Hubbard calls Scientologists “insane”

I’ve been reading History of Man, and I came across this little tidbit:

“The relatively sane are capable of accepting evidence and the insane are not.” — LRH

Scientologists – both independents and Church-going – are usually very unwilling to read criticisms of the Church, even when such criticisms come from truthful and provable evidence.

Does that mean Scientologists are insane? According to his own definition, Hubbard seems to think so!


20 responses to “Hubbard calls Scientologists “insane”

  1. The lunacy of the History of Man is astounding. Simply astounding.

    But you know what, it won’t help even the ex-Scios to move on with their lives.

    I remember this one dickhead I sat with in Australia, Kevin Mackey. In the News Room the reporter asked us if we believed in all this BS, and we all replied “no.”

    It turns out that Kevin Actually did. And after his fine comments “Scientology is the art of self delusion.” he then later claims that he would not be opposed to Scientology “going wild” and spreading everywhere – just as long as it isn’t controlled by the Sea Org.

    This guy has a messed up kid, who he no doubt thought he could help “cure” to which he has found Scientology wild or not wild just doesn’t bloody work, but there he is supporting people who splurt out Scientology to anyone.

    This is a prime example of idiocy.

    This guy was OT VII, spent near a million with the church and at the end of it, all he can think is “the mgmt is screwed up.” But scientology is OK to be out there – the same BS that made him think the was he thought that got him in so much trouble.

    My point?

    Regardless of his thoughts and beliefs you can throw at him a huge number of facts, but his ego is in the way – someway they will justify holding onto a slither of belief.

    A lot of these ex-Scios are all in the same boat – they are holding onto a belief that trapped them in the first place. You can show all the decrepancies
    in history of Man and the vast texts of Scientology. It will not help those that will not be willing to go back, get educated and find the mechanism that got them in so much trouble.

    I have been reading ESMB of late and I am saddened to see the same old types talking the same old shit, defending/fighting the tech/Scientology organization/delivery blah blah blah. I think half of them sit there wondering what part of Scientology they can make work or find who to blame. The real target is themselves, and when they simply put their hands up and go “OK, I admit, I was duped, I will move on.” they never will.

    I was always impressed by Carmel Underwood’s husband. One night I was at their place and there was Carmel again going off on some stupid rant about the benefits of this or that…and he just put his hands up and said “Look, we we’re duped! Lets just fucking move on.”

    Carmel took decades out of her life to thank Scientology or LRH for this or that but I never heard her once thank her husband for guiding her though all her bullshit. And there she is again, going off to find the next great thing, another fight, another scrap, and other jab at the Sea Org or Scientology. She will die without knowing what she really was. What it is that made her human – really human. And I think this curse hits a lot of the ex-Scios. They are so closed off that they are ready to study Vitamin C benefits, or become a buddist, or run off the FZ movement; rather than sit their asses down and study and find out where humanity came from, the evolution of mankind, the mind, the brain, the species and life.

    Anther example is Patricia Curtis. Was way up in Scn and now she is with God. WTF? I am imagining the piles of books she must have read to study where she as a human really came from…I ahve to imagine it because she didn’t do it.

    the fear of many ex-Scios is discovering that they are in fact bodies. That they are meat. That they may live just once. that there is no God. Like all fears it is irrational and once you are through to the other side, you then can look back and see how foolish you were, and more importantly look forward and relize how great and wonderful the truth really is.

    Nothing is more fascinating than the truth. It is worth discovering.

    Many of these people who will go on to read in the coming years of all the fraud in Scientology tech will often result in turning away from Scientology, but not towards anything wholesome either. If it isn’t all in one book pretty much, they won’t buy it.

    If they had a place to go to find out, they would do themselves a lot of good. They spent years finding it, when it is often just down the road – a school or a library.

    You can take a horse to the lake. But you can’t make him bloody drink the water. Many Ex-Scios are happy to die of thirst. And with that comes further delusion and more woes beset on their families and loved ones. Lest of all of course, society.

    I support the total destruction of Scientology. Without it, there is a much easier way to live life and a true route to true capabilities. It has nothing to do with magical fluff. Why people try to be something god-like when they have not yet mastered being a civilized member of society with a knowledge and udnerstanding of the world is beyond me. I guess it must be ego. And of course I am still on that path – it goes on for life and never ends. That is also part of the secret that there is no knowledge pill or state of “knowing”.

    You will die not knowing everything and you will die not having all your questions answered. There is nothing wrong with that. Only a coward couldn’t live with all the answers. And our true heros in history took time out not to know everything but to answer a few of them that eluded man for thousands of years. Like Albert Einstein. I doubt he was a good cook. I doubt he could build a coffee table or know how to operate a milling machine. But he could have. But he chose one area and dedicated himself, all the while learning more about what he didn’t know.

    Scios and FZers woudl rather support some getting their grades then a thorough education. Yuck.

    Marty is like this. his blog is full of crap on how to do this or that with Scio. There is not one sound bit of advice or thoughtful constructive information for families or individuals.

    Scientologists are the types to gloat about what they think they know and not look for answers anywhere else unless it is right in front of them – suckers. The FZ movement is the same.

    If they are happy, good for them. I just wish they woudnt go shoving it down peoples throats, but I guess Marty, Like the SO and the FZ movement figured it out – they can’t amke a buck or expand without fresh meat, and that is why I fought them in addition to getting even and then some.

    If the History of Man can not show a person how messed up LRH is, and his creation, Scientology then the problem is not information. It is the inability to evaluate properly and that is a greater problem to handle and have afoot.

    The solution? I don’t know. Each to their own I guess. Go see a professional. I was once a super deluded senior member of the SO, and my polar shift wasn’t from hate or finding something new. It was through evaluation, and learning how to evaluate. I guess i got lucky by meeting the right people who could point me in the right direction. Without the likes of Rebecca Anderson and Richard my brother, I probably would still be sitting there imagining ways of going OT. these suckers htat go see Marty are walking into a trap.

    Screw Marty. So DM, you have my support, whatever it takes to stop Marty, do it. DM, your a punk, too, but your just as terrible as your dozen or so replacements lined up, so I don’t give a hoot. But Marty preys on the ones trying to move on, and that just plain sucks.

    And then of course there is the requirement of the death of Scientology, but I get the idea as the world advances and IQ increases, eventually, perhaps in 100-150 years, Scientology will go way of the dinosaur.

    What a long rant, I’m off to bed, another beautiful day awaits in a beautiful city with good people. What more do I need?

  2. Until you have done a fraction of what Patty and Carmel have done, STFU! You spew and spew and spew about all the inside knowledge you have of abuse in the CoS, yet you do nothing! Take your knowledge to the feds and do something about it. You’re an arrogant, egotistical punk.

  3. Anon, to say Aaron has done nothing is just ignorant. Aaron kicked off the Australian inquiry into Scientology, which could result in the Co$ losing their tax-exempt status in Australia, which would be a MAJOR win for the protest movement. He’s spoken openly and candidly about the abuses in the Sea Org, including those which he’s carried out. And he’s suffered plenty of harassment for his troubles.

    He’s earned a right to speak.


  4. You are wrong Caliwog. Do your research and you will find that Aaron was NOT the one who kicked off the enquiry. He participated in a small role but was not responsible for it.

  5. everyone has a right to their opinion and small role or big role it seems he had one and i personally like reading his opinions so debate, disagree all u want but theres NO reason to be disrespectful if anyone is a arrogant, egotistical punk its me πŸ˜€

  6. You can share the title with Aaron πŸ™‚
    Carmel Underwood (who Aaron now trashes on this blog), was the person who started the whole ball rolling on the inquiry. Aaron along with other Australian exes participated. To give the credit for Carmel’s hard work to Aaron is wrong.

  7. yes that would be wrong, i hate to see anyone not validated but alas my point is name calling and attacking just doesn’t make some people want to take u seriously. i feel you can speak your peace and make a point without attacking.

  8. Anon, regardless of Aaron’s role in the Australian inquiry – and by the way, everything I’ve read was that he wrote the letter to Xenuphon (I love that name!) – he’s still got a right to speak. Perhaps there’s an issue between him and Carmel, and I don’t know why, and I frankly don’t care. I admire anyone who speaks out against Scientology (especially under their own name). Aaron still has a right to speak. So does Carmel. Both are people who had major portions of their lives stolen and wasted by Scientology. You can’t blame them for being angry. I’m sure if you’d had Aaron’s experiences – or Carmel’s – you’d be angry too.

    OhBuddy’s right – you can speak your peace without attacking. If you’ve got a story to tell, by all means, tell it – this is the place to do it!


  9. Ha ha. An annoyed Anon. No surprises there. Perhaps you missed the point in the Australian matter that I was not part of any team to do anything. I simply knew that there had been countless “accusations” against the church in Australia and they were all weak. My testimony exploded with a real punch and allowed finally a government official to speak of fraud, real criminal actions, torture and to be quoted all over the world for the first time without the church being able to silence it or attack the newspapers or those quoting those lines.

    Others who came forward came forward because I did and I have never credited that to myself or stated their names, but they know who they are, and they know what I am about.

    The Church never attacked anyone so viciously as they did I in Australia and that says something.

    Abortions were a dime a dozen and it had been echoed for decades. But the mental torture, torture, underage sex, rape, altering of tax documents, money laundering etc. had not been.

    Your entitled to your own opinion. Not that I give a shit. I never have. πŸ™‚

    I got my pound of flesh and then a whole lot of interest. If everyone else did what I did, the church would be leveled worldwide. I caused them expenses and damages way beyond the norm. Multiply that by 10,000 and the Church would give up – they would not have the resources to cope.

    I guess the point is, is that there are many ex’s out there that could do the same, but they just were not prepared to admit to doing things and owning up – or willing to put their personal details into the media and the internet for history to know about forever, like their family suicides, their sex life or what they went through.

    My sacrifice was pretty heavy, and my personal details and very very intimate details will be part of history forever.

    Few give that much.

    I can trash whoever I like, however I like, and they can do the same. I don not miss the “group” of ex-Scios in Australia, most were total nut jobs in my opinion. The Anon’s were cool though, and I credit them with the real power behind the Church’s demise. I always supported them and they certainly supported me. But the relationship was always temporary – if I was still in Australia, C of S would ahve me in and out of court (as they were doing so earlier this year) for the next decade.

    The Church will not screw with me here. And I leave them alone here, too. I’ve done my bit. And I held back info that would seriously do further damage – but i got to keep something in case they get silly and come for me here, or anywhere.

    Love me or hate me, I delivered a whopping blow to the church, and they felt me. I never went out to be a likable guy and my message during my time was short, sweet and unvarying, unlike others who change their story to suit opinion – and make me sick.

    My motions were commenced in 2005, and the fact that Carmel’s actions were peaking at the same time was just coincidence. With or without her or anyone else, the church was going to get a hiding from me, and they did.

    Make no mistake, Xenophon’s opening attack had to deliver a punch that would not be silenced – and I gave it to him – the total truth as disgusting as it was and completely uncontested by the church because it was all true. And they had never had a former exec stand up and tell the world what HE did rather than “what was done to me”. They just never bet on a person telling the truth and losing all their pride in their acts of sin against so many people and wrecking the lives of so many innocent adults and children.

    I like my new life, and I am happy, and I have made a difference to many people’s lives that is positive.

    I am not a team player and I was out for my own interests. I got what I wanted and then a load more. It was sweet revenge and tasted extremely satisfying. I heard inval for 7 years my friend from the mouths of my seniors and LRH, so your words are just, well, boring.

    So just deal with it.

    Gotta go and get back to live. Ciao.

  10. yes aaron u are cocky but i really love what u have to say and i agree you admitted your crimes( and thats what people need to hear – “what HE did rather than β€œwhat was done to me””) and deserve your freedom and peace for that, but your still gonna hang around here right??

  11. On Caliwog? Sure mate I will hang around.

    One thing I like about Caliwog is that anybody can post anything. Even this Anon guy can say what he wants without a moderator jumping in. I like that and I bet he/she/it does, too. Nice to be anonymous, you can say anything and not take any responsibility for it. πŸ˜‰ ESMB and WWP were like that, too in that respect to posting whatever you liked, although Emma would step in if her golden girls or boys got too much of a thumping. Then again, she is mates with Marty, so what do you expect?

    But I rarely posted in WWP because they don’t and never did need me – they had their heads screwed on straight, but ESMB was a total joke, full on ex-scios putting up more support for LRH and the tech than actual facts about anything else. You got to it and every week some weirdo is posting about process RX3 or success stories “out int he FZ movement”. It truly is a “ex-Scio” board (ESMB) but really is an “Ex-church-still-practicing-BS” board.

    WWP has a plan, long term it is a probable winner. People on ESMB etc are just setting the church up for the big win in the future. No one ever put the hypothetical out there of “500,000” ex-Scios practicing in the FZ in the future. What happens then? I tell you what, the Church will not need to reinstate Scientology in countries where it is outlawed or not looked at legally as a religion – the FZers will. And the Church wins in that respect. There is a good reason why they no longer go after Squirrel groups – it is because they have strategic value int he future and places like ESMB, Carmel, Kevin and even Paul will actually see that their line (long term) with the view “save Scientology, fuck the Cof S style mgmt) is going to allow Scientology to continue, not die.

    If Germany ever comes back, it will be from thousands of sickos saying “we can practise Scientology, it is OK, just not with the Church running it” and they just might resurect it. At the end of the day every FZer needs an emter and a set of stupid HCOBs and HCOPLs and there is only one place that prints that and creates e-meters…the C of S. So they win financially from the FZ movement.
    the target was in 1950 Scientology and it is the same target today. There was no mgmt in Scn in 1950 but it was still doing the same damage. WWPer and Anon and chanology know this which is why they get great results in turning people away.

    All Carmel and Kevin gloated about was getting people out of Scientology – they didn’t give a fuck or a hoot if they were lost after leaving the C of S and turned to the FZ group. Screw them for that. You know hey claimed victory for reducing Scientology in Australia, but only viewed it successful if they left the church – they didn’t give a toss about newbies getting sucked in. WWP gave a toss and that was a key difference. Afterall, Carmel is the one who took her son to get him “fixed of his gayness” and when they rejected her son, that is when she really got angry. In all the years Carmel did what she did (and admitted to nothing really) all she can scream about is being asked ot have an abortion and was once heavy handed at to get stats up. She never wrote a letter saying sorry for regging so many people out fo their money and ruining their finances – because she deep down still is a Scio, keeping all her treasured Scientology books at home to read and apply. Kevin in the same. Someone should look closely at their motives, their family and put the pieces together.

    My motives were crystal clear form the start.

    Now we have Marty there to catch all the loose fish that leave the church and are still stuck with Scientology on the brain. Yay.

    Education works. And that is what WWP does. So all the power to them. As for ESMB, we would be better off without it. Period. then again, it aids to show people how strange in the head Scios can be in or out fo the Church so to that extent intelligent and educated people will run a 100 MPH before touching a Scientology or Dianetics book.

  12. Just take a look at the crap you just posted. I rest my case.

  13. What are your crimes????? What have you done??????

    Oops, sorry, my “inner Scientologist” just slipped out.


  14. Anonymous (above) is clearly upset. Someone give him an ARC X session.

  15. Caliwog, I feel ya. After two years of repeatedly showing the same people hundreds of pieces of valid evidence, they still ignored it. It’s always 72 degrees and sunny in the Truman Show. It’s FRUSTRATING.

    As far as exes go, I came to a conclusion: some people are simply more bouyant than others (in terms of their personality). Some people have the strength to say “I was fooled” or “I was misled”, and some people simply do not. I wonder if for some people admitting that would cause a mental breakdown or some kind of psychosis.

  16. I am not a qualified therapist, but I would suggest to readers that anyone may feel at least upset if they discover they have been fooled – especially by people or a thing that they had put great trust in. And I would suggest that depending ont he value that the person had placed on those ideas of trust, that it could lead to psychosis or other mental disorders.

    All of which are easily treatable conditions that should not be ignored. But they may take longer than an “intensive” of hours to resolve.

    One thing to remember is that when blogging, or commenting on articles, often one may write something to have a desired effect or result to the reader. The personality of the writer or casual person who makes comment may not be actually be accurately portrayed in the media of choice.

    Emotions, information and opinion are merely tools in any given agenda to show truth or information to sway opinion.

    I would suggest that often the reason why a person was fooled int he first place be be often the result of a pre-existing condition which is only worsened by the con in the first place and made harder to treat after years of having layers added.

    Some may think that in my life, I would have family members rabidly against Scientology when in fact I still have members of my family who believe in it’s workability. While this may be the source of some frustration, I am also aware of the underlying condition which causes this inability to see what is going on.

    You still love people you want to love regardless of their beliefs and opinions. Sometimes it is hard. A least they are open enough to know that disconnection is wrong when used by LRH in the way he advised. So at least they can see that, and for that I am grateful and I can see that they are not being entirely unreasonable.

    One of my brothers has Otto Roos as his father.

    Life is a balancing act for all of us.

  17. I often do not share things that are personal to me all that often. There is a song that was played in New Zealand on a QUANTAS advrtisement when I was a child. Soon after or thereabouts my father took his own life.

    It always reminded me of the tragedy and the feeling he must have had dying, believing with certainty that he would come back. I have a lot of emotion with this song. I think taking his own life was one of the most cowardly things to do, as well as one of the bravest.

    I think of this song of the tragedy he felt in his own life, ending with the triumph of knowing he would come back, and all the expectations he had about that.

    I was the last one to see him alive and delayed in stopping him from going off to do this horrible thing. I always wonder about his last thoughts, and in his delusion, I hope he felt triumphant about going away, and coming back – in his own mind.

    It is a beautiful piece of music, possibly one of the best ever written. I also felt this emotion about myself finding a new path after Scientology. I know a few other people who found their own paths, and I hope this music reminds them of the joy they felt in finding that path – whatever it was.

  18. I’m sorry that happened. Braving the unknown is indeed one of the bravest things a person can do. No one really knows exactly what happens after a person dies, but there’s a lot of opinions. I remember this song, btw.

    With that, I’ll share something personal, if I may. My Aunt and I were close, she was this cute little Polish immigrant that became a real estate agent. She wanted to be Nun, but she gave it up to take care of an uncle paralyzed by war and alcoholism. She got a tumor, docs said she had 3-6 months, and I wanted to say my final goodbye. I was told no by my mother and uncle. So, for one of first five or so times in my life that I actually prayed, I just wanted to say goodbye. That night I had a dream, there was a place with people milling around. She came out of the crowd, silently hugging female members of my family, and she stopped at me. She said “I’ll see you again someday”, she smiled, and walked off. That morning, I announced to my stepfather that she was gone. He got pale and didn’t say anything for a few minutes, and quietly admitted she passed over the night, unexpectedly from a heart attack.

    This is why the afterlife to me is very real. It’s not even a religious thing, ya know? No priest, shaman, or holy man ordained that. Some people don’t believe in Gods or God, but in the power of belief itself. This thing that happened to me, in a roundabout way, helped bring me out of a very dark place. I have the same hope as you, finally feeling free is an awesome feeling indeed.

  19. Dreams are projections of parts of our mind.

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