Oh no he didn’t!

Is it me, or did Marty just compare his experience in the Church of Scientology to that of the Jews who were tortured and killed by the Nazis? Read for yourself: Man’s Search for Meaning: Recommended Reading.

A little book quote of my own:

Zaphod sighed a “what is the world coming to” sort of sigh to absolve himself from all blame, and swung himself round in his seat.

“Ship?” he called.

“Yup?” said the ship.

“Do what I do.”

The ship thought about this for a few milliseconds and then, after double checking all the seals on its heavy duty bulkheads, it began slowly, inexorably, in the hazy blaze of its lights, to sink to the lowest depths.

— Douglas Adams, Young Zaphod Plays It Safe


2 responses to “Oh no he didn’t!

  1. Again, how can Marty recommend this book? It was written by someone who was thick with thetans. Why can’t the Scientologists see the invalid reasoning behind their tech when blatant things like the book Marty suggests are made. Making a recommendation of this book allows the Scientologists to get hold of incorrect data.
    Le sigh.

  2. would be nice if that was he was meaning to do…. lol

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