Daily Archives: May 31, 2010

Memorial Day: Remembering Scientology’s dead

Today is Memorial Day, and I thought this was a good time to remember and reflect on some of the deaths allegedly associated with Scientology.

  • Lisa McPherson, died December 5th, 1995, age 36, severe dehydration. After a minor traffic accident, Lisa stripped off all her clothes and walked down the street naked, hoping to get attention and help. Scientologists picked her up from the hospital and locked her in a room for 17 days, applying LRH’s “Introspective Rundown.” When she was weak, unable to move and refusing to eat, Scientologists put her in the car, drove past the closest hospital (6 minutes away) and took her to a hospital 45 minutes away. She was dead on arrival. The coroner noted multiple bruises and bug bites on her body.
  • John Buchanan, May 1994, suicide (jumped from building). John borrowed huge sums of money to pay for Scientology courses and training, then committed suicide to escape his debts. He believed, as LRH taught, that his spirit (Thetan) would return to Earth to pick up another body.
  • Heribert Pfaff, August 28th, 1988, age 31, head trauma. Heribert had epilepsy, and in accordance with LRH and Scientology’s teachings, had stopped taking medication. While staying at Scientology’s Fort Harrison Hotel, Heribert suffered a seizure, hit his head on the nightstand, and died.
  • Quentin Hubbard, November 12, 1966, age 22, suicide (presumed carbon monoxide poisoning). Hubbard’s son and heir apparent, Quentin disagreed with his father and is said to have hidden his homosexuality, in fear of his father’s disapproval. (LRH taught that homosexuality was an aberration.) Quentin’s suicide was his second attempt; after he was found unconscious in his car, LRH is alleged to have been furious, screaming “That stupid fucking kid! Look what he’s done to me!” Quentin never woke up, and died two weeks later.

Many deaths have an alleged association with Scientology; http://whyaretheydead.info has a list of the most famous ones. The Church of Scientology will argue that all religions have deaths associated with them, and that’s true — but we’re not talking about people running swords into each other because they wouldn’t accept their vision of God. No, these deaths are related to people who were attempting to follow the dangerous and unscientific methodology of LRH’s “technology”.

On this Memorial Day, I urge you to remember Scientology’s dead, and don’t lose the big picture. David Miscavige beating his staff is only one of the crimes this “religion” has committed. Scientology, as laid out by it’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard, is dangerous, evil, and rotten to the core.