Caliwog to the Church: Leave Marty alone! Caliwog to Marty: Look up “Black op”!

In today’s blog entry, entitled Miscavige Black Ops* Squad Hits Corpus Christi, Marty talks about the harassment he’s getting from private investigators apparently hired by the Church of Scientology. According to Marty, he and his wife Mosey can’t even go out to dinner without being followed.

Some might accuse Marty of exaggerating, but knowing what I know about the Co$, I’m sure Marty’s accusations are true. And for the record, I think it’s reprehensible.

The Church may see Marty as an enemy, but following him and harassing him is morally wrong. It also makes the Church of Scientology look ridiculous. And as much as I love it when the Church looks ridiculous, I think the Co$ should call off their attack dogs and let Marty live in peace.

Who is really to blame?

Marty blames David Miscavige for the PIs, but as I’ve pointed out before, DM is simply following the policy laid out by L. Ron Hubbard.

I’ve discussed LRH’s directives about private investigators as described in the Manual of Justice, a secret document distributed only to Scientology management. (See The Truth about Scientology and Private Investigators.) Hubbard was careful to keep any mention of these shady tactics away from “public” Scientologists (which might explain skepticism of Marty’s accusations by Church members).

I’ve only found one reference to detectives or private investigators in open policy, and that was this brief mention in HCO PL (Policy Letter) 15 August 1960, DEPT OF GOVT AFFAIRS:

“All contracts, filings with the government, all tax reports and their preparation, corporation minutes, annual meetings, legal papers, suits against and by the corporation, whether HASI Ltd or HCO Ltd., all legal investigatory work and detectives, all contacts with government agents, bureaus and departments, all assistance to governments, messages to governments, handling answers from governments or courts shall be cared for by the Department, whether to advance or protect Scientology or its corporations by government or legal channels.” — LRH [emphasis added]

Scant though it may be, this mention does provide evidence that hiring private investigators is Scientology policy as directed by L. Ron Hubbard. David Miscavige was not even four months old when this policy was written.

One might wonder why a religion would have any need for detectives or private investigators. One might also wonder why Marty is so intent on defending L. Ron Hubbard, the man who is responsible for the harassment about which he is complaining… but that’s Scientology for you.

* A quick side note to Marty: While you’re word-clearing “Ponzi scheme,” you might want to look up “black ops”. Black operations are, by definition, covert. As per LRH’s policy on “noisy investigation,” DM’s goons are not covert; they are very, very overt (hence your ease in spotting them). Therefore, this is not really a black op, just as the Super Power building is not really a Ponzi scheme. Better watch those MUs**, Marty; the True Believers are going to nail you on that.

** MU: Misunderstood word. A big no-no according to LRH: “Never go past a word you do not fully understand,” he wrote. “The only reason a person gives up a study or becomes confused or unable to learn is because he or she has gone past a word that was not understood.” (And here you were, thinking you gave up second-semester chemistry because the professor assigned too much work.)


One response to “Caliwog to the Church: Leave Marty alone! Caliwog to Marty: Look up “Black op”!

  1. Per Scientology think when you get a positive result from auditing, the cause is not the auditor, it is LRH.

    When you get a negative result is it never LRH, it is the auditors fault.

    When you get policy applied that helps you, it is LRH as the great help.

    When you get Policy applied against you that hurts you, it is DM’s fault.

    Some pretty serious double standards are being levied by not LRH, but by LRH’s stupid moronic followers that actually think like like this. You can see why they are easy targets.

    I kind of like the idea of Marty being followed. I think it suits him. and honestly, I think he likes it, it gives him a good reason to live, keeps him spuing out stories about nasty PIs that do nothing, and lats of of all, but not least, gives him a reason to hate DM rather than LRH. If Marty only knew that if LRH were around today, he would probably order Marty nearly executed or worse, a Paulette Cooper or Con Sova job.

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