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Idle Orgs or Implant Stations?

Today, Marty quotes from an LRH lecture saying that beautiful buildings are a great way to trap people. Thetans/bodies see the beautiful architecture, can’t resist going inside, and WHAM! They’re trapped. (LRH is right – every time I see a beautiful house, I can’t resist walking right up to the front door to see if it’s unlocked.)

The implication is that DM’s Ideal Orgs (I prefer the independent’s title, “Idle Orgs”) are not orgs at all, but implant stations*!

Here’s the thing. LRH marketing tech is based on survey data. I’m going to guess that the Co$ has a survey showing that people associate big, impressive buildings with stable religions that have been, and will be, around for a long time. If that’s the case – and keep in mind that it is very easy to phrase a survey to get the answer you want – DM might indeed have survey data proving that his Idle Orgs are on-policy.

So what do you do? Source says big impressive buildings can be traps. (Then again, that’s perfect for Scientology.) But Source policy results in data showing that big impressive buildings attract people. So according to LRH, big buildings are good and bad. Which policy do you follow?

See, that’s the beauty of using LRH tech: The Ol’ Fraud basically said everything about everything. You can justify anything you want with policy. Back in The Day, I could justify anything I needed with LRH tech. One can probably find tech that says the sky is pink.

Read Marty’s full blog entry here.

ML, Caliwog.

* Implant stations: A place where thetans have past-life memories erased and are implanted with false data (ie traditional religion) before being sent back down to the prison planet (our own dear Earth) for another lifetime of entrapment.