Censored By Marty: Father’s Day edition

Today’s post on Marty Rathbun’s blog brings us another sad tale of disconnection at the hands of the Church of Scientology – yet another family torn asunder by LRH’s order to “handle or disconnect” from suppressive persons.

As always, the Independent Cheering Section is filled with people lamenting what a sad tale this is. I tried the following softball comment:

A very sad story indeed. I agree that disconnection is a terrible, terrible policy and should be dropped, and I am very happy that Marty is opposed to it. But from what I understand, it was LRH who wrote “Handle or disconnect.” I just don’t understand how this can be blamed solely on DM and not at least in part on LRH. I’m not trying to troll, here; I really do want to understand the Independent mindset. Can someone please explain?


Alas, even this was too much truth for Marty to reveal to his followers, and this comment was Censored By Marty™.

Here’s the punch line: Censorin’ Marty titled this post “Keepin’ It Real on Father’s Day“.

Happy Father’s Day, everyone!


5 responses to “Censored By Marty: Father’s Day edition

  1. Robert Biasotti

    There you go, again! Trying to enturbulate the hive mind! (Good Show! Keep it up, even though it must be frustrating.)

    Actually, I think that you’re doing a great job. Rathbun’s draconian censorship is common among tyrants and would be tyrants. It is a common trait among them, because it is an indicator of one of their shared primary traits: FEAR.

    Mr. Rathbun has revealed his true nature, again. He is a cringing little coward. He cannot answer an honest question. Hell, he can’t even acknowledge that it was ever asked! His delusions of adequacy have over -inflated his fragile ego to the point that he must guard it vigilantly against even the threat of logic’s pin-prick. What a LEADER. What a heroic figure! He is a true son of LRH, a whining, manipulative, bullying coward.

    He stayed in the Co$, even while he was being beaten, because he was a coward. He stayed in his own little fantasy world for years rather than face the terror of the real world. He was more terrified of reality than he was of the beatings and humiliations that he had to endure. Oh, and of course, he DID get plenty of opportunities to treat his subordinates to the same kinds of beatings and humiliations! That was his major “perk”. Shit rolls down-hill, especially with a bully pushing it. Way to get your hands dirty, Marty!

    So, as self appointed referee, I give this bout to Caliwog, by TKO (Total Karmic Obliteration), since MR never had the nerve to throw a punch or even try to block one! He just ran and hid. Did he even show up? Oh, Hell NO. And why? Because, right now, His Holiness Rathbun fears your questions more than he ever feared Slappy’s fists.

    He could take Slappy’s beat-downs and pass them on to those beneath him. He can’t exactly do that with your questions, can he? It must really HURT.


  2. “the Independent Cheering Section”

    That’s very descriptive.

  3. I didn’t get censored, however in one case, the responses to my comment didn’t exactly show an understanding of what I said.


    It was dark humor, but in a way I was serious.

    Serious, in the sense that obviously these guys don’t have a history of thinking on their feet too well.

    I would imagine if I had said that, I would have been censored. Or at best, perhaps my comment would have been allowed through just so someone could attack it.

    I think I saw somewhere in the comments of one of the blog posts, of how others who have pointed out that Marty and Mike have some accountability for their actions, were then called whiners, victims, or scientology-haters.

    Not that I agree with these labels, but playing devil’s advocate here for a moment –

    It appears none of these men did anything about Miscavige’s predilection for shock-value sexual rants.

    So, within their framework of labels, a person could easily turn their labels around on them and point out that all their excuses for no action on their part, were them being a “victim”.


  4. An interesting thing I am seeing is that anyone who leaves the Sea Org are all “heros”.

    Apparently, once they all leave, there will only be the one true bad man left – DM.

    Let us get one thing really straight – it is LRH and not DM ordering SO members to do what they do. I never once received direct orders from DM except on a few occassions, al the rest were from other SO members and the orders I gave were all based on Policy.

    What interests me is how non-exSO think they know LRH policy. The FO’s, Orders of the Day, and a vast other number of other series in the SO written by the Commodore.

    Lots of SO members are assholes and leaving doesn’t change them.

    Same for ex-Scientologists, those that leave the church are no different than those in the Church either.

    The other thing that gets me is how idiots like those on the recent posting by Marty give us their stupid sob story about diaries kept of the abuses… I mean come on, what an idiot, making a diary of shit being “done to him” that was killing him.

    Any sane person would go “Gee, this is making me worse, I think I am going to stop.”

    But no, these ex’s realize all the abuses were happening years ago and retroactive memory looking back.

    It took deaths to get them to wake up? Clearly, they didn’t see the abuse back then and are not seeing the cause of it today.

    Besides, if they really beleive this bulshit, then I guess “good scientology” is good, and misapplied it can kill. I guess that means it must be a mental health practise as last time I checked, your “thetan” can’t kill your body.. Will Marty take up the challenge that if he audits someone and kills them, that he will accept responsibility and pay up?

    Afterall, he wants the C of S to pay up and be responsible…. so I guess so should any person who applies Scientology – not the Church.

  5. Robert Biasotti

    Dear Aaron,

    What you have said here makes a lot of sense. Plausible deniability is an old political tool, and it would be just the kind of tool that the Co$ would use with its mouthpieces. I do have questions, though. As I recall, both Rathbun and Rinder were involved with the Lisa McPherson cover-up. If I am not mistaken, both of them had knowledge of the situation before she died. So:

    1. Are you aware of any knowledge that they might have had of this tragedy? What knowledge might they have had prior to her death? Does either of them share any culpability in her death?

    2. The staff, who were “caring for” Ms. McPherson, had to be making reports to someone during her rundown. To whom were those reports sent? Do you have any info on this?

    3. What were the involvement(s), if any, of Rathbun and Rinder in any of the other strange deaths at the Ft. Harrison Hotel? Can we shatter the “plausible” nature of this deniability?


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