people pointing out the obvious BS of the communication.

  2. Yeah, I nicely asked Marty about the strange lack of any scientology lingo or abbrv. in the supposed “correspondence” – even provided an excuse for him that he might of cleaned it up so the general public/media could understand it – comment was banned.

    In all my years of reading internal documents from the cult, I always had to look up definitions and abbreviations contained within them. Not once did I have to do this with Marty’s latest post – it was all normal English. That just doesn’t happen in the cult’s missives.

    (Hell, normal, non-confidential, unimportant communication between two Scientologists can be almost impossible to read if you don’t know the cult lingo and their billions of abbreviations.)

    I believe there is some factual information in Marty’s post – but mostly its been something recreated from some SO member’s memory. Marty figures he drops in enough inside knowledge – like what TC calls his bus, models of motorcycle and vehicles he’s owned, gifts he’s bought – and it will pass or at least be enough to freak out TC/DM. I don’t believe Marty’s post is any type of an actual internal report to DM. I believe its just some known insider details added to one particular day a SO member is doing his very best to recall and write up for Marty to pass off as DOX to his sheep – no one else will buy it.

    Recently I’ve been trying to point out to Marty’s posters that he’s never really posted “DOX” – or Marty’s groupies don’t know the meaning of DOX and just like to toss the word around. I pointed out in a comment that “proving origin” was far more important than almost anything else in these matters, content means nothing if you can’t verify its source. Of course, that comment too was banned but I now notice he’s at least typed up some sort of weak header for his latest post – so even if he’s banned the comment he took some notice or else that weak sauce header wouldn’t have been there.

    When Marty provides either scanned hard copies or header/source info. from emails maybe I’ll pay closer attention – but until he does Marty and Mike are simply asking me to take their word for it. The “word” of two guys who made their career and spent 20 plus years telling bold face lies for a criminal cult. For years we all knew how to tell when Marty or Mike were lying – their lips were moving. Nothing has been demonstrated to me to believe that’s changed.

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  4. Thanks Aaron for pointing out the obvious.

    This man, who still has to make up for the damage he has done to dozens or hundreds of OSA/GO victims — count me in — wants to do nothing else but take over the apparatus.

    It is amazing, how all of a sudden this former top guy doesn’t recall all the programs he approved and signed into action, and which at the end were his statistic. Quite in the spirit of ElRon, who said: “The purpose of the
    suit is to harass and discourage rather than to win. The law can be used very easily to harass, and enough harassment on somebody who is simply on the thin edge anyway, well knowing that he is not authorized, will generally be sufficient to cause his professional decease. If possible, of course, ruin him utterly.”

    Forget any psychological explanations, this is a simple power game. And it is played by the Gollums of this game. If he and his friend had truly intended to clean up the mess they helped create, they would have gone to the FBI, confessed, gotten temselves into a witness protection program and the authorities would have raided the various facilities and make their 1976 (?) discovries at the CC look like an Hors d’ouevre.

  5. Aaron – can you really be “100%” it’s fake? Did you watch him write it?

    I think it’s a very dangerous game he’s playing if he started making stuff like that up. What I mean is, if the Co$ could prove it was a fake then he looks like an idiot.

    In terms of risk/reward it doesn’t seem worth it. It’s not a major deal, just some KR from a minor player. It makes TC seem like a bit of a prick, and it demonstrates the level of surveillance he’s under. Wanting a discount on a Ford? What a dufus!

    I think (and of course I can’t be 100%) that it’s come from the hard disk of the guy who recently blew. In which case that’s cool, because the Co$ can’t complain about it specifically since that would prove its authenticity.

  6. Marty knows the Scientology lingo just as well as you, Aaron.
    Assuming that he really faked the document, why would he leave out the scilon lingo, when he knows exactly how those internal reports read and when he definitely could make a fake that uses the Scientology terminology and that would then look more legit?

    That doesn’t make sense.

    Therefore the lack of scilon lingo is no evidence that the document was faked by Marty.
    More likely either
    a) the document is real and it is just a coincidence that the language is not so full of Scientology abbrevations and words as other documents or
    b) Marty changed some of the Scientology terms to make it more readable for the public, because he hopes for media coverage

    Still i wonder why he didn’t just scan the original document.

  7. @ Anon:
    Marty didn’t post the original document because it doesn’t exist. Don’t you think he would of??
    Marty uses the word “DOX” but he has not provided ANY so far. He is a fake.

  8. Ho hum. I was recently censored/blocked, so I think I’ll leave my opinion here. For Tom Cruise, my heart bleeds purple puppy piss. This guy has money coming out of his ears, and yet he still finds it completely acceptable to use slave labor at Int to do his laundry, fix his villa if it’s destroyed in a landslide, plant and remove flowered meadows for his pleasure, have hangars made for him, and probably wiping his butt too. The love-bombing has gone to his head, Scientology has him thinking he’s close to or at demi-God status, all the while his career and credibility crumble. I don’t wish the guy any ill will, and I don’t think Marty’s post is going to do much damage to Tom’s insulated CO$ world. CO$ did all the damage it needed to years ago, and in the past 5 years we’ve been seeing evidence of that.

    As for Marty’s post, dox have an origin. It doesn’t look like an email, it doesn’t have any letter head. I can put anything I want in bold italics, doesn’t mean squat. However, I read Marty’s blog for things like Tom’s hangar. To me, that does give evidence that CO$ is so innucleated in Tom’s life, it might destroy him (psychologically) to leave. That’s the only time I can picture myself having any shred of sympathy for him.

  9. is u peoed on DM?

    Whos mardy?

    Welcome back aaron.

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