Ever wonder what a happy Scientologist sounds like?

As Scientology protesters, most of the Scientologists we deal with are angry – either independent Scientologists who are angry at David Miscavige; ex-Scientologists who are angry at Hubbard; or Church members in good standing who are angry at us protesters.

But despite what many Independent Scientologists would like you to believe, there is such thing as a happy Church member. And today, I’d like you to listen to one.

I’m talking about an interview with Craig Jensen, founder of a software company called Diskeeper Corporation. (Ironically, I found the interview through a comment on Marty’s blog.) Craig is a model Scientologist. He’s wealthy and successful, a self-made millionaire several times over. He has his own private jet. He’s achieved OT8 and gives humungous sums of money to the Church of Scientology. People who know Craig tell me he’s an affable, even-tempered guy. And like any good Scientologist, he credits all of his successes to L. Ron Hubbard. Craig is well known among Scientologists, and many look up to him as a model of success through Scientology.

On the surface, the interview sounds like a puff piece for the Church, and I imagine the fact that I’m promoting it will annoy Marty and his band of Independents. (That’s part of the appeal!)

But there’s a second level to this interview, and it isn’t too far beneath the first. Listen to the advice Craig gives on how to succeed with Scientology: Spend more time at your local Org. Spend more time with Scientologists. Look to L. Ron Hubbard’s technology for the answers.

In other words, isolate yourself from the outside world and make Scientology your life.

Other points to listen for:

Nonsense into sense. Craig quotes LRH’s definition of a “cycle of action” (i.e. a task), which is “start-change-stop”. This is simplistic and vague nonsense, as are many of LRH’s maxims, but note how Craig manages to translate it something bigger and more meaningful.

False information about psychiatry. Craig cites the issue of “people on Prozac driving their cars down the street at you at night.” Like any drug, Prozac has its side effects, but none of them would make you a more dangerous driver.

Assumption that all people will react like Scientologists. Example: Reading the “You are an immortal being” sign in an Ideal Org will strike a note of familiarity with anyone who walks in the door and make them feel instantly at home. Is that how you would react?

Acceptance of meaningless Church stats. Craig states, “A thousand new people a week came into the building and experienced something to do with Scientology.” Ideal Orgs are open about 80 hours per week, so that translates to one new person every 4.8 minutes – pretty hard to believe if you’ve ever watched the front door of an Ideal Org. But even if that stat were true, what does “experienced something to do with Scientology” mean? It could simply mean a person walks in, reads the “You are an immortal being” sign, and walks out. And yet Craig extrapolates this to mean a massive expansion of Scientology.

There’s a lot more, but why spoil all the surprises? I will ask you to keep one thing in mind: Craig Jensen is an intelligent man who got rich because he came up with a great idea and implemented it well. I’m sure he’d be just as successful – and probably a lot more wealthy – if he had never heard of Scientology.

Listen and learn, protesters. This is what we are up against.

New Civilization Podcast – Interview with Craig Jensen (MP3 format)


5 responses to “Ever wonder what a happy Scientologist sounds like?

  1. OT8 for the win!

    He has an awesome laugh too.

  2. So visiting MOUALH there is a piece posted about an Independence Day of Independent Scientologists. What strikes me is how many white folk there are in the group. And as I recall all the bits I have seen about org protests and such there do not seem to be that many non-white Scientologist. Is this because those outside of white have a better grounding in reality and do not need to find a group to cling to in order to identify themselves? Just an observation.

  3. ive wondered that myself b^ob

  4. Gladys Kravitz

    Craig said that he was tired of trying to conform to the world, but with Scientology he could conform the world to him. By this backward logic and his convictions, he is conforming through Scientology. (Duh)

    One could also look at this and ask are all those high OT’s all battling each other to conform the world to his/her wishes? Does the highest OT win?

  5. Gladys Kravitz

    And another thing! Did you hear the elitism in hanging out with the high OT’s? ooooh.

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