Something that is empty

For those who have never been in Scientology, the tendency of Church members to blame all the negative issues on DM, rather than seeing LRH and Scientology for what they are, seems almost unbelievable. Jason Beghe said something that I think puts it in perspective:

“There are moments when you just feel a loss… it’s a regret of having invested so much in something that is empty.” — Jason Beghe

If you haven’t seen Jason Beghe’s full interview, you must, must, must. You’ll find it here.



2 responses to “Something that is empty

  1. Robert Biasotti

    Classic interview!
    When I discuss CoS with anyone, I always direct them to three interviews:
    Hana Eltringham Whitfield (Hamburg)
    Maureen Bolstad (Human Trafficking Press Conference), and
    Jason Beghe.
    There are others, to be sure, Tory’s “Dancing in Boston”, Laura DeCrescenzo, Jena Miscavige, and sadly, so many more, but those three get it said for me.

  2. DM is a false why. LRH is the real problem.

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