Trouble in Russia: Our time is now!

Yesterday’s entry on Marty Rathbun’s blog talks about trouble in Russia. Apparently, the Russian government is beginning to crack down on Scientology, and Marty has reached out to his independent brethren. According to Marty, his friend in Russia said “The best thing that Independents in other countries could do was to continue the work to differentiate Scientology the practice from the Church of Scientology the organization.”

This is the whole goal of Marty’s Independent movement – to try differentiate the practice of Scientology (i.e. old-school LRH Scientology) from the Church of Scientology (as run by David Miscavige).

But are the two really all that different?

In truth, yes, there are some differences. David seems to have made some detail changes in L. Ron Hubbard’s tech (like the “definition of a floating needle” debacle). He’s updated some of the books to mask some of LRH’s more obvious ignorance. The current Church management seems to put more of an emphasis on pure donations, whereas in LRH days they just hard-sold the living shit out of classes and levels. And, of course, there’s David Miscavige’s nasty habit of hitting people (and encouraging staffers like Marty to do the same). LRH preferred to have people thrown into the ship’s chain locker, being smart enough not to get his own hands dirty.

But considering all the other crimes that Scientology has been committing since its inception – breaking up families, paying illegally low wages, providing unsanitary living conditions, and recommending pseudoscientific non-working cures in place of proper medical and mental treatment, just to name a few – the crimes specific to current Church management are small potatoes.

Marty’s apparent goal is to blame all of Scientology’s crimes on David Miscavige, and he has already proven his willingness to lie (sorry, “tell an acceptable truth”) to do that.

Our job as Scientology protesters is not to let that happen.

Luckily, the truth is on our side, and there is a crapload of written proof in the form of LRH’s own policies. Many of the most heinous policies are available on the Web; a dizzying number can be found in a single download from Wikileaks.

Here’s how you can do your part: Read up on LRH policy. And when you read, see or hear someone blaming David Miscavige for something that LRH authored, point it out. If you do this on a blog like Marty’s, your comment might well get censored – but that’s okay, because the moderators know that there are lots of us who know the truth.

In fact, I encourage you to comment on Marty’s site. Imagine if, along with the two hundred comments he gets telling him what a cool frood he is, each post were to get one hundred comments from people who know what the truth is and are willing to tell him he’s full of shit. Marty moderates every comment, so what you write will be read — and if enough come in, it’s bound to rattle his cage a little. (And when your comment does get censored, you can post it on my Censored by Marty page.)

Lucky for us, most outsiders quickly realize that all of Scientology is a crock. Better yet, most Scientologists don’t think outsiders will come to that realization, because it all makes sense to them. Still, you have smart folks like Mike and Marty who know how to manipulate the media. (Remember, Mike Rinder spent years as a professional Church spokesliar, and he was quite good at it.) So it’s important that we do our part. Again, our job is easy: We just have to tell the truth.

Keep the faith, my friends. Stay educated and keep talking. The truth will set all Scientologists free.


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