IAS – An international fraud?

Marty has posted two interesting blog entries, one entitled Abolish the IAS and the other IAS – An international fraud?

The IAS is the International Association of Scientologists, and it’s an organization that all Co$-affiliated Scientologists (as opposed to independents or freezoners) must join. It’s also the organization that harangues the crap out of Scientologists to donate more money. (Slappy needs a new pair of shoes!)

Marty points out a very interesting detail of the Church’s plea for tax-exemption. He posted a document allegedly sent to the IRS by the Church. It says:

You have called our attention to … statements to the effect that IAS membership is required in order for a parishioner to participate in religious services…There is no Church policy or directive which sets forth such a requirement, nor has there ever been such a Church policy or directive…. Neither HASI nor any other membership system in the United States has ever required membership as a condition of participating in religious services at a Scientology church.

To understand the true deceptiveness of this statement – and as you’re about to see, it’s pretty damn slick – you have to understand what is meant by services. Most people think of “religious services” as mass, communion, havdalah, stuff like that. Scientology has some trite little ceremonies, primarily to lend credence to the illusion that it’s a religion. But “services” generally indicate things that you take or pay for – auditing, OT levels, courses, and the like.

So, technically, what the Co$ told the IRS is correct. You don’t have to be an IAS member to participate in Scientology services, but you do have to be an IAS member to take Scientology services! Now, you can attend all the Scientology ceremonies you want, but unless you take Scientology services, you ain’t movin’ one baby step up the Bridge to Mental Slavery Total Freedom.

Evil little buggers, aren’t they? Marty, good on you for posting this.

Unfortunately, Marty does once again leave out L. Ron Hubbard’s role in all this. Some like to blame DM for the IAS, even though it was formed in 1984, two years before Hubbard died… sorry, dropped his body. Anyway, the IAS replaced an organization called the HASI, or Hubbard Association of Scientologists International. Hubbard started the HASI in 1954. (It was originally just the HAS, but Hubbard neglected to incorporate as a non-profit organization, and had to try again. This is the most able being on the planet, remember.) The HASI sold memberships in return for a discount on classes and services — just like the IAS. And HASI membership was required to take services — just like the IAS. The big difference? The HASI apparently wasn’t so big on donations, and membership wasn’t anywhere near as expensive. But the purpose of the HASI was the same: Charge for memberships that were required to take Scientology services. And remember, Scientology teaches that taking Scientology services is the only way to achieve spiritual freedom.

Once again, DM may have made things worse – but his basis for operation is the path laid out by LRH. VWD*, Slappy!

*VWD: Very Well Done, a high compliment in Scientologese.


3 responses to “IAS – An international fraud?

  1. Robert Biasotti

    One more link in the chain exposed.
    When will our self-serving and politically correct representatives begin to take notice?

    Are they afraid of damaging the First Amendment? Stripping the CoS of its tax exemption would be a great step in DEFENDING our First Amendment from flagrant criminal abuse. If they don’t defend it soon, if they allow it to continue as a haven for con artists, then we are in danger of LOSING it.

    Are they afraid of raising the ire of the imbecilic Religious Right? Are they afraid of losing votes? They had better be fearful more of their own inaction. There are enemies of the Bill of Rights on BOTH extremes of our political spectrum. We need to clean house now, within the law and within the framework of our Constitution. If this becomes a battle between the extremes, then surely one of them will control us for a long time, maybe right up to our destruction.

    Are they afraid of DM’s retaliation against them, with info from his “intelligence files”? J. Edgar Tutu got away with blackmailing how many administrations? This could be a real motive for many.

    Are they testing the winds, for their own agenda? Are they waiting to see what happens in Australia, Belgium, Italy, and in the Human Trafficking suit in California? I hope that this is the case. Mugwumps tend to survive the longest in our political system; yet, don’t you think that those courageous souls in other countries could use our help? Don’t you feel that we OWE them some support and, dare I say “leadership” in this matter? After all, it is largely of our own making. Why should they be forced to fight our battles? The criminal enterprise started HERE. Should it not END HERE?

    People keep dragging our First Amendment into this fight. Why do they not understand? This fight is not about religious freedom.

    It is not about Faith.
    It is not about Dogma.
    It is not about Religion.
    It is not about God, or Xenu, or anyone’s right to believe in them!

    This is about a criminal organization’s ability to trample on human rights for a profit, an obscene, tax free profit.

    I don’t care if you believe in Yahweh, Jehovah, the Holy Trinity, Jesus Christ, Allah, Zarathustra, Wikka, Xenu, or nothing at all. This is your right, as secured by our Constitution. It is your undeniable, unchallengeable RIGHT to believe as you choose! But, your right to ACT UPON your beliefs ENDS where anyone else’s chin BEGINS. This is the foundation of freedom. You don’t get to claim any rights for yourself which you refuse to grant to your fellows. That was a PERIOD. That’s IT. NO FURTHER DEBATE. THIS IS THE WAY WE ROLL. If you can’t handle it, ROLL RIGHT ON OUT OF HERE. And DO IT NOW!

    Not surprisingly, Nick Xenophon and Mark Bunker have said it best, for me.

    “In Australia, there are no limits on what you can believe, but there are limits on how you can behave. It’s called THE LAW, and NO ONE IS ABOVE IT.”

    “What you believe does NOT mean that you are not accountable for how you behave.”

    (Both): Nicholas Xenophon, Nov. 2009


    “… saying Scientology should stop abusing people will not bring about the end of all religion. No more than saying Catholics should crack down on priests having sex with kids.”

    Mark Bunker (WBM) 05/27/10.

    Wow, this was going to be a short post, sorry!

  2. i feel like we should be protesting Marty as well he is keeping the truth from scientologists just like dm , Marty needs to allow ALL truth to be posted on his blog, or its quite obvious hes just aiming to be the new cult leader

  3. RB and OB, you both make excellent, excellent points.

    Note that when referring to payments made for Church services, Marty doesn’t use the word “fees” (as originally stated by LRH); instead he says “donations” (as squirreled during the Reign of Slappy). So even Marty isn’t above using a little “DM tech” when it suits his purpose.


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