Lulz alert: Scientology hangs cross on Super Power building, Marty Rathbun claims credit

The Church of Scientology sent out an email announcing a cross-hanging celebration for the Super Power building in Clearwater, Florida, which has been under construction for over twelve years.

Marty Rathbun’s response: “You’re welcome.”

I suppose this isn’t really newsworthy, but it is irksome. The protest movement has been talking about the Super Power building — perhaps one of the biggest wastes of Scientology parishioners’ money — for years.

Marty says that “Super Power is a Miscavige Ponzi scheme.”

First of all, a Ponzi scheme is one in which investors are paid with funds coming in from other investors. Money for the Super Power sinkhole is not returned to Scientologists, so this is not a Ponzi scheme. (Marty, you might want to Google those impressive-sounding phrases before you use them in public.)

Second, Super Power isn’t David Miscavige’s scam. Yes, the Super Power building may have been DM’s initiative, but it was LRH who made the first unkept promise of when Super Power would be delivered:

“Super Power will be delivered at Saint Hills within the next 6 weeks….” — LRH, RON’S JOURNAL 30, 17 December 1978

Ron promised Super Power in early 1979, and seven years later, when he died, it hadn’t been delivered. Even now, more than thirty years later, only a handful of people have allegedly received the Super Power rundown. Ironic, because in the same Ron’s Journal, LRH said:

“There is no reason a Dianetic Clear should be denied the powerful gains which research made available in ‘78 (see above). For the public who have gone Dianetic Clear, and those who haven’t, Saint Hills will become a mecca where they obtain the most excellent results obtainable in Super Power.” — LRH, ibid

Ron was pretty vague on what exactly Super Power would do, promising simply that the Super Power rundown “puts the person into fantastic shape unleashing the super power of a thetan.” Leaked versions of the Super Power rundown include instructions to “Get the idea that you have infinite power” and “Get the idea of you causing all 8th dynamics to assume the viewpoint of all 8th dynamics.” According to Scientology’s Tech Dictionary, the 8th dynamic is “the urge towards existence as infinity. This is also identified as the Supreme Being… this can be called the infinity or God dynamic.”

You can interpret that as you wish; to me, it sounds like Super Power promises Scientologists that they will become God.

But I digress.

The point is that Scientology has been promising Super Power for over thirty years and wasting Scientologists’ money on the Super Power building since 1998. And Scientology protesters have been pointing this out for years.

And now, when Miscavige hangs a cross, Rathbun claims credit? Please.

Marty has been railing against the Church (and rightfully so) for their haranguing of members for money to complete seemingly endless projects like the Ideal Orgs and Super Power building. But let’s not forget that Marty was a member of the Church’s upper management when the Super Power building was started, and didn’t leave until six years later — more than enough time to compete the building. Why didn’t he get it done then? Why didn’t speak out then?

Ironically, many of the same people posting comments that say how brilliant Marty is for pointing this out are the same people whose money he wasted while helping to run the Church.

Marty closes his post by saying he has re-thought his response. “Perhaps instead of ‘you’re welcome,'” he writes, “it ought to be ‘I’m sorry.'”

You got that one right, Marty.



7 responses to “Lulz alert: Scientology hangs cross on Super Power building, Marty Rathbun claims credit

  1. Two things here:

    First i take offense to Marty slagging off the promo – this is the sort of shit he spewed out and applauded to and made people do so for 2 DECADES. Screw him for being such a hypocrite. It is clear anything DM or the C of S does he will just shoot down – the true hallmark of a guy who is simply pissed off.

    Second, I finally had my source in Europe confirm it – I always wondered why the Church had such a strong drive in in recent years for donations – and now I know why.

    In the 90’s it is no secret that Matt Feshbach was the source of the investment schemes used by the Church for their overseas investments. They took risks – Stock Options and hedging.

    Well, they got caught out on the stock market crash. Big Time. My source has roughly indicated it at $400 M on up in losses. Their donation drive is not just to “sand bag” money – it is to make up for the devastating losses they suffered and are still suffering having to pay the margins that are being called in.

    It finally makes sense why the money isn’t going anywhere. The of C of S lost the bloody money. And My suspicions were confirmed.

  2. It may be worth noting that Heber did superpower in 1994. I attended his conference at the HGB where he gloated how “powerful” he now was. Where is Heber these days?

    the real problem with superpower is how to deliver a bunch of absolute bullshit to the public who already can’t swallow OT. Superpower goes beyond this. It is all about perceiving what people are thinking, guessing the thickness of walls, knowing what the weather is like on the other side of the planet – I shit you not.

    I was pleased to see what happened in Australia in regards to the scrutiny that Scientology is going under there. The fact remains that scientology will be with us forever in some form – there is a sucker born every minute to swallow the garbage. The good news is that despite what some people think, people who run democracies actually do a pretty good job and while the world is not perfect it is far from a point where government officials will swallow the bull.

    Being detached from any fighting against Scientology I sit back with amusement and look at what the Freezoners, Marty, ESMB and WWP do and I find it all a little surreal.

    I admire everyone in their continued persistence at pointing out the flaws of Scientology.

    I spoke to Mike Ferris last night for almost 50 minutes about it. Our families go back to when I was a toddler. Mike used to be a good friend of the family. It is ironic now that he has attempted ot get me on charges of blackmail and extortion in New Zealand and his buddies in Australia have tried to get me locked up there.

    One interesting thing about what Mike Ferris said to me was in regards to who is behind the attack on Scientology. He was fishing around, trying to find out whatdrug company it was. He just didn’t get it, you know? It is just people who are free minded who will not tolerate such bull from Scientology and their screwed up ways.

    He admitted that the fight in Australia was rough, and that they had been done-in there, but made the veiled mention that “in 20 years Scientology will be bigger than you can possibly imagine”. It is things like this that let you know your dealing with people who have totally lost their grip on reality and think that anyone is fair game to being conned.

    I spoke to Mike about LRHs past and what he thought about the facts that had been raised in courts proving LRHs past is a myth. His answer? He had seen documents supporting both sides. When I asked about the documents that were shown in court that showed without a doubt LRH was a fraud, he said he had not seen them and the Sea Org had not provided them. He still can’t see the lies.

    It shows the point that rather than being about fact vs. lies that for some it is about their delusion and acceptance of whatever feels good to them. Some people aren’t into facts. they are just into delusion.

    Similiar to the FZ movement and Marty.

    Let suckers be suckers.

  3. “The point is that Scientology has been promising Super Power for over thirty years and wasting Scientologists’ money on the Super Power building since 1998.”

    It goes back before 1998. I recall in 1993 Flag was publishing a magazine to feature cornerstone/keystone (?) donors and the like. The money was already being collected, but the construction didn’t begin until later.

  4. You will also notice in the comments of Marty’s blog about concerns over how many years it will take to train an 18 year old Sea Org recruit to Class XII.

    When I returned to the SO in 1993, there had been an event announcing the IRS victory, a general amnesty (which is why I was there) and an offer to people joining the SO to go directly onto full time tech training. DM wanted a new batch of auditors.

    I hadn’t even seen the event video until I returned. I was expecting to return to INCOMM, but they traded me down to ASHO Fdn. I went onto full time tech training and was told I was going to do the SHSBC.

    There was just one problem. The case prerequisite for the SHSBC is Clear. I wasn’t Clear and had yet done any Bridge actions (raw meat pc). I was getting a C/S 53 to handle other stuff when I was told, instead, that I had “gone past Dianetic clear” — even though I hadn’t had any auditing to explain it.

    I suspect now that the church was trying to push me into accepting that I was already Clear just so they could get me onto the SHSBC without delay. From comments on Marty’s blog, I wouldn’t be surprised if more new SO recruits were being pushed into being Clear (without any auditing).

  5. Hey John,

    Given the definition of clear as it now stands, anyone is a clear – unless your on about 5 grams of weed and then you could be forgiven where you left your keys. But you could on those same 5 grams win a 100 meter sprint for a chocolate bar so I guess that would qualify as an OT state accomplishment.

    It sucks you were traded down, the term is “coined” to ASHO Fdn. I was there around that time.

    That superpower stuff was a total joke. I remember Heber the President telling me and others how great it felt to do Superpower (back in 1993-95) and we really didn’t notice much difference – except his ego.

    My mum was a”Natural Clear”, shit, half the ex-Scios I talk to prior to DMs takeover were declared “Natural Clears” it was the “in-thing” to do prior to 1980, and has been less abundant since.

    I spoke to Mike Ferris (DSA New Zealand) and asked him if he was clear – he said he sure was. I asked if he remembered meeting me last year and the guy couldn’t recall the conversation exactly (I have it on video tape and recorded) and worst off, he got my clothes wrong. Now this is a clown that is the head of a C of S in a country saying he is clear and he can’t remember what he had for breakfast.

    I hope you have devoted that good sense of yours John into wanting to help people in some other avenue that makes a difference. We all were SO for the right reasons and we were all betrayed years before we ever signed that contract by a fat red headed con man that pulled off “the secret” 50 years earlier.

    I tell you man, if the internet was around in 1950, there wouldn’t be a Scientology today.

    If the Internet was around in 1930, there would not be a German Nazi that would have existed.

    All politics aside, I heard a rumor that you john read Bare Faced Messiah and then joined the SO. WTF? If you did, did it not occur to you to verify the claims in the book? And if you didn’t want, then I guess you were always a sucker lined up.

    Tell me that rumor is wrong. I beg you.

  6. Oh God john, please tell me that rumor isn’t bloody true.

  7. This is my third consecutive comment on this post… Is this bad TR3? Ah! I am solo auditing, talking to myself – how Sciontologie of me!

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