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Mike Rinder’s Open Letter To His Family

Today, Marty posted an open letter from sidekick Mike Rinder to his estranged wife and two kids, all of whom are still in the Church of Scientology. When I saw the title, my first thought was “There’s no way I can comment on this without looking like a total jerk.”

But then I read Mike’s letter – all 30+ paragraphs – and I can tell you that I have no problem commenting on it whatsoever.

I figured Mike’s letter would be an impassioned plea to get his family back. “I love you. I miss you. Let’s find a way to work this out so we can be a part of each other’s lives.” Isn’t that what you’d expect from a man who is separated from his wife and adult children by their religion?

Mike’s letter is nothing like that. All it is, is a long, rambling indictment of David Miscavige, an attempt to convinced his family – I was going to use the phrase “loved ones,” but I’m not sure that applies – that when it comes to Scientology and LRH, DM is wrong and he, Mike, is right.

This letter isn’t about the heartache of a husband separated from his family. It’s a salesman trying to turn his family against David Miscavige. Do a search and see for yourself: There are 21 references to DM and 15 references to LRH, but word “love” appears only once. In the signature.

I find this exceptionally sad, because it shows exactly what Scientology does to people: The love of family is replaced by the love of LRH. The Ol’ Fraud taught that “HE&R” – Human Emotion and Reaction – are bad things, and clearly LRH’s teachings have bleached Mike of any love or emotion he may have had.

To me, this letter is sad, sad proof that things aren’t going to change if Marty and Mike take over the Church.

If my father or spouse sent me a letter like this, I’d be heartbroken… but maybe that’s because I’m not a Scientologist.

Read the full letter here.


LRH: Death by presents

This weekend, in his blog entry Miscavige’s annihilation of Tom Cruise (part one), Marty quotes from an LRH lecture in which LRH says that showering someone with presents can actually prove fatal:

And if you want to just get rid of somebody…start giving them a lot of presents. [If] every 15 or 20 minutes, why, they could receive another present, they…they would either run away utterly or die in their tracks.
— LRH, “Cycles of Action” lecture from the Philadelphia Doctorate Course series

LRH goes on to say, essentially, that money doesn’t buy you happiness. Except that while the rest of us can say that in four words, LRH takes about four hours.

Incidentally, the gist of Marty’s blog entry is that when Tom Cruise admired David Miscagive’s Harley-Davidson – which had been custom-painted by cheap Scientology labor – David had the same guys paint two of Tom’s bikes to match. This, according to Marty, is proof that DM is out to destroy Tom Cruise. (Death by presents!) Doesn’t make sense to me, but what do I know? I’m just a wog. Hell, I’m still taking ibuprofen when I get a headache – how ass-backwards can a thetan get?