Prediction: Italian dossiers to be held up as proof of DM’s surpressiveness

As reported on Xenu TV, Italian authorities have raided a Co$ org in Turin and discovered hidden files with lurid information about church enemies (as well as their members).

Now, anyone who has been following Scientology’s antics knows this is standard operating procedure, and has been for decades. LRH mandated it:

Start investigating [those who “attack” the Church] promptly for FELONIES or worse…Start feeding lurid, blood sex crime actual evidence on the attackers to the press. Make it rough, rough on attackers all the way.” — LRH, HCO PL 25 Feb 1966 ATTACKS ON SCIENTOLOGY (PDF)

My prediction: If Marty reports on this at all, he and his band of merry men will use it as evidence of how David Miscavige has perverted LRH tech and is solely responsible for turning LRH’s Church of Scientology into an evil cult.

Maybe Marty will surprise me by giving the full story. Heck, he surprised me by posting my comment asking if he would eliminate the RPF. (Go here and search for “Caliwog”). He hasn’t yet answered the question, but at least he posted it.

What do you say, Marty? How about acknowledging that what we’re seeing in Italy is a) long-time Scientology policy, b) traceable back to LRH, and c) wrong?


6 responses to “Prediction: Italian dossiers to be held up as proof of DM’s surpressiveness

  1. Robert Biasotti

    And the hits just KEEEP OOONNN COMING!

  2. Robert Biasotti

    Dear Caliwog,
    I believe that we share the same concerns as to the commitment of the M&M Gang to the bare facts. I have, on other blogs, stated my doubts. I have stated that:
    1. M&M would never be truly free, until they took responsibility for their own personal misdeeds in the Co$;
    2. I would not hold them to my own, nor to any other arbitrary time-line, for their “repentance” ;
    3. I do not consider them to be “under the clock”, but I DO consider them to be under the magnifying glass.
    For those who think that I have been too hard on the CHURCH OF RATHBUNOLOGY , or its primary subsidiary the International Association of “RINDER” UNTO LRH, try this little jewel:

    Buona Fortuna, Caliwog.

  3. Robert Biasotti

    Hi, Caliwog,
    Any idea of what’s going on over at WBM’s site? It went down for several hours last night. When it came back on, sometime around midnight, it was missing the last 10 days of data. I logged-on today, and there’s still nothing after May 13 displayed.
    Any clue(s)?

  4. Robert Biasotti

    Dear Caliwog,
    Here’s a very interesting article from Hamburger-Anonymous.
    It’s about the Turin Org, and it was first published in Turin’s “LaStampa” (lit. “the press”) on May 19, 2010. That’s one day before the Turin Raid.
    Oh, the English begins right after the photo of the man carrying a CPU out of the org.

  5. @Robert: WBM’s site goes down from time to time; I believe it’s just ISP issues. isn’t going anywhere. Mark Bunker is my hero!

    ML, Caliwog

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