Scientology does something honest – and Mike Rinder objects!

Yesterday, Mike Rinder posted an entry on Marty Rathbun’s blog entitled Scientology Idle Org Strategy: a sad tale. In case you’re unfamiliar with the whole the Ideal Org thing, it’s a Church of Scientology project to create big, lavish Church buildings (organizations, or “orgs”) to attract more prospects. The Church has been driving hard for donations to buy, build and renovate Ideal Orgs. Independents call them “Idle Orgs” because so many are behind schedule and the finished buildings aren’t attracting new people as promised.

Mike quotes a mailer in which the Church of Scientology does something unprecedented: They explain truthfully why things aren’t going right.

A typical Scientology promo piece about an Ideal/Idle Org says, “We’re so close to our goal! Help get LRH tech grooved in around the planet! Donate $250,000 and become a Patron Savior Meritorious!” Instead, the piece that Mike quotes gives an honest answer about why the Santa Ana Ideal Org isn’t finished yet. I haven’t seen the original, so I’m relying on Mike’s transcript:

“Why is renovation not started and completed? At the time we purchased the building…the plan was to sell our current building [to] provide the money needed to renovate…. Since then, the real estate market has crashed and the valid and available buyers reduced with the economy. The current church facility has not yet sold.”

When I read that, I could hardly believe it was a Church promo piece. They gave a plausible answer! They told the truth! They didn’t blame the problem on SPs or entheta or the psychiatric profession! They gave a reasonable explanation that any rational person could understand: They used the same strategy employed millions of homeowners – buying a new house, then paying for it by selling the old one – and it didn’t work. Plain and simple. And honest.

In fact, I probably wouldn’t believe this was a real Church promo piece except for one thing – the way Mike Rinder responded to it.

As a guy who spent years as one of the Church’s professional liars, you’d expect Mike Rinder to comment on such blatant and unusual honestly. But in typical Independent style, he completely misses the point, writing instead about how the Church hasn’t used LRH tech to develop funds or expand membership and how David Miscavige is full of shit and wrecking Scientology. Holy hell, Mike, here you and Marty are supposedly calling for the Church to change its evil ways – and yet when they take a tiny step in the right direction, you cite it as a bad thing!

But wait, there’s more! In his post, Mike repeatedly refers to Church members as “sheeple.” And yet his post is followed by 300 comments (and counting) from the Cheerleaders, including several by Marty Rathbun hisself, almost all of which echo Mike’s viewpoint: They disparage DM and Co$ loyalists and ignore the unprecedented display of truth. I even posted a comment pointing it out and so far not one of Marty’s parrots has picked up on it. Suggestion to Mr. Rinder: Clear (look up the definition of) the word sheeple.

This post absolutely made my day. I am deeply concerned about the fledgling Church of Rathbunology, but then something like this comes along and I realize that perhaps I don’t have all that much to worry about. Marty and Mike may not have shot themselves in the foot yet, but clearly their aim is getting better with practice.

Read Mike Rinder’s original blog entry here.


P.S. There’s one last bit of truth and irony in Mike’s rant. He says, “The promises this week are no better than the promises last week, last month, last year or last century.” Mike, did you mean “last century” figuratively or literally? Because if you meant it literally, you’ve done a perfect job of summing up my views on Scientology.

9 responses to “Scientology does something honest – and Mike Rinder objects!

  1. Robert Biasotti

    How interesting that MR jr would use the term “sheeple” so disparagingly. He’s made his living off of them for many years. He has survived as one for even longer.


  2. Robert Biasotti

    Dear Caliwog,

    I hope that this is not terribly off-topic, but I wanted to share it with you and yours. I, also, responded to one of Monsignor Rathbun’s blogs: “An Open Letter to Office of Special Affairs (OSA)”.

    MR made repeated reference to DM as “Il Dulce” (sic). I posted an innocuous reply, correcting his spelling/linguistics, and added a question as to whether there may have been an inside joke intended, that might have escaped me. (OK! OK! I left him an “out”, AND a pillow to fall on. I am not TOTALLY without mercy!) The point is that, I never thought that it would clear “moderation”, but it DID, and with the most curious results!

    Ahem! I am pleased to announce to all those here present, that: I, Robert Biasotti, have been declared OFFICIALLY to be an *** OSA AGENT! *** AND, BY NO LESS AN AUGUST PERSON THAN “HIZ HOLLOWNESS” ST. MARTY THE FIRST, HIZSELF! Thank you. Thank you. No, really, Thank you!

    The curious thing is that the freezoner hive didn’t try to sting me to death! I didn’t get one single “Spineless Jellyfish Fuckface”! (Damn! And I tried SO HARD!) The few replies/comments that I received were neutral, some were almost scholarly. Well, “scholarly” for a Scilon (they bothered to look it up on Wikipedia). Most just ignored me! Are they starting to think for themselves? Nah! So, what did I do wrong? Am I chopped liver? After all, I got a rise out of Marty, didn’t I?

    I considered responding to the little putz, and disabusing him of his error, but I kind-of LIKE this. I mean, considering the source, it is very near to high praise. So, I have chosen to accept this award as graciously as I can – but, WHEN DO I GET THAT CUTE LITTLE GOLD STATUE (of Slappy, beating Marty spitless)?

    Hey, Marty, when you type up my SP (Sentient Person) Declare, be sure to spell my name correctly, and my OSA rank is [PTS]^2 (that’s “Perpetual Trouble Source” the quantity Squared). Also, the goldenrod paper is out-aesthetic with my home décor. How about a nice cool cerulean?

    It’s official, folks. I’m a baaad man. Let’s party!


  3. Robert Biasotti

    Oh! Down toward the bottom of the replies, Tory Christman (Magoo) has a series of posts that turned into conversations with the hive. Nobody tried to “sting” her, either!

    Give it a read, it’s fun.


  4. Unity Mitford

    I also tried to correct Marty calling DM sweet milk chocolate but my comment didn’t make it through his mighty censorship shield. I also tried to point out that Il DUCE simply means leader in Italian, like fuhrer means leader in German – most people know this if they were educated outside of the Scientology bubble. However, now Marty is trying to claim it was a deliberate mistake, however it makes no sense. He was given the out of someone stretching it a long way to try and imply Dulce might be some spanish slang for a “gay person” – but I speak Spanish and can assure you there is no such slang. Marty just made a mistake, he doesn’t know his history which is no big surprise, even less of a surprise his ego would never allow him to admit he actually made a mistake.

  5. i think marty is a) either overwhelmed with comment mediation or b) is actually welcoming a little critical thought and to you my friend RB i wonder if your correction of the ll duce term immediatly translated to defending DM which would mean u were infact osa…. i dunno just a thought …..

  6. So Cali, I am afraid to say that what was posted by Marty is a correct response according to LRH:

    ” We own a tremendous amount of property. We own a tremendous amount of material, and so forth. And it keeps growing. But that’s not important. When buildings get important to us, for God’s sake, some of you born revolutionists, will you please blow up central headquarters. If someone had put some HE (high explosives) under the Vatican long ago, Catholicism might still be going. Don’t get interested in real estate. Don’t get interested in the masses of buildings, because that’s not important.”

    L. Ron Hubbard, 31 December 1960 lecture, The Genus of Dianetics and Scientology.

    Therefore Marty’s response is in line with straight from the source LRH “BSI” Tech.

    Special bonus points for understanding “BSI”. 😉

  7. And for the love of all things, please Marty stop posting musings from retarded alien enslaved celebs! Really, Eminem? He must be covered in the stuff.

    Oh, I also really wish we could get past the moderation, the first posting on that latest Marty one by Idle Org, asking for people to see the 800lbs gorilla in the room. Kettle, black!

    Reading that first comment on the Open Letter to OSA, I can only .

  8. B^ob, if you search the tech, you can find LRH quotes that will argue both for AND against the Ideal Org strategy. That is the true beauty of LRH bullshit tech – he gives you ammunition for BOTH sides of any argument! I used to have great fun with this when I had to write my own “on-tech” requests for things. I should do a blog entry on that in the future, it would be great fun.


  9. Robert Biasotti

    Dear b^ob,

    Re: BSI

    Basic Source Idiocy?
    Basically Stupid Instructions?
    Bull Shit Insistence?
    Because Scientology’s Insane?
    Blithering Shit-headed Insolence?
    Blasphemous Sophist Idolatry?
    Or, just simply:

    Bat Shit Insane?

    Did I get it?

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