LRH: Spinney and bent

In a previous post entitled Ship of Fools, I said that Scientology believes that reading a word you don’t understand can make you feel dizzy.

I was wrong, and I would like to apologize. L. Ron Hubbard never said that a misunderstood word could make you feel dizzy.

According to LRH’s Basic Study Manual, dizziness is, in fact, caused by reading about something to which you don’t have physical access (i.e. trying to learn about tractors without having a tractor there to look at, although LRH says a picture of a tractor will do in a pinch). LRH refers to this as “lack of mass,” and along with dizziness, it can make you feel – and I swear I’m not making this up, LRH actually said it – “squashed, bent, sort of spinney, sort of lifeless.” And if that’s not bad enough, you may also experience boredom, anger, nausea, headaches and eye pain.

Reading a word you don’t understand has its own set of symptoms. According to LRH, a misunderstood word will make you feel “blank,” “tired,” “washed out,” or “like you are not there.” It can also make you feel worried, upset, or hysterical, and could potentially make you drop whatever course of study you are taking.

For your own personal safety, you may wish to read Barriers to Study, in which LRH outlines the full catalog of learning-related maladies.

Meanwhile, please accept my most humble apologies for squirreling* the tech, especially any of you who may have attempted to cure a dizzy spell by looking words up in a dictionary.

You should have gone to a tractor dealership.


* Squirreling: Scientologese for “altering”.

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