“The responsibility…lies squarely on DM’s shoulders”

Today’s post was inspired by a comment on Marty Rathbun’s blog, posted by Leonore in response to Mike Rinder’s open letter. Leonore said:

The responsibility [for Scientology’s bad PR and down-trending statistics] lies squarely on DM’s shoulders. Personally, I think people are afraid to speak against him because they think it was LRH’s intention that DM take the reigns of Scientology.

Here’s the problem, Leonore: Scientology and LRH have been garnering negative PR since long before DM came to power. There is no shortage of examples, such as this, this, and this. The best-known of Scientology’s crimes – disconnection, the RPF, and a steady stream of lies about LRH’s accomplishments and the “evils” of medicine and psychiatry – all predate DM’s reign of terror. They were dictated by LRH. The policies are there, Leonore; you can look them up and read them yourself.

Maybe those who stay with the Church aren’t afraid to speak out against DM, Leonore. Maybe, like you, they believe in LRH’s technology – but unlike you, they understand that DM is running the Church exactly the way LRH intended.


3 responses to ““The responsibility…lies squarely on DM’s shoulders”

  1. It is excellent to see someone outside the scope of all this activity that accurately sums up what is going without having their evaluations clouded by religion, poor judgement and the inability to evaluate.

    Many of your comments are almost word for word from my own thoughts and evaluations on the subject.

    I will keep viewing your work with an enthusiastic wait.

  2. there are so many factors in trying to explain to someone else about what is scientology and why are u against it, im ashamed to say i get confused just thinking about it because theres so much info…..its really refreshing to basically read what im trying to say to people here on this blog i check it everyday and tell anyone i can about it…

  3. Virginia McClaughry

    I’m enjoying reading your blog – you raise some interesting points.


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